8 Actionable ways to Continue Learning after College5 min read

A friend told me that learning doesn’t end after College, its actually the beginning of the learning process.

I could remember when I was leaving college, I was happy but I had this awkward

feeling that I was going to miss sitting in class to learn.

And that’s true, you might not sit down in a class room with a lecturer to learn again unless you want to further your education.

So learning after College is something that is paramount as a college student to do well in life and to make progress.

Reasons for Learning After College:

  • Learning helps you to know how to face challenges and handle opportunities.
  • Learning makes you unique when you speak in public
  • You get to flow with the rise of technology if you are a continuous learner.

Ways to Learn After College:


Travelling is an experienced way to learn after College; you get to visit other people, know their culture and the way they behave.

Travelling helps you learn more the culture of other people, the type of food they eat, it’s health benefits and the best way to prepare it.

The unique thing in travelling is that you get to appreciate your home; let’s assume that you travelled to a place that is too cold for your Health, you will appreciate your comfortable and warm home.

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In learning after College, travelling will help you a lot.

2. Work on your Passion:

What is your Passion?

According to Psychology today, Passion may be defined as an inclination or desire to do something one likes to do or thinks is important to do.

Working on your Passion will help you learn and become much more better after college.

In working on your Passion, you have these two factors, Consistency and Hardwork.

One thing about learning after College when it comes to your Passion is that in due time,

your Passion can turn into a money making machine if you properly fund it.

3. Read Books:

I would recommend you read “The Daily Routine of a College Student“, it will help you to plan a productive day and be more effective during the day.

If you want to continue learning after College, you need to be a continuous reader, who is ready to grasp new information at all times.

When it comes to reading, you can Read articles online, read non-academic books like Leadership, self development books and Business books.

To be more productive in the process of reading, you can join a reading crew who can schedule a special time for reading,

teach you how to read efficiently and improve your reading speed.

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4. Mistakes are Lessons:

It’s a common fact to learn that mistakes are lessons of life.

If you want to continue learning after College, you need to learn from the mistakes of others.

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You mustn’t make mistakes yourself, but you should learn from the mistakes of

others so that you don’t make the same mistake.

It’s a fact that mistakes are inevitable so make mistakes and also learn not to make the same mistake again.

Also, even as you work in your everyday life and activities, remember that you are not

perfect and it’s sure that you will take calculated risks and also make mistakes.

5. Make Yourself Available:

Making yourself Available means volunteering for activities that requires a skill that you have.

If you really want to continuously keep Learning and grow in your field you need to learn to volunteer if opportunities come up.

Not only in your field, you can volunteer to keep improving your knowledge scope and help you learn more.

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6. Find a Mentor:

A mentor is someone you look up to, he is someone you respect so much that directs

you so that you don’t make costly mistakes that will cost you a lot.

You need someone superior that you can account to, to help you to be accountable.

Through your mentor, you can attend mentorship classes where you get to meet like minds like you who are eager to learn and grow like you.

Other things in learning after College during Mentorship:

  • Your passion is discovered.
  • You understand yourself better.
  • A sense of direction emanates.
  • You make less mistakes.

7. Take Online Courses:

Authorities in the field of Online Courses like edx and Udemy are really good when it comes to taking online courses.

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You can benefit courses as low as$15 or at most for professional courses, you will find a full package for $199.99.

These online courses will help you update any thing you know, for instance, there are courses on Playing Piano, there are courses on SEO etc.

All these courses help you to learn more about the new area of life you are going into.

8. Go for an Internship:

Internship really helps students get to understand their course of study and encourage the life of College.

If you want to encourage learning after College, then you need to look for somewhere to work and earn money till you are due for total work.

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In learning anything in life, you need to make up your mind to learn, the zeal to learn must be there to help you to be efficient and be more effective.

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