Things to do after you Graduate College9 min read

What are the things to do after you Graduate College? As in, fun things to do after you College graduation…how is life after college?

This question always throws graduates off balance, some will say, “first, I need a year to rest”, some will say “Am worried”.

More than 80% of students are worried whenever they hear this question because they don’t know the direction to follow.

Wow, It’s over!

Finally, you are done with the College, the day you have been waiting for has come, it hasn’t been easy going through the struggles, the frustrations, stress, etc. Now, what’s your next step?

First, you need to ask yourself these few questions,

“what type of work do I want to do?”, 

“do I have the skills and necessary certification for the work?”,

“Can my resume speak for me?”

“do I have references linked up for myself?”.

All these questions help you to make your decision and take the next step.

You probably know that after school, you are now on your own (OYO), but there are things to do after you graduate from college they include:

1. Get Certification:

This involves getting certifications in a specified field of study.

This certificate gives you an edge over your mates during a job search.

Your certification can be in your field of study or any field you admire.

It’s most preferable to get a professional certificate in your field of study. This is one of the things to do after you graduate from college that will make you exceptional.

Why do you need a certification:

  • It will help you to be authentic.
  • It helps to make your CV professional.
  • You have an edge over other people that apply for a job/position.

2. Create a goal for Yourself:

Things to do after you graduate from college

What is a goal?

A goal is something you wish to achieve in the long-run.

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What do you want to achieve in life? Do you want to make more money? What do you really want to achieve as an individual? All these should be stated in your goal list.

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The next thing…

Start with one of the goals buy breaking it down into small works until you achieve what you dream of.

Why should you create a goal for yourself?

  • To keep you guided
  • Helping you remember the reason you started and be motivated to continue.

3. Startup a Mini-Business:

Things to do after you graduate from college

This may not work out for everyone but for those that are good in business and can handle money well,

you can start up a mini business that doesn’t involve much capital to raise money for other accomplishments.

You can start up a mini importation business or buy clothes and sell to your fellow students or even teach them tough courses that you did well in school and they pay you for it.

Why should start a mini-business:

  • To make little money while you search for your dream job
  • It is more than one stream of income.
  • To improve your experience with business.

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4.Things to do after you graduate from College – Find a place to live:

Sometimes it feels depressing to go back to the house after graduation because, in the house, it looks as though you are now a liability to your parents if you don’t have a skill that gives you money.

So most times, it’s good to equip yourself and make yourself valuable before going back to the house so that you can be appreciated.

You need to show your parents maturity within you, you shouldn’t be asking them for money anyhow.

This is one of the tips I learnt after college graduation from my mentor.

5. Stay in touch with your friends:

One of the things you should do before you graduate college is to make good friends that inspire and motivate you to step out of your comfort zone.

You need to be around these type of people, you need them to keep you updated on the latest skill to acquire and the necessary documents.

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They can also serve as a source of reference to you and can connect you to other references.

One thing about this is that you need to also add value to them too, try your best to know how they are doing and keep in touch with them.

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6. Manage your Finances:

Things to do after you graduate from college

This is where you practice finance 101 even though you didn’t learn it in school.

You need to manage the amount of money you spend on your self, giving more attention to how you can improve to its skill set with the money you have.

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Though the money spent is much but put in your best to learn and it will pay off in due time.

Another thing involved in managing your finances is to create a savings account for your future.

The money being put in the savings account is used to fund your written goals and vision for the future. This is one of the things to do after college graduation.

I believe I’m making sense here…

7. Do an Internship:

As a fresh college graduate, you can go for an internship in a company within your field and learn from them.

Sometimes you might not be paid but the experience is worth a million.

The internship can be in the company you admire and want to work for.

I did an internship after my studies in College, I worked with the company for 6 months, I got the experience and started my blog. This is one of the things to do after college graduation.

8. Fun things to do after College – Meet Someone Special:

Things to do after you graduate from college

After studies in college, you need to meet someone special that you can build your future with.

I know you really dream big, you want to make money, you want to travel, etc.

You need a friend that can be with you and assist you as you work hard.

Why you need to find someone special:

  • You will be motivated to work harder.
  • He/she will be your motivation
  • He/she can help you save money and spend less.
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This is one of the fun things to do after you graduate college.

9. Invest in what you love:

Before then, I need you to find your passion, what you love doing, what gives you joy and satisfaction as you do it, what makes you feel happy…that is your passion.

After college, you need to invest in your passion, for instance, if your passion is singing, attend extra music classes, watch music videos,

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attend music competitions, get a mentor in the field of music to help you grow and improve your voice, do everything that has to do with music.

If it requires that you put in money, invest money into it because you are growing your passion for yourself. That is life after college and things to do after college graduation.

10. Travel Out and Volunteer:

Things to do after you graduate from college

After College, you can travel out to another state or country and see how life is over there. You can visit a friend and stay for a while.

What does it mean to volunteer?

Volunteering has to do with giving out your time and attention for free in the course of a program or a project.

Volunteer in meetings and works, make out time for extracurricular things that might not gain you money

but one thing that it can gain you is the experience, connections and the network of people around when you have a need or problem. This is one of the amazing fun things to do after college.

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The things to do after you graduate college or college graduation are the important tips you need to kick off life once you are done with college.

I know how life is after college, you will feel frustrated and with no direction because you didn’t plan yourself well and have a goal for the future so, follow the tips given here and you will land whatever you want and also make life fun with the fun things to do after college.

Thanks for reading this post.

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