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Most relationships have broken apart and the love thrown away due to inability to balance studies and love life. Sometimes you feel like because you don’t manage your relationship and studies that’s why you are not doing well in College but that’s not true, the fault is from the both of you(and your Partner). If you want to balance love and career, you need to make up your mind with your partner to see that the relationship works out.

Again, If you really want your relationship to work out to the fullest in College without you thinking too much about your partner, you need to build a relationship based on trust and happiness.

How do I Balance Studies and Love life?

1.Study Together:

This is the best way to balance relationship and love life. In this process, you get to

watch each other and understand the way you guys Study, you get to ask yourself questions while you read.

You laugh in the process, you say funny things, you might even tell your partner to hit you when you fail a question…all these

help to make studies fun and in the process makes the love life get stronger.

One thing about studying together is that you can learn new things about the course

your partner is studying and she too gets to learn yours. That’s the fun of it.

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2. Understand Each other:

You need to understand your differences as lovers.

There are times you just have to leave your partner to spend time with his/her friends and be away from you.

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It’s not all the time that your partner will study with You, give her space to spend time and study with his/her friends too.

Once you give your partner this freedom, he/she will feel respected and loved.

An important thing in getting to understand your partner is to know her daily routine, know when to call and when to text.

3. Have a good time on Weekends:

Ladies value this to the last. It gives them a feeling of importance when you make it a responsibility to take them out on a weekend.

If you want to balance Studies or even career with love life, you need to find out time on Weekends to take your Partner out and make her feel special.

During this date, you could discuss some thriving issues that are bothering you about the relationship.

You also get to resolve any misunderstanding that occurred.

What if it’s a long-Distance Relationship?

I have been in this type of situation; in this case, if you want to manage relationship and studies,

the both parties have to make up their minds to make sure the relationship works out.

Here are the things you can do:

  • Call your partner at least 5 times a week
  • Try your best to make use of the social media
  • Encourage her that the relationship will always work out.
  • Do video calls on Weekends.
  • Send her amazing and unexpected gifts and messages at odd times.

Balance Studies and Love life

4. Prioritize your Exam Period:

When it comes to balance studies and love life, exam are really put into great consideration.

When it comes to exam period, you and your partner needs to reschedule your way of communicating,

maybe if you do chat at night for 2 hours, during exams, you need to reduce it to 30 minutes or just speak on the phone.

That’s why i said at the beginning, you need understanding to do well.

If your partner understands you and your studies, he/she won’t disturb you at all during your exams.

That’s why if you want to balance career or even studies and love life, you need to an understanding partner.

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5. Avoid Distractions:

I believe you have dreams and aspirations for your future. You need to build the dreams of your partner too.

Help her in any way you can, you can buy her books that are in line with her passion and encourage her to read it.

On the other hand, to balance studies and love life, you need to know how you spend money on your partner; fund your dreams too.

Plan yourself, make her understand that a certain amount of money is made for your dream and her aspirations too.

All these help to build a bond between you and your partner in College.

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6. Have time for Everything:

You need to build a relationship such that there is time for everything.

You and your partner should have a respective daily routine so you know the best time to call her, the best time to seek her attention etc.

Once you have time for everything, your partner will not disturb you during school hours and study hour because he/she knows that you should be in class at that point.

In order to really manage relationship and studies, you need to understand each other’s time differences and adapt to it.

If you play, play! If you work, work! Don’t mix the two.

Jim Rohn

7. Know when to give each other Space:

This is where most relationships get into problems… knowing when to give your partner space and let her be for a while.

There are times that she will not like to study with You, let her be.

There are times that she will want to be with you all day, let her be.

All these things are bound to happen so you need to give her space to accommodate all these.

Though it’s not easy to balance love and career, but it’s worth it.

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Manage relationship and Studies

8. Have Self Control and be Confident:

Just like you are student, you know your study routine, you know when to read and

how much information your brain can carry at a time so that is why you should talk to your partner when the time for study arises.

Value your study hours, make your partner understand that when it’s time for study, you need to give him/her space to study and understand well.

Be bold and Confident enough to tell your partner in a polite way that you want to study when the study time comes.

But like I will always say, “Understanding is Key”.

9. Have Rules:

Sure I know that these rules will surely be broken but it’s Good that they are there.

Rules like:

  • No calls during study hours.
  • No chats during Study hours.
  • Wake each other up by 4am for early morning self development reading etc .

These good but funny rules are there to help spice up the relationship. You can also place penalties for breaking the rules like:

  • Any Call during study hours attracts a fine of $15
  • If you disturb me during study hours, I will disturb you too…

Funny right? But it spices up the fun in the relationship.

So if you want to feel the balance in studies and love life, try this out.

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10. Things might not go as Planned:

It’s normal that things might not go as planned, it’s normal to have relationship problems in college, but handle it well.

While you study, encourage your partner to study with You, wake her up at night to study, ask her questions based on what was studies and see your relationship and love life become a great success.


Like I stated at the beginning, to balance studies and love life is a decision you and your partner has to make so as to excel and do well in College.

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