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Progressive College

The Progressive College is one of the most renowned institutions at the moment for obtaining degrees in childcare, Montessori, Elderly care, Healthcare support, and Nursing Studies.

This school offers an extensive curriculum and hands-on learning program that nurtures students with the best learning experiences.

The Progressive College is also popular for running one of the most efficient distance learning systems in the world. It remains a first-class center for specialized degree education in the world.

Thus, to shed more light on this college, this article will provide more information about the Progressive College, important things to note about the Progressive College, and passing tips for the Progressive College.

About the Progressive College

The Progressive College is a top-notch institution located in Dublin, the Republic of Ireland that offers degree programs in Childcare, Montessori, Healthcare, Business, Early Childhood Education, special needs assistance, and several other programs.

Established in 1986 by a group of young Teachers, this college has enjoyed instant growth in recent years to become an exceptional college in Ireland.

The Progressive College offers a rigorous learning curriculum and different learning methodologies like full-time learning, part-time learning, blended learning, and fully online learning available that provide students with various learning options.

Moreover, the Progressive College boasts of tutors that have high-level experience and are well-seasoned in their respective fields.

Above all, the Progressive College is one of the most technologically inclined schools in Ireland.

Tips to note about Progressive College

Eligibility requirements:

To attend Progressive College, you must possess a Leaving Certificate, demonstrate fluency in English Language and possess some years of experience.


You can apply for any course at Progressive College either by completing the online application form and paying the required fee through an online payment channel or by obtaining a physical form and submitting it together with your application fee.

Official contacts:

The Progressive College can be contacted via mail and phone at and 00353 (0)1 488 4300 respectively.

You can also visit the website:

Course study centers:

The four physical study centers of the Progressive College, Dublin are located in South Great George’s St. Dundrum, Blackrock, Wicklow House, and Tallaght.

Work Experience for Healthcare learners:

To receive a level 5 major award certificate, you must log a minimum of 240 hours of work experience from any of the hospitals, nursing homes, and daycare centers.

Garda Vetting process:

All work experience aspirants must pass through the Garda Vetting process before they can commence any form of work experience training.

Special Needs Assisting qualifications:

In Progressive College, you can obtain a QQ Level 5 Component Certificate in Children with Additional Needs, QQ Level 5 Component Certificate in Special Needs Assisting and QQ Level 6 Component Certificate in Special Needs Assisting.

Prerequisites for Special Needs Assisting:

To become a Special Needs Assistance, you must have a minimum of 3 passes in your junior credential.

The Healthcare Support programme:

The Healthcare Support program is available for people aspiring to function as Healthcare Assistants in nursing homes, daycares, and hospitals.

Part-Time Childcare learning:

Part-time students are expected to attend two physical classes every week.

Online Learning:

The online learning program lasts for up to two years and classes hold for two hours every week.

Blended Learning:

Students that register for a blended learning class will attend their classes online just once every week and all conversations held via the internet.

Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI):

This is the national awarding body for advanced learning in Ireland.

No written exams:

The Progressive College doesn’t assess students via written exams but through projects, tasks, and assignments.

Timing of classes:

The short courses run three times a year in autumn, spring and summer while the long courses run just twice a year in autumn and spring.

Work Experience requirements for Montessori learners:

You are mandated to clock up to 110 hours of work experience.

Work Experience Placement:

In Progressive College, learners are mandated to source for their work experience placement based on the list of hospitals recommended by the school.

Installment payments:

Course fees can be paid in installments.

Additional courses:

The Progressive College also runs its students through Occupational First Aid and Patient Manual Handling as part of the lesson packages in the QQI Level 5 major award programs.

Work placement insurance:

The Progressive College provides insurance to students throughout their work experience.

College Passing tips for the Progressive College

Succeeding in a top-class like Progressive College is not a difficult feat because this school has a learning system that ensures that students acquire the best education.

Nevertheless, you can scale through the Progressive College successfully by applying the following tips;

  • Don’t skip classes
  • Complete your assignments and projects before the deadline
  • Join a study group
  • Build good relationships with your tutors
  • Devote most of your time to study
  • Perform sufficient research to obtain clarity on difficult principles and opinions


Progressive College is a first-class educational center for obtaining degrees in Childcare, Montessori, Healthcare, Business, Early Childhood Education, Special Needs Assistant, and several other programs.

This school offers a rigorous learning curriculum that provides top-notch learning experiences. It remains one of the best schools in Ireland.

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