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Scholarships are support programs that fund part or all of the educational costs of students.

Some scholarship packages even contain mouth-watering incentives like free internship programs in top-notch firms, professional mentorship sessions with seasoned industry experts, and tickets to highly anticipated professional summits.

Currently, there are numerous scholarships for Hawaiians.

They are awarded based on merit, contribution to community development, financial needs, and excellent leadership qualities.

However, all Hawaiian scholarships have qualifying restrictions that must be met before being considered.

Thus, this article will discuss seven (7) amazing scholarships for Hawaiians, their eligibility requirements, and some valuable tips for landing scholarships for Hawaiians.

7 Amazing Scholarships For Hawaiians

Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Scholarship:

The Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Scholarship is one of the most remarkable scholarship opportunities in Hawaii that is dedicated to students of Native Hawaiian and Pacific Island ancestry.

This scholarship initiative covers the tuition, learning material, and accommodation costs of deserving winners. It is one of the most profitable scholarship initiatives for Hawaiians.

Hawaii Promise scholarship:

Hawaii Promise scholarship is one of the major scholarships for Hawaiians established in 2017 that covers the tuition costs of deserving University of Hawaii Community College students displaying a financial need.

This state-funded initiative also covers the winners’ academic materials and travel expenses.

To win the cash prize of $1200 apiece, winners must complete their application through FAFSA and enroll in any degree program at any of the UH Community Colleges.

The Gromet Foundation Scholarship:

The Gromet Foundation scholarship is a program established in 1990 to cover the tuition costs of aspiring college students that have a financial lack.

This program supports the education of students by providing them with a cash prize of $20,000 apiece to cover their education in a 4-year degree program.

However, to apply for the Gromet Foundation scholarship, applicants must also be high school seniors at the time of application, submit an essay and official transcript, attach their ACT/SAT score, and include their tax return.

Moreover, they must also be a resident of the State of Hawaii, possess an annual family income that is less than 150% of the federal poverty level, and gain admission to study a 4-year program at an accredited university in Hawaii.

Japanese Women’s Society Foundation Academic Scholarship:

The Japanese Women’s Society Foundation Academic Scholarship is an educational support program that funds the tuition costs of Hawaiian students already pursuing a degree program in any of Medicine, Social Work, Arts, Public Health, and Science at an accredited university in Hawaii.

However, to be eligible for this scholarship, candidates must display financial needs and complete their application before the stipulated deadline.

The Japanese Women’s Society Foundation Academic Scholarship awards qualified winners with a cash prize of $5,000.

This is one of the amazing scholarships for Hawaiians.

Scholarships for Hawaiians: KASF – Western Regional Scholarship:

The KASF-Western Regional Scholarship is another amazing scholarship opportunity for Hawaiians.

This program is awarded to students with outstanding academic records say students with minimum GPAs of 3.0.

Furthermore, to qualify for the award, a student must also enroll in a full-time degree program at any Western Region States and submit their application before the deadline.

The KASF-Western Regional Scholarship program awards-worthy students with a cash prize between $500 and $5,000 to cover their educational costs.

NIADA Region IV Scholarship:

The National Independent Automobile Dealers Association Region IV Scholarship is a program that awards a cash prize of $3,500 to four students every year, one from each of its four regions.

To be eligible for this scholarship, students must be seniors in Region IV and have exceptional records.

Also, all applicants must demonstrate financial want, enroll in either a 2-year or 4-year degree program, submit an essay and have a career aspiration related to the automotive industry.

Hawaii Self Storage Scholarship:

The Hawaii Self Storage Scholarship is a program established by MW Group to support the education of Hawaii students.

This scholarship is awarded based on merit to individuals that are enrolling in a 4-year degree program in an accredited college.

However, besides possessing a GPA of 3.0, Hawaii Self Scholarship aspirants must be residents of Hawaii, submit an essay that discusses their personal goals, present an official transcript and a college acceptance letter, and hail from selected schools in Hawaii.

The Hawaii Self Storage Scholarship is an initiative that supports deserving winners with a cash prize of $4,000 over 4 years.

How to land Scholarships for Hawaiians

Thousands of people apply for Hawaiian Scholarships every year because of the huge cash benefits that come with them.

Hence, you can win several Hawaiian scholarships by applying the following tips;

Organize all important documents:

All scholarships for Hawaiians require some important document.

So, before you begin looking for scholarships that fit your credentials, gather all relevant scholarship documentation.

Be ardent about scholarships:

Go online and obtain information about possible scholarship opportunities in Hawaii and apply for the ones that match your qualifications.

Afterward, follow up on these scholarships by checking your emails regularly after the deadline for a possible award letter.

Craft outstanding essays:

Some Hawaiian scholarships require essays from their candidates.

For most scholarships, you need to write an essay on a topic chosen by the board.

Nevertheless, whatever the case may be, focus on the topic of the essay and script enough points to support your claims.

Moreover, proofread your essay well to delete possible errors before submitting it.

Obtain glowing recommendation letters:

If you need letters of recommendation for a Hawaiian scholarship, get them from people who know you well.

More so, they will have enough details to craft an admirable recommendation letter.

Apply on time:

Don’t wait for the final week of the deadline before applying for the scholarship to avoid possible mistakes that come with last-minute rushes.


There are several scholarships for Hawaiians and in addition to the scholarship opportunities listed above, the Faith C. Ai Memorial Scholarship, Maui County Farm Bureau Scholarship, and OHA Native Hawaiian Scholarship are other amazing scholarships for Hawaiians.

Nevertheless, to stand a chance of earning any scholarship meant for Hawaiians, apply the tips listed above.

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