Best MCAT Prep Books (Meaning, Qualities, Books, Exam tips) 2021-2022

The best MCAT prep books are educational materials and guides that aid the adequate preparation of candidates ahead of MCAT.

MCAT is a high-level admission test that assesses the preparation level of candidates aspiring to obtain a medical degree in a medical school in the United States and Canada.

The best MCAT prep books help students get ready in different ways and motivate them to develop the best strategies for attempting MCAT questions.

Hence, it should be highly encouraged for MCAT candidates. 

This article will discuss the qualities of the best MCAT prep book, the benefits of using those books in studying, a list of the best MCAT prep books, and some important information every MCAT candidate should know ahead of the exam.

Qualities of the Best MCAT Prep Books

MCAT prep books are learning materials and study guides that help students develop the best test-taking strategies for MCAT.

MCAT, which is the short form of Medical College Admission Test, is a standardized test that measures students’ academic abilities seeking admission into medical school.

This test evaluates medical school candidates by analyzing their scientific, psychological, and analytical skills.

MCAT is quite a difficult test that requires maximum preparation to scale through eventually.

Nevertheless, the best MCAT Prep books are available to provide standard practice tests that mirror actual test questions to bridge the knowledge gap of candidates ahead of the exam and significantly raise their scores. 

Benefits of using MCAT prep books in studying

Sufficient practice tests:

Doing enough practice tests is the most effective way to prepare for an examination.

Practice test questions depict the actual questions and reduce your knowledge gaps by providing insights into areas you had limited knowledge about.

Moreover, the best MCAT practice tests are available in MCAT prep books.

Develop the best test-taking strategy:

Studying these materials not only increases your knowledge but helps you identify your weak spots ahead of the test.

By this, you will develop the best test-taking strategy that works perfectly for you.

A great score:

According to a survey, more than 70% of people that use MCAT prep books to study achieved MCAT scores that are way higher than the minimum score.

Hence, to secure the passing MCAT score, the most important admission requirement, study MCAT prep books ahead of the exam.

The Best MCAT Prep Books

Currently, there are numerous MCAT prep books. However, only a few of these books contain sufficient study guides and practice tests to prepare you effectively.

Hence, if you are looking for the best MCAT prep books that have proven to earn candidates outstanding MCAT scores, the following books are highly recommended for you.

Kaplan MCAT Complete 7 Book Set:

This book is a top MCAT prep book. It offers comprehensive details of the test.

It is one of the most common MCAT prep books you will find anywhere in the world, and it contains all the information and study guides you need to prepare for MCAT effectively.

This test material offers a spectacular study plan, standard practice test questions, chapter-by-chapter reviews, and useful visuals displayed on 24 pages that boost understanding.

The Kaplan MCAT Complete 7 Book Set remains an ideal MCAT prep book currently available in the market.

The Princeton Review MCAT Complete Box Set:

Like the Kaplan MCAT Complete 7 Book Set, the Princeton Review MCAT Complete Box Set is another outstanding MCAT prep book.

This material contains an educational guide and study information developed by seasoned professors that boosts test-taking strategies.

However, it has more study information than the Kaplan MCAT Complete 7 Book Set and offers a deeper analysis of topics and subjects.

Moreover, more than 1000 practice test questions available in this study material are complete replicas of the official MCAT questions.

The Princeton Review MCAT Complete Box set is a thoroughly recommended MCAT prep book for every MCAT candidate.

Kaplan MCAT Self-Study Toolkit:

The MCAT Self-Study Toolkit is an incisive MCAT preparatory material consisting of the 7-book Subject Review set, six practice tests, and an adaptive question bank similar in standard to those provided by the AAMC.

It is far more expensive than the Kaplan MCAT Complete 7 Book Set because of the additional content it offers.

The Way, The Premed Playbook: Guide to the MCAT:

The Premed Playbook is one the best MCAT prep books that will provide your daily study progress report ahead of the MCAT.

With the Premed Playbook, candidates will receive instant updates on MCAT like the registration dates and some helpful MCAT tips.

Mometrix MCAT prep book:

The Mometrix prep book is another top-notch educational material for the MCAT. Apart from its relative affordability, it offers a comprehensive learning guide that boosts the abilities of MCAT candidates ahead of the test.

The Mometrix prep book contains good practice questions, course abstracts, and tutorial videos that are very helpful for MCAT candidates.

Moreover, it has detailed explanations of the answers to the practice tests and is constantly updated to provide questions developed from the most recent MCAT syllabus.

The Mometrix MCAT prep book is another perfect MCAT preparation material.

Kaplan MCAT 528 Advanced Prep:

The Kaplan MCAT 528 Advanced prep is another MCAT prep material developed by Kaplan.

It offers recently updated content, in-depth content reviews, lots of practice test questions, and thorough explanations that boost the abilities of any MCAT candidate.

Also, the practice test comes in a Computer-Based Test format that gives you the feel of the actual MCAT, and little rewards like star ratings serve as a motivation that encourages users.

Sterling Test MCAT Psychology and Sociology:

The sterling test MCAT psychology and sociology book is a magnificent MCAT prep book highly recommended for MCAT candidates who are weak in psychology and sociology.

This book provides a comprehensive lesson note on psychology and sociology based on the approved MCAT syllabus. It is updated every year and is quite affordable. 

ExamKrackers MCAT Study Package:

The ExamKrackers MCAT Study Package offers concise information on all the study areas of the MCAT.

With this material, candidates will take three quizzes after each lecture together with 30-minute short exams that will test their knowledge as the day goes by.

Sterling Test Prep MCAT Biology and Biochemistry:

The Sterling Test Prep MCAT Biology and Biochemistry are similar to the Sterling Test MVCAT Psychology and Sociology book.

It is one of the best MCAT prep books for candidates lagging in the areas of biology and biochemistry.

It offers an enormous question bank for practice with detailed answers and clarifications to questions that will tremendously boost the performance of any user in the actual MCAT Biology and Biochemistry section.

Moreso, it is a high-level MCAT preparatory guide.

AAMC’s Official Guide to the MCAT Exam, 5th Edition:

The AAMC’s Official Guide to the MCAT Exam is an MCAT exam guide developed by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).

This book is mandatory for every MCAT candidate as it contains important information on the scoring system, a review of all the courses, and other relevant details.

Moreover, it has practice test questions, answers and helpful MCAT tips. The AAMC’s Official Guide to the MCAT Exam, 5th Edition, is the official handbook of MCAT.

MCAT AudioLearn:

The MCAT AudioLearn is best for candidates that prefer audio lessons over texts and pictures.

This study guide will help you prepare effectively for the MCAT as you can play the recordings at your convenience.

MCAT AudioLearn covers a vast area of the MCAT subject syllabus. Hence, it is the top learning material for MCAT.

Best MCAT Prep Books: Important tips to note about MCAT

Before writing MCAT, take note of the following piece of information;

Test type:

MCAT is a Computer-Based Test.

Official website:

The official website of MCAT is

Application Fee:

The application fee is $300.


Candidates should have undergraduate degrees in medical-related programs.

Number of questions:

MCAT offers a total of 221 Multiple-Choice Questions.

Application format:

To apply for MCAT, visit

Score validity:

MCAT scores are valid for only three years.

Attempt limit:

A candidate can only take the MCAT three times in a year, four times in two years, and seven times in a lifetime.


MCAT lasts for 7.5 hours.

Release of scores:

MCAT scores are released before 5 pm on the test day.


The best MCAT prep books are high-level MCAT study materials that provide:

  • Comprehensive notes.
  • Detailed summaries.
  • Helpful examination passing tips.
  • Standard practice test questions that help candidates prepare effectively for MCAT.

The Medical College Admission Test, a high-level exam, assesses students seeking admission into medical school. Attaining the passing score in MCAT is not an easy feat.

Hence, the MCAT prep books listed in this article will offer guidance and reliable help ahead of the test by boosting your knowledge and stimulating you to develop the best test-taking strategies for MCAT. 

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