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Gunsmithing is a satisfying career path.

This career is highly recommended for you if you love a practical job and you want to be self-employed.

However, to be an excellent gunsmith, you must attend a gunsmith school and acquire the relevant education.

This article will shed insight into some of the best gunsmithing schools in the United States.

It will also provide the job description of a gunsmith and the top reasons to become a gunsmith.

Who is a Gunsmith?

A gunsmith is an individual who fixes, adjusts, configures, and manufactures guns.

Gunsmiths are not armorers, which are professionals that change old parts of a gun, but in some cases, they perform this job.

Gunsmiths make adjustments to a gun that was created by an advanced craftsman, a top-notch machinist, a technical woodworker, and an engineer as well.

When guns fail to function properly, these professionals perform advanced repairs on them.

They also have the ability to perform a variety of maintenance operations on the weapon.

Is Gunsmithing A Good Career Path?

The skill of gunsmithing has deep roots in American culture. Gunsmiths have traditionally used art and science to create weapons that are both reliable and safe.

They are also capable of doing routine maintenance and repairs, ensuring the reliability of firearms ranging from historical masterpieces to common household tools.

You can find work as a gunsmith in a factory, with the police, or in government. Work in this field, and you can expect to construct, repair, and maintain firearms for clients.

As gunsmithing is such a specialized sector, it’s crucial to remember that most places of employment will require you to pass a background check and show proof that you have the necessary skills.

Gunsmiths must always put safety first. You’ll have a significant impact on the level of weapons safety knowledge among your clientele.

Your meticulous standards and expert craftsmanship will guarantee the reliability and security of the components you repair.

By keeping firearms in good functioning order, whether through repair, modification, or inspection, you reduce the risk of injury or misuse.

Top Reasons To Become A Gunsmith

Here are the key reasons you should become a gunsmith:

1. Huge job prospects

There are lots of job opportunities available for gunsmiths. They can work in gun shops or sporting goods stores.

Moreover, even if they don’t want to work for someone, they can practice on their own.

However, to run a successful gunsmith business, you must improve your communication abilities and obey the rules of running a business.

Moreover, as a gunsmith, you can work for the police, military, and private companies that are in the production of weapons.

Nevertheless, it is necessary for you to know that you can only secure a gunsmith job if you possess the relevant skills required for this job, as gunsmithing is a highly-technical job.

2. Good job security

There is always a high demand for gunsmiths around the world.

This is basically due to the fact that those in the military, paramilitary, police, and other security outfits need guns to do their jobs effectively.

Moreover, in countries where citizens are permitted to carry guns, your services as a gunsmith will always be needed.

Gunsmiths are professionals that will always be in high demand.

3. Transferrable skills

Becoming a gunsmith will enable you to acquire skills that are valuable to other industries.

Over the course of performing this job daily, you will develop excellent math and communication abilities, business skills, mechanical skills, and many other skills.

Moreover, you will also develop skills like welding, working with other metals, carving, and several other abilities.

Possessing all of these skills will make it easier for you to switch careers when you desire.

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Gunsmithing Program In The USA?

There is no fixed number of years that it will take to complete a gunsmithing program in the US.

This is because some schools offer a certificate in gunsmithing that lasts for just six months or an associate degree program that lasts between 1 and 2 years instead of a traditional 4-year bachelor’s degree program.

5 Best Gunsmithing Schools In The US

Here are the best schools to study gunsmithing in the United States:

1. Colorado School of Trade

The Colorado School of Trade is one of the leading schools for gunsmithing education in the US.

You can acquire a gunsmithing degree from this school through their Associate of Occupational Studies program.

This course is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).

This school has successfully trained gunsmiths for about 75 years now.

Moreover, the academic curriculum of the Colorado School of Trade Gunsmith’s program will empower you with exclusive practical knowledge of the field.

This academic institution even adopts a personalized approach to education that will boost your skills immensely and equip you with the knowledge of everything you need to know to succeed as a gunsmith.

This school has a low student-to-faculty ratio that enhances close interaction between students and lecturers.

You will also engage in several projects that will empower you with a deeper knowledge of gunsmithing.

2. Murray State College

Murray State College is one of the best gunsmithing schools in the US.

This academic institution offers a world-class gunsmithing program that will teach you how to create, customize, and repair guns.

The gunsmithing program at Murray State College will equip you with the foundational knowledge and skills you require to become a professional gunsmith.

This program runs for only two years.

Furthermore, during the program, you will go on field trips to several firearms manufacturers as well as a number of gun shows.

This experience will boost your hands-on skills and allow you to learn something valuable.

Also, studying gunsmithing at Murray State College is great because you will receive lots of job offers even before you graduate.

The gunsmithing program offered by Murray State College is a fully on-campus program, as the school does not have any online options as of the date this article was written.

3. Penn Foster College

No list of the best gunsmithing schools can be complete without the addition of Penn Foster College.

This school is an excellent choice if you want to learn the fundamentals of gunsmithing or advance your knowledge of the subject.

This course is very flexible, and there is even an accelerated learning option offered by the school.

The Murray State College academic curriculum for gunsmith students talks about several subjects that will boost your knowledge of the industry and equip you with the skills that will allow you to acquire a Federal Firearms License successfully.

Moreover, the Penn Foster College gunsmithing program will also teach you about the important bits of information that will enable you to start up your personal gunsmith brand.

You will also learn about a wide variety of topics, such as gun safety, firearm assembly and disassembly, antique firearm restoration, customizing gun stocks, basic metalwork, and more.

4. Pine Technical and Community College

Pine Technical and Community College is one of the schools you can rely on to get a good gunsmith education.

It does not matter if you are looking to embark on a gunsmith career for the first time or you are looking to acquire additional knowledge; this school offers an educational program that will enable you to achieve your dreams.

Furthermore, Pine Technical and Community College provide a vibrant and exciting learning environment, and you will participate in a variety of practical projects that will greatly expand your knowledge.

The professionals who teach the gunsmithing course at Pine Technical and Community College have many years of experience both in the field and in teaching.

5. Piedmont Technical College

Piedmont Technical College is another reliable school for gunsmithing education.

The gunsmithing program offered by this academic institution will enable you to learn several skills and acquire the extensive knowledge you need to possess to become a professional gunsmith.

Piedmont Technical College offers program options for both gunsmithing students who want to acquire foundational knowledge of the field and those who want to acquire advanced knowledge of the field.

This course will greatly expand your knowledge and equip you with the skills necessary to make an impact in the gunsmith industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Best Gunsmithing Schools in the US

Which US state is best for gunsmiths?

The best states in the US to work as a gunsmith are Georgia, Idaho, Arizona, and Florida.

Where are the places in the US to find the best-paying gunsmith jobs?

The best places to find the best-paying gunsmith jobs are Goose Creek, Tyler, Mesa, and Houston.

Is gunsmithing a job in high demand?

Gunsmithing is a job that is in high demand in the United States. So, if you are a gunsmith, you won’t find it hard to get a job in the United States.

Is gunsmithing a good career?

Gunsmithing is a good career. It will empower you with the ability to use firearms, it can serve as more of a hobby, and it offers you an opportunity to make lots of money doing what you love.


Gunsmithing is a satisfying career path.

This field offers lots of job opportunities and the chance to be your own boss.

On the other hand, this article has done a great job of providing insight into some of the best gunsmithing schools in the United Kingdom.

Moreover, in addition to the schools listed above, Pennsylvania Gunsmithing School, Lenoir Community College, and Marshalltown Community College are other schools in the United States that offer a top-notch gunsmithing program.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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