5+ Best Schools For English Majors In The World (FAQs) | 2023

Enrolling in an English major at college is a fantastic idea.

Majoring in English will equip you with valuable skills and knowledge in several industries.

However, acquiring your English primary education in a school with one of the best English departments is a significant step that will enable you to obtain seasoned education, meet renowned English professors, and build valuable connections. 

This article will discuss the best schools for English majors worldwide and provide several valuable details that will enable you to decide if majoring in English is a great choice.

What is an English Major?

An English major focuses on reading and writing information using English.

It also focuses on the study of information that is written in the English language.

Majoring in English will equip you to write excellently, think critically, and draw excellent perspectives.

You will also learn to break down complex details, read extensively, and understand ideas.

Moreover, the English major some schools offer will enable you to take classes focusing on the history of Britain, America, and several other countries.

An English major remains arguably the first modern degree program in the world.

Top Reasons To Major In English

Here are some of the key reasons why you should major in English:

1. For the love of reading

If you love reading and want to improve your ability to understand whatever you read, an English major is perfect for you.

This course will equip you with the ability to comprehend complex sentences and the capacity to analyze poetic compositions.

2. To develop valuable abilities

Majoring in English will empower you with valuable skills.

You will learn to read analytically and improve your writing skills.

Moreover, possessing good writing and reading skills are essential if you want to become an effective communicator.

Being an effective communicator will enable you to stand out wherever you find yourself.

3. To understand the perspective of others

An English major will enable you to understand the viewpoints of other people.

Reading through books can show you why certain things in our society are how they are.

4. To excel in the planet of English

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

It is understood that most universities in non-English speaking countries offer academic English programs to attract international students.

Majoring in English will empower you with the skills you need to succeed anywhere, as conversations in most professional settings hold in English.

5. To craft beautiful pieces

If you have always wanted to become an author but lack the writing skills to communicate your thoughts effectively, majoring in English is an excellent idea.

It will empower you with the ability to write logically and convincingly.

Moreover, an English major will also boost your ability to read understandably, a valuable skill in today’s world.

It does matter the type of job you do; possessing good writing and reading skills will enable you to excel at it.

How Long Does It Take To Complete An English Major

An English primary education lasts for four years.

However, you can complete this program in an even longer time frame if you opt for a part-time program over the regular full-time program.

6 Best Schools For English Majors In The World

1. Harvard University

The department of English at Harvard University is one of the best places to study English globally.

This department boasts an excellent faculty base of famous English scholars dedicated to their responsibilities.

Harvard takes their English students through learning experiences that boost their reading and creative writing abilities.

The school management puts together many workshops across the year where students understand what different aspects of the English language entail.

Moreover, the learning curriculum that Harvard University uses in training its English majors pays enormous attention to details.

Harvard’s English students can apply to work with a faculty on a 1-year creative advanced thesis program.

2. Boston University

Boston University is a top-ranking tertiary institution for English majors.

This school is widely renowned as one of the country’s best private research countries.  

English majors at Boston University are coordinated by the department of English in the school.

This department is committed to the study of literature and everything that literature entails.

Students are taught lessons that equip them with the knowledge of evolving cultures, medieval romances, Shakespearean tragedies, realist novels, and other writing styles.

Students also learn the concept behind performance art, slave narratives, Hollywood movies, etc.

The English department at Boston University adopts a curriculum that empowers students with critical thinking and imaginative and linguistic abilities.

A good number of faculty at this department have won several awards for their exploits in the English language.

3. The University of California, Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley, is another A-list addition to this list of the world’s best schools for English majors.

It is another public research university that features on this list.

This school’s English major program educates students about the history of literature, empowers them with solid writing skills, and equips them with cultural analysis capacity. 

Many faculty-led seminars are held consistently in the school, which empowers students with the essential abilities to read, write and understand literature excellently.  

The University of California, Berkeley, remains one of the best schools for English majors in the world at the moment.

4. Stanford University

Stanford University is one of the best comprehensive universities in the world.

So, it is not even a surprise that it features on this list of the world’s best schools for English majors.

The primary English curriculum at Stanford University consists of a yearlong series of lessons that empower students with the knowledge of literature.

Every single course teaches students about major literary themes and innovations.

Moreover, English majors at Stanford University develop essential abilities that enable them to break down complex literature.

They also acquire background knowledge of several minor segments of the English language.

Stanford University English majors are taken through many classes that boost their abilities to write creatively and understand literature.

Stanford University is a tremendous addition to this list.

5. Columbia University

Columbia University is an ideal destination for English primary education.

The program in English and Comparative literature that this school offers equips English majors with excellent critical reading and imaginative thinking skills, enabling them to shape their thoughts powerfully.

Columbia University’s curriculum in training English majors takes them through the foundational understanding of critical reading to the most outstanding literary works.

They also get to develop knowledge of historical and social conditions.

Moreover, English majors at Columbia University take several courses that empower them with the knowledge of the political aspect of literature and those that teach them about popular culture, conventional literary genres, and canonical British literature.

The faculty at the department of English and Comparative literature at Columbia University consists of celebrated scholars and committed teachers.

Working alongside any of these professionals will have a massive impact on any student.

6. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is one of the best schools for English majors in the world at the moment.

Some of the best writers who have transformed the world through their writing pieces, such as Samuel Coleridge, Ted Hughes, AS Byatt, and many more, are alums of this prestigious tertiary institution.

The University of Cambridge English department is committed to providing world-class learning experiences for English majors.

The school’s education curriculum strikes a balance between an in-depth knowledge of literature, other art forms, art history, and politics.

Moreover, an English major at the University of Cambridge is mentored by some of the best critical thinkers in the world who are well-versed in literature knowledge.

This school takes students through lessons that boost their critical thinking, writing, and reading abilities.

With a well-equipped library that houses over 80,000 books, Cambridge entreats English majors with world-class student support services.

This school empowers students with the skills and knowledge they desire for a career in journalism, performing arts, creative writing, and several others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Best Schools For English Majors In The World

What is the best ivy for studying English?

The best ivy-league college for studying English is Harvard University.

What type of job can you get if you major in English?

A Bachelor of Arts degree in English can land you a job in the following career paths; teaching, law, publishing, fine arts, and journalism.

Is English a problematic major?

Yes, English is not an easy major. It consistently requires extensive writing, reading, analysis, and other skills.

How many hours do English majors study?

To succeed as an English major, you must read for up to 30 hours per day.


Enrolling in an English major is an intelligent decision.

If you want to pursue a career in performing arts and journalism or become a creative writer, majoring in English is an excellent step.

This article has done a great job of going through some of the world’s best schools for English majors.

However, if you need more options besides the schools listed above, consider Durham University, the University of Oxford, and the University of York when seeking schools that offer world-class education to English majors.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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