Top 10 Best Colleges for Baking in the United States | 2022

Best Colleges for baking

The best colleges for baking are top-notch colleges in the United States that foster the growth of baking.

Baking professionally requires speed, efficiency, and consistency. It’s a lot of effort, and making the same baked items over and over might get boring.

However, the success of any baking school is dependent on how well the students make use of recipes. Baking isn’t just a way to unwind after a hard week; it’s a job.

What is a Baking College?

Baking and pastry school teaches students how to make desserts such as bread, cakes, pies, cookies, and candies.

Baking and pastry arts programs integrate practical experience with the business skills required for employment in a bakery or restaurant.

Students gain a deeper understanding of their craft and industry by taking classes in pastry arts skills, food-related courses such as nutrition, wine and cheese discovery, and baking and ingredient theory.

Associate’s degrees in baking and pastry arts are available at some schools.

Standard baking skills and equipment use, as well as business ideas relevant to running a bakery, are included in these programs, which typically grant an Associate of Applied Science (AAS).

What training is needed to become a baker?

Although formal education is not compulsory to become a baker, some individuals choose to attend a technical or culinary school.

Nutrition, food safety, and basic numeracy are all covered in these programs, which typically run for one to two years. Candidates may be required to have a high school diploma or equivalent to be accepted into these programs.

Is baking school worth it?

Some bakers learn on the job, while others take classes or complete degree programs at a culinary school or baking institute.

Bakery and confectionery courses are available at both the undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) levels. Bakery and confectionery courses at the undergraduate level usually last three years.

Top 10 Best Colleges for baking in the United States | 2022

Johnson & Wales University-Providence

The Baking & Pastry Arts bachelor’s degree program at Johnson & Wales University-Providence is the gold standard in baking and pastry arts education around the world.

While advancing your professional path in this ever-expanding business, you’ll employ advanced techniques and equipment to create artisan bread, ornamental bread showpieces, advanced Petites gâteaux, wedding cakes, chocolate, and sugar showpieces, and world-class plated desserts.

You’ll also take part in an advanced domestic or international internship or study abroad program, where you’ll work with some of the industry’s most prominent names.

Free elective credit can be used for a variety of opportunities, including Directed Experiential Education (DEE), internships, minors, and study abroad, in addition to classes.

It is one of the best colleges for baking in the United States.

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National Louis University

The National Louis University program places a strong emphasis on improving baking and pastry skills via extensive hands-on training in the university’s modern baking and pastry lab kitchens.

Students study the fundamental business skills required for a career in baking and pastry. This curriculum gives students the confidence they need to enter the baking and pastry industry after finishing a tough program.

As one of the best colleges for baking in the United States, graduates with this degree will have the skills and knowledge needed to advance to senior positions in the baking and pastry industry.

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Sullivan University

The College of Hospitality Studies at Sullivan University is well-known in the culinary world, having long set the standard for hospitality education and earning a reputation as one of the top hospitality schools in the United States over the last three decades.

Sullivan’s Baking and Pastry Arts student competition team has an impressive winning record. Four members of Sullivan’s crew recently competed in the Internationale Kockkunst Ausstellung Culinary Olympics in Germany.

Sullivan University is one of the best colleges for baking in the United States.

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Ivy Tech Community College

The Ivy Tech Indianapolis Culinary and Conference Center’s student-run Courses Restaurant, Courses Bakery-Café, and Courses Curbside are all located on the College’s downtown Indianapolis campus.

The restaurant is on the penthouse floor, while the Bakery-Café is in the lobby on the first story.

As one of the best colleges for baking in the United States, throughout the semester, Courses Bakery & Cafe offers a variety of pastries, breakfast items, lunch, and more. Kitchen managers, sauté cooks, sous chefs, and culinary specialists are among the jobs available to Ivy Tech graduates.

In addition, Ivy Tech’s educational kitchen allows us to provide training to individuals who want to advance in the profession.

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Southern New Hampshire University

SNHU is a public university in Manchester, New Hampshire, with a total enrollment of 113,514 students.

Every baking and pastry arts/baker/pastry chef school at Southern New Hampshire University has its own distinct culture and strengths. 

White people make up the majority of those who graduate with an associate’s degree in baking and pastry arts from SNHU.

It is one of the best colleges for baking in the United States.

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University of Alaska Fairbanks

Baking and Pastry Arts is one of the degree programs offered at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. It is one of the best colleges for baking in the United States.

Here, students in the culinary arts and hospitality curriculum are prepared for careers in this rapidly growing area.

Graduates can work in a variety of foodservice operations or in managerial positions at restaurants, bakeries, hotels, hospitals, camps, and other facilities that require food service.

Culinary arts certificates and baking and pastry arts certificates, as well as an associate degree in culinary arts, are available. More so, it’s a public four-year university in a tiny suburb with a modest size.

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McHenry County College

McHenry County College is a public two-year institution in Crystal Lake, Illinois, that was formed in 1967 as part of the Illinois Community College System.

The institution supports and serves McHenry County Community College District 528, which includes most of McHenry County as well as sections of the surrounding districts.

The executive pastry cook, chocolatier, or Boulanger curriculum at McHenry County College prepares students for a career as an executive pastry cook, chocolatier, or Boulanger in a hotel, restaurant, resort, bistro, or bakery.

As one of the best colleges for baking in the United States, students will be trained to work as professional bakers and pastry specialists in restaurants and other commercial baking operations.

Bread and pastry production, handling, and storage are among the topics covered in the program, as are cake and pastry decoration, baking industry operations, product packaging, marketing activities, and counter display.

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Southwestern Illinois College

The Culinary Arts and Food Management curriculum at Southwestern Illinois College prepares students for entry-level careers in the foodservice sector. To address the needs of students, the program offers five alternative educational options.

The Associate in Applied Science in Culinary Arts and Food Management degree program prepares students for entry-level chef or restaurant management positions by providing them with the understanding of restaurant management and culinary arts skills they need.

Students who complete the Baking and Pastry degree program are prepared for careers in the culinary arts and baking industry.

The Associate in Applied Science degree combines specific baking science, technology, and applications with core business skills to help you run a profitable bakery.

As one of the top best colleges for baking in the United States, the four certification programs in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management give specialized foundations to help prepare for a specific position in the sector or to improve current employment abilities.

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Pennsylvania College of Technology

Baking is a kind of creation at Penn College. Their method is rounded out with leadership skills and the know-how to run your own bakery.

They think that your educational experience should go beyond particular talents at Penn College.

Real-world readiness entails taking a more holistic approach that emphasizes communication, teamwork, and investigation of the arts, history, and science.

You have a recipe for success when you combine professional instructors, small class sizes, a hands-on approach to teaching, and innovative labs built with world-class technology.

You’ll find a world of flavor that opens the door to unlimited potential in hospitality, from freshly baked bread and confections to culinary arts marvels.

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Valencia College

Valencia College’s Baking and Pastry Management Associate in Science (A.S.) program is a two-year curriculum that prepares you for a specialized career in the culinary sector.

This is the curriculum for you if you want to create aesthetic wonders while also honing your culinary talents in baking and pastry arts.

The curriculum combines excellent education and hands-on training in confectionery creativity, such as making bread, pastries, cakes, chocolates, and more, with state-of-the-art production kitchens and equipment.

Some of the top chefs in the world, including teachers from Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, teach the students.

Valencia’s Baking and Pastry Management program, the only one of its type in Florida, allows you the unique opportunity to begin an exciting culinary career in one of the world’s most renowned tourist destinations.

It is one of the top best colleges for baking in the United States.

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Is baking easier than cooking?

Baking is a procedure that is more precise and scientific than cooking. There are numerous strategies to master, which some may argue makes it more difficult than cooking.

Cooking also necessitates a variety of skills, as well as more flexibility in terms of measurements and ingredients.


Some people are born with natural baking abilities and a passion for a particular craft, but even those with intuition aren’t born “great bakers,” and baking is a talent that can be studied both in the classroom and in the kitchen.

If you want to attain it, you’ll need practice, experience, and a decent education.

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