How Long Is Barber School? (Reasons, Skills, FAQs)

Being a barber is a fascinating job.

In most countries, you must attend a barber school, which lasts about ten months, before you can work as one. It would be best to practice for 2,000 hours to become a good barber.

However, for selected countries, acquiring the essential barbing skills via apprenticeship is the only requirement for becoming a barber there.

This post will discuss what barbers do, the top reasons to pursue this career, and the essential skills you need to succeed.

Who Is A Barber?

Barbers can be referred to as hairdressers for males.

These professionals trim, cut and shape facial hair and, sometimes, render massage services.

After consulting with them on their desired style, barbers cut their customer’s hair.

In several countries, you need a license to execute this job.

The barbing license requirement in most US states is a barbing certificate from a vocational school and a good level of apprenticeship experience.

Top Reasons To Become A Barber

Here are the primary reasons why you should choose a barbing profession or attend a barber school:

1. Self-employment

Barbing is a job that allows you to be your boss.

You can choose your working time and still make lots of money even when you work for a short time.

Besides having your shop, which you can visit anytime you desire, you can also provide home services to people.

Being your boss will enable you to do things however you want and set your own rules.

2. Opportunity to connect with people

Barber is a job that allows you to relate and interact with people from different cultural backgrounds daily.

You will get to entertain yourself daily with exciting stories that your customers will get to share whenever you are barbing them.

Moreover, if you barb most people’s hair for many years, they will regard you as more of family and a friend and draw you closer to them.

Some of them will invite you for any occasion that they have and, of course, recommend you to their friends.

3. Work from anywhere

It does not matter if you are in your home country or embarking on a holiday; as a barber, you can work from anywhere globally.

All you need is a clipper, and you are good to go.

So, even if you are traveling to another country for a function, you will not have any reason to worry about the customers you will miss out on as you can still make money wherever you are heading; so far, you have your clipper with you.

The ability to work at a go is another reason why pursuing a career in barbing makes so much sense.

4. Exciting work experience

No two working days are the same for barbers.

This makes the work far more enjoyable than several others in society.

Since you will encounter several customers that may all be asking for diverse hairstyles, the job is not repetitive.

Moreover, sometimes you can experience demanding clients that may find it hard to pick their preferred hairstyle, and it comes down to you to use your technical ability to decide on their behalf.

Barber is a job that will equip you with an opportunity to engage your creative abilities.

5. High income

Barber is a job that pays well.

The money barbers make weekly is sustainable and can improve if they consistently receive tips.

However, you need to know that the amount of money that you will make as a barber depends on the skills that you possess and not majorly experience because it is possible for one to work as a barber for more than ten years but don’t even have an idea about any latest haircuts.

So, to make more money, ensure that you stay up-to-date with trending hairstyles, build a good reputation for yourself by offering quality services, and embrace home services. 

6. Job security

So long as human beings are alive, barbers will continue to be in high demand worldwide.

So, if you are searching for a career that offers longevity, look no further than barbing.

Since barbers have no retirement age, you can work for as long as you like.

However, to stay relevant in this job, make sure you go for upgrades occasionally.

Essential Skills From Barber School

Here are some skills that will enable you to succeed as a barber in any barber school:

1. Work ethic

You must possess a good work ethic to succeed as a barber.

Make sure you discipline yourself to go to work every single day of the week on time and give your very best at your job.

Moreover, if you own a barbing shop, ensure that your employees are not lazy about their duties, as the failure of one member can affect the performance of an entire team.

2. Hair care

All successful barbers must have good knowledge of hair care practices.

So, to get to the top of this profession, you must do the same and learn as many styles as possible.

Giving your customers an excellent cut anytime they visit your saloon will enable you to get more clients as they will subconsciously advertise your barbing proficiency.

3. Neatness

Ensure that your barbing shop is always neat, and adequately sterilize barbing tools before using them on anyone.

If you fail to maintain shop cleanliness, many people will be driven away from your shop no matter how good you are at the job.

4. Organization

When running home services, make sure that you do all you can to be right there on time.

If your client schedules a time for you, reject every other work at that time and turn up there.

To avoid forgetting a booking, use reminder apps on your phone to enable you to receive instant notifications that you are supposed to be somewhere else at that time.

Since home services will earn you more money than shop services, ensure that you don’t do something that can make you lose a home service customer.

5. Customer service

You cannot be a good barber without good customer service skills. Every day on the job, ensure you treat your customers with a sense of satisfaction.

Moreover, give your best when executing your job and ensure your clients are happy. This is one thing you will learn in barber school.

6. Skincare

As a barber, you must learn how to render effective skin care. Also, learn how to treat nails and face and carry out the massage.

Moreover, continuously dish out hair and skin care advice to your clients.

It will tell them you care about their skin health and general well-being.

7. Scalp treatments

Learn how to treat scalps to render this service to your customers who demand it equally.

Acquire the technical ability to conduct facial massage, apply facials, shave and trim beards and perform several other operations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On the Length of Barber School

How long does it take to become a good barber?

It would be best to practice for 2,000 hours to become a good barber.

Is barbing a difficult job?

Yes, barbing is a tough job that can affect your body negatively. It is physically exhausting and can impact your body terribly.

What is the cost of a barbing license in Texas?

The barbing license in Texas is available at the cost of $500 only. This fee covers the $300 application and the $200 inspection fees.

How can you launch a barbing business?

You can launch your barbing salon by picking the right location, assembling a reliable team, and managing your customer base.


The work of a barber is exciting.

To become a barber in nearly every nation, formal education is required, which can be completed in 10 months.

On the other hand, all it takes to become a barber in some countries is to work as an apprentice for several months, during which time you will learn the necessary skills.

Nevertheless, to succeed as a barber, you should also focus on developing and improving the aforementioned barbering skills.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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