Montana Premier Scholarship (Application, Deadline, Requirements)

Montana Premier Scholarship

Montana State University (MSU) awards scholarships (Montana Premier Scholarship) worth millions of dollars and financial assistance to talented Montana first-year students who seek admission every year.

Moreover, there are tons of scholarships awarded through the MSU Premier Scholarship program. 

Montana first-year students are majorly the beneficiaries of this program, particularly those who demonstrate solid academic excellence depending on their academic performance.

Other criteria areas for consideration for the Montana Premier Scholarship include Financial need, Leadership experience, honours, activities.

Learn more about the various opportunities for students below.

Montana Premier Scholarship

Scholarship Consideration or Admission Requirements

Requirements for scholarship consideration or admission at Montana State University no longer include test scores.

However, the submission of ACT/SAT scores for writing and math placement purposes by students interested is still in consideration.

Other academic information, such as a self-reported cumulative GPA, is important. 

Students eligible include those planning to or who have taken the ACT/SAT.

They are invited to send their test scores to MSU as they may serve the purpose of placement into their respective writing and math courses.

Either way, it’s not a necessary admission requirement.

Awards offered to students vary from $1,000 to $3,000, which could be one-time or renewable. 

Montana Premier Scholarship: How to Apply:

1. Indicate your interest in the MSU Scholarship by visiting their website

An application can be made online. Ensure your self-reported GPA on the High School Self Report Form is included.

2. Submit your Application: 

Within the MyInfo Admission Checklist, complete the Montana Premier Scholarship application under the scholarship section.

There’s a provision for your student ID in your email or acknowledgment letter. You can send an email to your admissions evaluator if you need your Student ID.

3. Deadline for the Application: February 1, 2022.

All Montana Premier Scholarships are designated only for tuition.

The following are expected of students who get awarded renewable Premier Scholarships:

  • They must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.
  • A student must enlist for a minimum of 15 credits every semester.
  • There must continuous enrollment and their resident status to keep the scholarship throughout their four years at MSU. 


MSU freshman awards and Montana Premier Scholarships are only for applying for undergraduate bachelor’s degree programs. Evaluation is ongoing for specific criteria.

It is noteworthy that test scores are not used as a prerequisite for admission or consideration requirements.

However, it is encouraged that students send in their SAT and ACT scores for academic placement.

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