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Boarding schools in Maryland are significantly superior to day schools in terms of a child’s total education. Students are guided throughout the day by teachers, which makes learning easier for them.

What is the best age for boarding school in Maryland?

Although no “cut-off” age exists, age-appropriate independence and maturity should be considered.

Students in elementary school through high school have the option of attending a boarding school for part or all of their schooling.

Is it Expensive to send your Child to Boarding School in Maryland?

If you’re looking for an affordable option for your child, boarding schools can cost anything from $20,000 to $50,661.

Top 8 Boarding Schools in Maryland in 2022

Garrison Forest School

The boarding program at Garrison Forest School goes far beyond just taking care of and supporting the students who live on campus.

Here, they fully integrate the boarding experience into their educational philosophy with a strong program that emphasizes character development, global competency, and wellness, all of which are important.


As a member of Garrison Forest School’s boarding community, you’ll get to live on campus and enjoy all that a day school has to offer. The goal is to help young women.

If you want to be a good student, you’ll learn how to manage your time, balance schoolwork and extracurriculars, be a respectful member of the community, and work out problems with your classmates.

Moreover, successful and well-informed people that teach you about what’s going on outside of “the Forest” give students a chance to speak out and advocate for the needs of their community. When there are community events and meals, they get to meet people from all walks of life.

Garris Forest school is one of the top Boarding Schools in Maryland.

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The Calverton School

As a college preparatory school, the Calverton School, which was created in 1967, serves students from pre-kindergarten through grade 12.

It is Calverton’s mission to provide a rigorous college preparatory program in an environment that emphasizes the values of honesty, tolerance, respect, and responsibility.

Every student is given the opportunity to succeed in school because of the great student-to-teacher ratios and the small class sizes.

Founded on a strong academic foundation, Calverton School prepares students to be leaders with broad intellectual horizons by instilling in them the independence of judgment, personal freedom, and strength of character.

Students in Calverton are confident enough to take risks. Humanities students who succeed in the humanities are encouraged to take higher-level science courses, and scientists are urged to write about their experiences and share them with the public.

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Students at Calverton are never labeled as a “type” by either professors or their peers. Excellence knows no bounds, and they think that every student has the ability to succeed at a higher level.

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Georgetown Preparatory School

Rated as one of the top Boarding Schools in Maryland. Georgetown Prep is a community that spans the globe.

Students here come from all around the world and right here in the United States. This regional diversity enables kids to learn about the globe from one another.

After school or before the massive lacrosse game versus Landon, borders open their rooms to their day student mates. On weekends and for family dinners, day students open their houses to their border pals. Prep students enjoy the best of both worlds!

Additionally, boarding living helps students to develop critical life skills prior to enrolling in colleges, such as independence, effective communication, self-advocacy, and group engagement.

Weekends are typically busy for the residential living program. Boarders have the option of returning home or staying with a parent or friend. There is enough to do for students who remain on campus.

Prep’s proximity to downtown Washington, D.C. provides students with quick access to the nation’s capital’s attractions, sporting events, museums, and sights.


Each weekend, activities are scheduled, and frequently include dining out, seeing a movie, running errands at Target or the grocery store, shopping at the mall, and playing laser tag.

Every weekend, students congregate on campus, whether it’s to unwind in their hall lounge, work out in the weight room, or organize an impromptu game night.

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Top Boarding Schools in Maryland

West Nottingham Academy

West Nottingham Academy is the country’s oldest boarding and day school. The institution provides educational possibilities for students in high school and post-graduate studies and prides itself on challenging and college-preparatory academics.

Their rural campus, which is located within a few hours of major urban areas such as Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and New York City, provides students the best of both worlds.

WNA education extends beyond the classroom. After the academic day is through, students can continue to expand their academic experience by participating in a variety of extracurricular activities offered on campus.

Attending boarding school enables students to collaborate with their peers – both in and out of the classroom. Due to the diversity of the student body at a boarding school, children are exposed to a variety of unique growth and learning opportunities.

The environment of a boarding school is naturally conducive to each student’s unique development. Daily, the abilities necessary for life success are polished in this setting.

From independence and time management to work ethic and accountability, boarding school students typically develop these critical abilities at a faster rate than students in other types of learning environments.

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West Nottingham Academy ranks as one of the top Boarding Schools in Maryland.

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St. Timothy’s School

Ranked as one of the top boarding schools in Maryland, St. Timothy’s values intellectual curiosity and independence and encourages girls to be open-minded, moral, and empathic citizens who embrace a diverse range of thought and experience—all while leading balanced lives of sisterhood and joy.

At a boarding school, teachers do not leave once the school day is completed; they remain to coach you through the process. Faculty members reside on campus, eat meals with students, and are frequently involved in sports and extracurricular activities.

St. Timothy’s School feels that sit-down dinners represent a critical opportunity for community development. As a result, family-style lunches are offered Monday through Friday in the Commons.

In addition to their regular dinners, they have a unique Formal Dinner every Monday when they celebrate their community’s diverse ethnic and family traditions.

All boarding students are required to attend all sit-down meals. Day students are encouraged to attend all sit-down lunches and to stay for the evening meal.

Every two weeks, students are assigned to a different table, which allows them to become acquainted with new peers and staff members in a relaxing setting.

The Commons is vibrant, with students cheering for their favorite foods and breaking into songs to commemorate birthdays or sporting successes.

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Sandy Spring Friends School

Sandy Spring Friends School is a progressive, co-educational, college preparatory Quaker school teaching students in grades three through twelve.

The Upper School offers an optional boarding program and is located 16 miles outside of Washington, D.C. Sandy Spring Friends School offers boarding choices of five and seven days for both domestic and international students.

Families select SSFS because they want a learning environment that balances academic challenge and organization while fostering positive values.

Their educational system, founded on Quaker ideals, nourishes the whole student, preparing them for success in college and life beyond. Sandy Spring Friends School’s dorms are multilingual, with seven different languages spoken.

It is represented in the SSFS Upper School community in 17 nations. Additionally, it offers 40+ weekend trips focused on community and global service for our seven-day boarders.

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Top Boarding Schools in Maryland

Oldfields School

The mission of Oldfields School is to welcome each student’s real self, teach through collaboration, empower the unique voice, and inspire confidence and continuous progress, all of which contribute to a purposeful existence.

At Oldfields, education takes place outside of the classroom. Bring history to life by studying World War II and visiting the Smithsonian and Holocaust museums in Washington, DC, followed by a May Program trip to Normandy’s beaches.

Enroll in a Mandarin language course, practice with your Beijing-based roommate, and discover your affinity for real Chinese foods.

Between classes, take a riding lesson, intern with a local veterinarian, and then present on your experience. The allure of Oldfields is the way you feel when you’re here—excited and challenged, yet secure and at ease.

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The only way to truly appreciate it is in person! They provide two distinct types of campus visits: campus tours and shadow days.

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Saint James School

Saint James School is a coeducational Episcopal residential school in western Maryland with a smaller day student program for grades 8-12.

Students here come from a variety of backgrounds, beliefs, and points of view and are well-educated and highly principled.


They are self-assured, articulate, and fearless in their expression of their thoughts and beliefs. They are academically and socially equipped for college and life.

Saint James School kids are encouraged to lead for the greater good because they are kind and decent.

The Saint James community is defined by enduring mutual respect that pervades all facets of life and education. Every individual is welcomed here, every voice is heard, and every viewpoint is cherished.

Saint James School is a member of the Episcopal Church and is inclusive of all faiths. It employs 32 full-time faculty members, 56 percent of whom possess advanced degrees.

Additionally, it is accredited by the Association of Independent Maryland Schools and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, as well as being approved by the Maryland State Board of Education.

Faculty members are required to care about their students and to teach for their success at Saint James.

Moreover, students at Saint James are required to show respect for one another and their teachers, to take responsibility for their own conduct, adhere to the School’s honor code, and observe the School’s rules.

These regulations are intended to safeguard the School’s character and decorum as a society for learning, as well as to ensure the safety and dignity of each individual member.

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Boarding Schools in Maryland in 2022


Junior boarding is a popular choice for parents who want to foster positive family dynamics.


Pupils at boarding schools might focus on their own growth rather than their family members’ well-being when there is a breakup, divorce, or major illness in the family.

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