How to start an essay? The peculiarities of an essay and how to choose the right topic

In this article, we will tell you what kinds of essays there are, how to write an essay on various topics, and not to make mistakes.

You will learn how essays differ from other writing styles, the best topic to choose, how to state your thoughts properly, and how to write a sample essay correctly.

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What is an essay?

This is one type of independent work that requires creativity. It is a French word. In the deciphering of essay means “sample.”

This style conveys the author’s impressions opinion about some event or subject. He does not reveal the topic completely, answer questions, and only expresses his personal opinion, feelings, and sensations.

In writing, a person develops artistic imagination, the ability to convey to the reader his feelings, beautifully and competently put them on paper. The style of writing is more like a conversational genre, a monologue.


  • A small topic that addresses a problem, an unresolved issue, and makes you think, pays attention to it.
  • Personal opinion of the author. Expression of his thought, view, in the author’s reflection on this or that issue, his assessment or prediction, criticism or defense.
  • Monologue. Try not to write long sentences complex turns. It is better to write casually to make the reader easy to read and empathize with. But do not forget that this is still a literary genre, and it is not welcome to use slang. Colorful, simple sentences, questions and exclamations, and unfinished thoughts all help create a thought-provoking text.
  • Describe the details of the problem at hand. You should give facts arguments and cite credible sources when expressing your opinion. You can write an essay on a quote, reflecting on a philosophical saying of a great man.
  • A brief statement of thought. The volume of the essay is usually small; it all depends on the issue being discussed.
  • Free narration. The essay’s construction depends on how the author presents his thoughts. There are no norms and restrictions.
  • Although this style assumes a free form of presentation, the author must still write clearly, logically.
  • It turns out that the essay differs from other genres has its characteristics and goals. The author expresses his thought by inviting readers to dialogue and think with him.

Everyone went to school and knew how to write an essay, but not everyone knows how to write an essay.

To write an essay correctly, you need to clearly understand the specifics of the style, for what purpose, and for what audience this essay is written. Many students have difficulty with writing an individual assignment.

How to choose a topic

When you are not provided with a list to choose a suitable topic, and there is only a direction in which to work, first of all, consider which the reader will be, for whom the work is written.

For example, it could be a popular science essay, a scientific essay, a mini-essay. What will be interesting, for example, for the teacher or for the committee, or you are writing to order?

What will be evaluated in this work? What qualities or views will be a criterion for evaluation? In this case, it is better to choose a topic in which you will be able to fully demonstrate your abilities: the ability to argue, to express your opinions clearly, to defend your position, to present the topic originally.

If a list of topics is provided, choose the one in which you are proficient, then the essay will turn out attractive, you will enjoy working, and the professor will enjoy reading it. How to write an essay if it is for an employer?

In such a case will, especially appreciate the individuality, sincerity, uniqueness that the author will put in when choosing the topic and writing the work.

How to start an essay

Not everyone knows how to start writing an essay. A person can tell a story express his thoughts feelings clearly and confidently, but it can be difficult for him to put it on paper, write an essay, or other text. How to start an essay?

The beginning is sometimes the hardest thing to give, and a prolonged reflection on “where to start” can ruin the creative process. We will help and tell you how you can start an essay.

So, with what words to start your essay:

  • Before you start, think about the topic you will write about find different sources for inspiration and work.
  • Try to write in the technique of freewriting that is, freewriting. The peculiarity of this technique is to write down all the chaotic thoughts that come to mind, not following any rules, not trying to write correctly, and put all the commas. This way, you can more easily find the thread of the narrative and decide on the choice of topic.
  • Try to pay more attention to the main part of the text. When the essay’s essence is revealed, it is easier to write the introduction.
  • One of the most common ways to write an essay is to ask questions. Next, reason, ponder, and find the answer.
  • There can be many examples of how to start an essay, try with a vivid phrase, an idea to attract the attention immediately, and the reader’s curiosity.

How to outline an essay

Don’t try to make a precise and correct essay plan right away, as you can change or add to it later. And in general, an essay outline is not necessary.

Sometimes it doesn’t make any sense. On the contrary, the framework should not limit the breadth of thought and eloquence. This is the advantage of this style.

But if it is essential and easier for the author to write according to a plan, then it is worth making one and following it.

To begin with, state the main thoughts and ideas in it. Then you can break it down into subparagraphs in more detail. After rereading and making sure that you haven’t missed anything and all the important ideas are considered, proceed to write the work itself.

Essays aren’t the easiest kind of individual assignment. But if you know the structure of writing and the topic is interesting, you’ll have a great paper. We hope our article will help you in writing an essay.

We wish you inspiration and good grades.

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