How to Increase Your Chance of College Admission

Writing essays is one way to get into the college of your dreams. It’s required for many different schools and programs, so it should be done well! Also, a winning essay is a way to achieve academic success

Moreover, you may be asked to write several essays on different topics, which will help the admissions committee learn more about you and your motivation.

Tough competition among applicants means that high grades and academic success surprise no one anymore.

It is a well-written essay that will help you make the right impression and show your best side in such circumstances. What does it entail, as well as the particulars of writing for various educational and scientific levels?

Bachelor’s degree: emphasis on personal growth

When writing an undergraduate essay, it is important to be creative and use relevant examples from life. You don’t have to name specific qualities that you possess.

Instead, you should tell the admissions committee something about how someone with these traits shows up in everyday interactions or why they are so important to future success at their chosen school.

It can be a story about how difficult moments in life can be turned into something positive. By going through the difficulties, you become someone else; wiser and stronger than before! It may seem like a daunting task, but it will teach you valuable lessons to take with you to future phases of your life.

The main difficulty in this work is to create such a masterpiece, where every word must be carefully placed and solve some problem.

In an essay, you are telling your story between the lines. So it is important to avoid double interpretations and make your story compelling, using all kinds of literary techniques!

Master’s degree: why me and this particular program?

The essay for graduate students is less passionate and more objective than the previous one.

You need to describe your experiences (theory and practice) related to the specific goal you want to achieve in this program. And then explain why studying their subject matter interests you so much.

Emphasize why this university program is the only way you will achieve your goals after graduation. While artistic techniques are not necessary for this essay, it would be helpful if you wrote an introduction that hooks readers and generates genuine interest in you so they can learn more about what motivates our choice to study here.

Graduate school: why this particular faculty member

There is no way you can prepare for this essay assignment if you don’t do your research beforehand.

Find out what programs you are interested in and who works there. Find out how much experience they have in teaching various subjects.

This will allow you to understand whether it is worth getting a degree from this particular teacher or not! And finally, most importantly: contact them, explaining why studying near them would be beneficial (a person can refuse admission based on one bad impression).

What else can you do?

After all the above points, you may feel that writing an admissions essay is easy. It really can be a significant obstacle to your dream of studying abroad.

This will help save time and nerves. With a clear essay plan and an understanding of exactly what you would like to say about yourself, coping with this assignment will become much easier.

How to write a good essay: 5 rules

The essay is the most memorable, unique part, telling much more about you than the rest of the documents.

A properly written motivational essay will tell you about your skills, level of education, upbringing, literacy, intentions, so it is important to approach its writing with inspired ideas and a good understanding of what is required of you.

Finding interesting examples/themes from life

Imagine that the essay is a journey, a free-floating journey through memories, memorable events, and experiences that made you exactly who you are, that led to your admission to your dream university.

The challenge is to gather important themes life examples that you would like to share at this stage.

  • Strong character traits
  • Vivid memories
  • Favorite activities, hobbies
  • Challenges
  • A memorable day with family and friends
  • In what situations did you show leadership qualities
  • Personal growth, change
  • What was the hardest task you had to do?
  • Achievements
  • Whose philosophy of life do you share?

Develop a list of topics

We recommend choosing non-trivial topics – applicants often write about travel, sports, parents. Use good stories examples that will make the essay unique.

Avoid superficial ideas – dig deeper, think about important things. Such an essay will spark interest and make you feel.

People on the committee don’t have special knowledge of chemistry and physics, so it’s best to avoid complicated specific terms.

Introduction and Narrative

The introduction is an important part of any essay not written at once. Think about how to make it original and improve on it later. “You can discuss your worries and experiences in the introduction and base the rest of the novel on them.”


How to bring the essay to perfection

Your essay should be free of mistakes and typos! Read it from the end to concentrate on word mistakes. Note:

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