Key tips on How to stay Focused in College

There is this special fun that comes from being independent, no disturbance from parents and siblings, you can go anywhere you want to go…with all these, how can you stay focused in College or even in high school?

Studies show that when you have an intense focus on a single task, you will be 10× more productive on that task.

So, how can do stay focused in high school or even in class with all the things happening around you…

Don’t feel panicked, in this post I will show you the essential or key tips that really work and can help you Stay focused in College in spite of the distractions on college.

How can I stay Focused in College:

1.Remove your Phone:

 stay focused in high school

This might sound wierd, but it’s really worth it.

Why? If you want to stay focused in school and get good grades you need intense focus on your books.

Your phone will distract you…once a pop up message gets into your phone, you would love to reply it, from replying the message another one will enter.

Once a YOUTUBE update pops up in your phone, it’s over.

The best way to handle this issue is to put your phone off or put in silent mode or if you need to make use to the phone, put it on airplane mode.

If you really need intense focus as you work with your phone, you can make use of the Self control App or the stay focused app block to prevent unnecessary pop ups from distracting your attention.

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2. Have a Daily Plan:

What is a daily Plan or daily routine?

A daily plan is what you have set out to do for the day.

It includes your day to day activities and the things you need to achieve through the course of the day.

I recently wrote an article on the daily routine of a college student, you need to check it out.

How can having a daily plan help?

A daily Plan is what you have written out to do during the day.

If you want to get intense focus during the day you need a hand written plan or a mobile app that can help you stayed

focused in College and follow the things you need to achieve accordingly.

Why should you have a daily plan?

  • It prepares you for obstacles that can occur during the day
  • A plan will help you to work on track
  • It will help you track your progress.

What should I put in my daily Plan?

The specific things you need to do during the day and the time allotted to each of them.

What if something comes up?

It’s normal for impromptu things to come so you need to make out auxiliary time for it.

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3. Avoid Multi-tasking:

Multi tasking basically means doing many things at the same time. It is the opposite of staying focus.

For instance, you are reading, cooking and washing at the same time.

If you need to stay focused or concentrate in collegeor even in high school you need to avoid doing many things at the same time.

How you avoid multi tasking:

Have a set out time for everything you want to do, let every activity be done according to the time allotted to it.

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4. How to stay Focused in College – Find a Motivation:

What do you really want to achieve in college or high school? What is that thing that motivates you to go the extra mile.

Find a motivation that can help you concentrate in college, such that whenever you remember

or see that motivation, you will be moved to step out of your comfort zone and make progress.

Why do I need a motivation?

  • To make good grades – You would love to be the best student in your department.
  • landing your dream job – That job that requires that you graduate with a first class.
  • To pass a set out exam for a scholarship – That scholarship that will change your life for good.

5. Make staying focused in College a way of life:

Someone said, “A great way to stay focused whether in college or in high school or to generally concentrate in college is to make it a way of life or a habit”.

Let me explain…

In everything you do in life, put in your full attention, be active, don’t let the activities take away your attention or make you have divided attention because it will lead to low productivity and mistakes.

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6. Set Goals for Yourself:

intense focus

What are goals?

An objective to be achieved in the long run.

A goal is part of the vision to be achieved, so first of all, you need a large vision before you break it down into a goal.

What is Vision?

A vision is a big set out plan for the future that is hoped to be achieved through a set-out goal.

Break down your goals into daily and weekly plans.

For the daily Plan, if you need to concentrate in college and be more productive, you need to break the plans down into your daily routine and make it align.

In the weekly Plan,if you really need intense focus, you need to break the vision into big chunks that can be achieved in a set out week.

If you still find it difficult to set goal, you need download goal setting apps that can help remind you of your goal for the day and how far you have gone in achieving it.

Why do you need to set goals:

  • It helps you stay on the right track
  • It helps to avoid feeling frustrated and thinking of what to do.
  • You have a sense of purpose.

7. Get Enough Sleep:

Concentrate in College

A good and strong body is needed for proper functioning of the body.

One of the ways you can focus in school or in class activities is to get enough sleep.

Studies show that you need about 7-9 hours of sleep every night to thrive during the day

but I know you can still thrive with 5 hours of sleep due to the maybe reading or doing some extra curricular activity at night.

Why do you need enough sleep?

  • To help you understand better what is thought in class
  • It boosts concentration
  • Sleep makes you more active
  • It makes your memory more active to grab what is being taught.

Can you over Sleep?

Yea it’s possible to oversleep due to the hectic activities of the day.

It can be caused by not getting enough sleep the night before or during the week.

So, if you need intense focus or want to stay focused in college, you need to try and take siesta if you know you will be awake at night.

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8. How to stay Focused in College – Join a group:

For you to stay focused on college or in high school or even focus in school, you need to join a group of liked minds.

Studies show that your motivation is boosted by a group of people of like minds doing what you are to do.

So, if you want to concentrate on college and boost your productivity 2x, you need to join a group of liked minds.

How to join a group to help you focus in school:

  • Find someone who is part of the group
  • Find out more about the group(requirements)
  • Ask how to join the group
  • Do the necessary things required to join the group.

9. Take a break:

What is a break?

A break is a time you take to rest from your work or your studies.

How can a break help you concentrate in College:

A break helps you let go of all forms of distractions coming your way.

When you take a Break, you remember and reflect the reason you started.

A break helps you analyse how far you gone(to check your progess).

When can I take a Break?

You can take a break when you want to check how far you have gone.

You can take a break when you feel exhausted or don’t know what else to do.

Can I still continue?

Yes, once you have checked your progress and known how far you have gone, you can continue making progress.

Don’t let how far you have gone prevent you from stopping or quitting. Winners never quit and quitters never win.

10. Do one thing at a time:

Like I said earlier about multi tasking, you need to do one thing at a time, even though you have a lot of things to do,

take it one at at time to help you concentrate and do anything well in College

What should I do first?

Following your already written to do list, you will know the most important and the one to start with.

11. Eat good food:

What type of food should you eat:

If you want to stay focused in College and you study you need to eat good food and avoid more of junk foods.

I’m not saying that junk food is totally bad, what I’m trying to explain is to avoid too much of it. Eat well cooked food like rice, yam, noodles etc.

What amount should I eat?

Have enough food but avoid foods that will make you tired while you study.

Heavy foods like garri, yam etc should not be eaten too much before studying so that you can stay focused while you study in college

but if you want to really take heavy foods(if you have no choice) do well to eat them few hours before you start reading so that you won’t get tired.

Also, take water for intense focus while you study so that your brain can be active and process faster.

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12. How to stay Focused in College- Reward yourself:

Stay focused in College

When you achieve something in your set out goal and vision, you need to reward yourself, congratulate yourself, do something that will make you happy and encouraged to work harder.

Why should you Congratulate yourself:

  • To encourage yourself to go the extra mile.
  • Thankful for how far you have gone.
  • To know how far you have gone and will still have to go.
  • Motivated to move on.

13. Exercise:

Health is wealth so for you to stay focused and concentrate in college, you will be fit all the time.

You need to try your best to at least go for jogging once a week maybe on Saturday.

Why should I Exercise?

  • Exercise makes you stronger and fit.
  • Exercise makes to stretch your brain muscles to be more active.
  • It removes all forms of sickness.
  • Exercise is a productivity factor.

What type of Exercise should I do?

A simple exercise like jogging, skipping, running around the blocks, press-up, and jumping can help keep you keep fit.

When can I exercise?

It’s best to exercise in the morning when you wake you the morning but let it be according to your daily routine.

You can go for long-distance jogging on Saturdays when you have more time.

14. Join an Organization that adds value:

Stay focused in College

If you want to be focused in school, you need to join an organization that adds value.

How can they keep me focused?

These organizations have their value and beliefs that can help every student do well so if you join them, you still have to follow their norms to thrive with them.


Staying focused in College is more of a personal thing, if you want to focus in high school or in college, you will, if you make up your mind to.

The tips given here are practical applications that have worked for me and can still work for you if you try them out.

Intense focus in your studies will help you make progress and come with good grades.

Thanks for reading this post, it will help you concentrate in college.

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