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Caribbean medical schools are educational institutions that train people aspiring to pursue a medical career. These schools offer an opportunity for students to acquire top-class educational experiences at low costs.

Also, studying medicine in the Caribbean is a great way for people to obtain medical education comparable to the standards of several ivy-league medical schools of the United States. 

Thus, to provide you with all the information about medical education in the Caribbean, this article will discuss top reasons to attend a Caribbean medical school, the requirements for attending Caribbean medical schools, the duration needed to complete Caribbean medical school, and the seven best Caribbean medical schools at the moment. 

What are Best Caribbean Medical Schools?

Caribbean medical schools provide education to students seeking to practice medicine. These schools nurture medical students in medical diagnosis, treatment, and control of sickness and diseases.

Moreover, they develop therapeutic abilities in students by exposing them to rigorous theoretical and practical learning processes and also exposing them to learning schemes that boost their skills in their chosen area of specialization.

The Caribbean is a great place for medical education.

Top Reasons to attend Caribbean Medical Schools

The Caribbean is gradually becoming an ideal destination for medical education. Most medical schools on this Island have standards comparable to the medical schools in Europe and the United States.

Therefore, if you are having doubts about Caribbean medical schools, the reasons below should satisfy your curiosity;

Relaxed Admission rules:

Caribbean medical schools do not have strict admission policies. Thus, you will likely gain admission into the school of your choice than most medical schools in the US.

No Language Test:

Poor performance in language tests like TOEFL has crushed the dreams of several aspiring United States medical students because a good English Language test score is one of the requirements for admission in the United States and several other English-speaking countries.

However, in the Caribbean, your chances of getting admitted into a medical school are high since a language test score is not required for admission into Caribbean medical schools.

Universally revered degrees:

Medical degrees obtained from most Caribbean medical schools are respected around the globe, which increases your chances of getting a great job after graduation.

Excellent learning curriculum:

The learning curriculums in several Caribbean medical schools are modelled after the curriculum of top medical schools in the United States.

Most Caribbean medical schools even strike research partnerships with top-class medical schools in the United States.

Great student-to-teacher ratio:

The student-faculty ratio in Caribbean medical schools is great. Thus, students can easily receive professional mentorship and support which are valuable for their careers.

Fully-equipped teaching hospitals:

Most Caribbean medical schools boast of state-of-the-art teaching hospitals that provide students with high-quality hands-on learning experiences.

Cheaper tuition costs:

The tuition costs of Caribbean medical schools are cheaper than medical schools in the United States and these schools still offer high-quality education.

English as the official language: 

English is the official language in Caribbean medical schools which makes learning easy. 

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Valuable clinical rotations:

Unlike in the United States and Canada, where medical rotation is completed in a single hospital only, Caribbean medical schools will pass you through several teaching hospitals throughout your medical rotation, improving your knowledge and hands-on abilities.

Rolling admissions:

Unlike most medical schools worldwide that open up for admission once a year, Caribbean medical schools admit students thrice a year; in January, May, and September.

Admission Requirements For Caribbean medical schools:

The admission requirements for Caribbean medical schools are relatively relaxed compared to medical schools in the United States and Canada.

However, to gain admission into Caribbean medical schools, you must possess the following requirements;

  • A science degree
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0, which varies according to university
  • Minimum MCAT score of 20, which varies based on the institution
  • Academic transcripts
  • Two or more Recommendation letters
  • Cover letter
  • Resume

How long does it take to complete a Caribbean medical school:

Medical education in any Caribbean medical school takes a minimum of eight years. While the first four years are spent on a science-related undergraduate degree program, the last four years are spent on a medical program.

The first two years of the medical program are for basic medical education, while the last two years are for clinical rotations in different teaching hospitals around the globe.

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Top 10 Caribbean Medical Schools 2022

Compiling a list of the best Caribbean medical schools is not easy because most Caribbean medical schools offer high-quality medical education.

Nevertheless, after considering the accreditation status of Caribbean medical schools, the quality of their medical tutors and their overall standards, here is a list of the top 7 Caribbean medical schools 2022;

Saint James School of Medicine (SJSM):

Saint James School of Medicine (SJSM) is an approved international medical school in the Caribbean.

Students study Basic Sciences at one of the Caribbean sites before moving on to a clinical rotation program at one of the affiliated hospitals in the United States to study Clinical Sciences. It is also one of the Caribbean’s best, accredited medical schools.

To graduate from Saint James School of Medicine’s MD program, you must demonstrate your ability to do medical research. Your residence application will be strengthened by a strong research project.

There are two medical school campuses in the Caribbean to choose from. Both provide close-knit communities with tutoring, mentoring, peer-led learning opportunities, and student clubs and activities.

The Leeward Islands include Anguilla, the largest island in the island nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is St. Vincent. Both islands are located east of Puerto Rico in the Lesser Antilles.

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American University of Antigua College of Medicine:

The American University of Antigua College of Medicine is one of the best Caribbean medical schools.

This school is a research-based centre for medical studies that provides a high-quality learning curriculum capable of developing students with permanent learning abilities, empathy, and expertise.

The American University of Antigua College of Medicine equips students with the right skills for a successful medical career and produces professionals who possess the expertise required to find solutions to universal healthcare challenges.

Moreover, this school has valuable relationships with leading medical schools in the United Kingdom that allow their students to complete medical rotations.

In addition, the medical school standards for licensing to practice medicine in all 50 US states are met by AUA’s medical education.

Graduates of AUA who meet the requirements for licensing in nations other than the United States, such as Canada, India, or the United Kingdom, may be licensed there as well.

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American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine:

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine is an A-grade center for medical education in the Caribbean.

This medical school has a curriculum that is modelled after top-class medical schools in the United States, friendly faculty members that are open to students, and spacious classrooms that make learning super-conducive.

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The American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine also produces graduates that pass the United States Medical Licensure Examination at first sitting, has several study locations worldwide, and runs several students professional development programs.

It is an excellent choice for medical studies in the Caribbean.

In addition, AUB’s exemplary educational model includes an integrated US-based curriculum with extensive USMLE preparation, research programs, and community-based events in a multi-cultural setting that educates students in a variety of academic and professional disciplines, resulting in a broader perspective and richer learning experience.

The programs are led by committed and experienced professors who mix intense classroom education with mentoring.

AUB prepares students to be skilled healthcare practitioners, and because its degrees are internationally recognized, it opens doors to many places.

The medical school curriculum showcases innovation via the use of high-tech learning tools, with the goal of educating new medical graduates and preparing them to be the future generation of healthcare leaders.

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Saba University School of Medicine:

Saba University School of Medicine is one of the best Caribbean medical schools. For over 25 years and still counting, this school has gradually become the leading hub for outstanding medical education and vast career prospects.

Saba University School of Medicine has a great student-faculty ratio of 7:1, a high residency attainment rate, exceptional faculty members and an attractive learning environment.

Moreover, Saba University School of Medicine has a learning curriculum that centers on the development of the clinical skills of students by exposing them to intensive case-based learning experiences.

In addition, with nearly a 30-year history of educating great physicians, Saba University School of Medicine is one of the world’s leading international medical institutions.

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Ross University School of Medicine:

Ross University School of Medicine is another prominent Caribbean medical school feature of this amiable list. Established in 1978, this school has continued to provide a first-class education to students for 40 years.

Ross University School of Medicine offers a rigorous learning curriculum that is in line with the curriculum of leading medical schools in the United States and has a great blend of professors and fully-equipped learning facilities.

Moreover, the Ross University School of Medicine offers different programs that improve students’ professional skills. It remains an ideal center for medical education in the Caribbean. 

In addition, the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and Other Health Professions has granted Ross accreditation (CAAM-HP).

CAAM-HP accreditation is a thorough peer assessment procedure that looks at all aspects of a medical program.

Only medical schools that operate at the highest levels of educational standards are certified by the CAAM-HP board, which is an independent and autonomous group of experts.

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St. George’s University School of Medicine:

St. George’s University School of Medicine is a top school for medical education in the Caribbean. Established in 1976, this school has continued to train students to complete several severe medical processes for the past 45 years.

St. George’s University School of Medicine boasts of several technologically-advanced learning facilities that develop students’ intellectual and creative potentials and has several collaborations with several top-notch schools in the United States, Canada, and other medically advanced countries. 

Physicians, veterinarians, scientists, public health and business professionals are among the University’s more than 22,000 graduates.

In the Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, the University offers medical and veterinary medical degrees, as well as independent and dual graduate degrees in the sciences, public health, and business.

The School of Arts and Sciences offers undergraduate degree programs, and students can continue their study by enrolling in the School of Graduate Studies.

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Medical University of the Americas:

Medical University of the Americas is one of the best Caribbean medical schools globally at the moment.

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This school adopts a cohesive, system-based learning curriculum in several US medical schools. Medical University of the Americas runs interactive lessons and nurtures students through learning processes like individual projects, group presentations and medical models that improve their professional abilities.

The Medical University of the Americas is also renowned for its cutting-edge research that improves students’ cognitive abilities, and this school has faculty members who are distinguished medical experts with advanced doctoral degrees.

Small class sizes allow for more customized attention, which you will notice throughout your Basic Sciences study.

You’ll notice it during your clinical rotations, where MUA is able to provide a degree of oversight and direction that larger institutions simply cannot do—and that’s one of the reasons our alumni are able to secure top residencies.

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St. Mathew’s School of Medicine 

St. Mathew’s School of Medicine is an exceptional medical school in the Caribbean. Founded in 1997, this school offers Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees.

St. Matthew’s School of Medicine boasts dedicated staff members and has a credible learning curriculum that offers basic and medical sciences education.

Moreover, their learning facilities are top-notch, and their graduates are famed for excelling in the USMLE. 

In addition, their commitment to their students’ achievement is at the heart of our mission. Their goal is to give the greatest veterinary education possible to qualified students from all over the world.

The School of Veterinary Medicine at St. Matthew’s University educates socially responsible veterinary doctors who are well-versed in the art and science of veterinary medicine.

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Medical and Health Sciences University (UMHS):

The University of Medicine and Health Sciences (UMHS) is a cutting-edge medical institution on the lovely Caribbean island of St. Kitts.

This Caribbean medical school is dedicated to meeting the individual needs of its students and achieving excellence through small class sizes, high student retention, and outstanding results.

This mission also pervades everything they do, as they assist students in achieving their goals of becoming doctors. It is also one of the top medical schools in the Caribbean.

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Avalon University:

Avalon University School of Medicine’s aim is to educate competent physicians who can assist communities locally and globally.

Avalon alumni are dedicated to patient safety and public health while upholding the highest professional and ethical standards required in medical practice.

The school of medicine is particularly proud of her graduates, who have achieved competitive residency and fellowship opportunities in a wide range of specialties, with over 400 Avalon alumni in post-graduate (residency) training and medical practice.

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Attending a Caribbean medical school is a great idea for you if you aspire to become a medical doctor.

Besides the cheap tuition fee offered by most Caribbean medical schools, these schools also provide rich clinical rotation experiences, great student-faculty ratios, and rolling admission opportunities.

Nevertheless, if you aspire to attain a seasoned medical school in the Caribbean, the seven schools listed are highly recommended.

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