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Wondering what the Best Sixth Form Schools in Birmingham are? Then this article is for you.

Colleges and universities offer advanced school-level certificates such as A-Levels, Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC), and International Baccalaureate Diplomas to students aged 16 to 19 at Sixth Form schools.

This article will explain the Best Sixth Form Schools in Birmingham, where Birmingham is located, and many more.

Where is Birmingham?

Birmingham is a large metropolis and a metropolitan borough in England’s West Midlands.

With 1.2 million residents in the city, 2.8 million in the urban area, and 4.3 million in the metropolitan region, it is the United Kingdom’s second-largest city, metropolitan area, and urban area.

What are Sixth Form schools?

A sixth-form college is a type of school where students between the ages of 16 and 19 go to study for more advanced school-level exams, like A-Levels, BTECs, and the International Baccalaureate Diploma, or for school-level exams like the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE).

In the United Kingdom and the Caribbean, students must attend school until they are 18, which is the conclusion of Year 13.

A student can stay at a secondary school with an affiliated sixth form, transfer to a local sixth form college, or attend a more vocational college in the English state educational system; however, in some regions, there may be little choice in which option is taken.

Tertiary colleges, a “combination” of sixth-form and post-secondary institutions, are available in some areas only.

Various smaller-scale independent sixth-form colleges exist, as well as sixth-forms integrated into public secondary schools in the independent sector only until the conclusion of the 11th grade is schooling compulsory in Wales.

This article will explain more about the best Sixth form schools in Birmingham.

Is Sixth form better than College?

Sixth Form Colleges have a more mature atmosphere, and students are encouraged to take more ownership of their education.

Compared to school sixth forms, sixth-form colleges tend to be more laid back, and students are more likely to address their lecturers by their first names.

The opportunity to be a member of a community that behaves more like a university is probably the most compelling reason for students to attend college.

Before you enter university, stepping out of your comfort zone and meeting new people may be a tremendous confidence booster.

Best Sixth Form Schools in Birmingham

1. Birmingham Metropolitan College:

Birmingham Metropolitan College is one of the best Sixth Form Schools in Birmingham.

Whether you’re a recent high school graduate trying to improve your credentials and job prospects or an adult returning to school to begin a new career, receive a raise at work, or even start your own business, BMet is here to help you every step of the way.

With their connections to some of the best universities in the world, you’ll be able to get a leg up on your competition.

In addition to its cutting-edge facilities, devoted staff members, great academic and career guidance, and financial support, the university will help you achieve your goals.

First-class learning opportunities can be found right on your doorstep, thanks to the wide range of courses offered by Birmingham City University and its partner institutions.

All students at BMet should be eligible for financial aid, regardless of their financial situation. Financial assistance is available to students enrolled in full- or part-time programs to help alleviate the burden of school.

The Discretionary Learner Support Fund is available to students at least 16 years old and in a postsecondary educational program.

Once again, Birmingham Metropolitan College is one of Birmingham’s best Sixth Form Schools.

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2. Fircroft College of Adult Education:

Fircroft College of Adult Education is one of England’s only two adult residential colleges. It is located in Selly Oak, Birmingham, close to the city center and easily accessible by rail, bus, and car.

Fircroft is a thriving college that attracts students from around the West Midlands.

Personal and social growth, professional development, courses for persons in and out of work, social justice, and functional skills are among the short and longer courses the institution offers.

They are grateful to be supported nearly exclusively by the West Midlands Combined Authority, which allows them to concentrate on their local West Midlands population in Birmingham, the Black Country, Solihull, and Coventry.

It is one of the best sixth-form schools in Birmingham.

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3. Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College:

Suppose you are looking for a school where you will be required to work hard but also have the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people, and participate in various extra-curricular activities. In that case, Joseph Chamberlain College is the place for you.

If you’re a recent high school graduate looking to continue your education, the sixth-form program will prepare you well for college or the workforce.

They accomplish this by treating kids as adults and helping them to take responsibility for their education and future. They’ll help you achieve your long-term objectives if you’re an adult learner.

Whoever you are will be treated as unique, with high expectations and an open mind. Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College is one of the best sixth schools in Birmingham.

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4. National College for High-Speed Rail:

The National College for High-Speed Rail is a Birmingham-based sixth-form college offering programs for students aged 16 and up in various formats, including full-time and part-time options, apprenticeships, and the latest in technology, facilities, and teaching methods.

To be successful, NCATI relies on industry collaboration, and they’ve already reaped the benefits of working with companies like HS2, Honeywell, and Alstom.

As a result of this network, the College can provide students with access to the most up-to-date industry thinking through guest lectures, mentoring, and trips to their sites and depots.

NCATI is one of the best Sixth form schools in Birmingham.

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5. South and City College Birmingham:

South and City College Birmingham is a vocational college that serves students from the age of 16 through adulthood, offering part-time, full-time, and apprenticeship programs in various academic fields.

It is a charitable organization exempt from taxation under the Charities Act of 2006. Colleges are expected to provide tangible, quantifiable benefits to their local communities in exchange for their financial support.

South & City College Birmingham has considered the Charity Commission’s report on this public benefit when developing its vision, purpose, and values.

As one of the best sixth-form schools in Birmingham, they have a mission to deliver great vocational education and training in response to learners and employers and a long-term goal of becoming a well-recognized educational institution in the community.

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6. Queen Alexandra Sixth form College:

A-level and post-secondary education focus is at the Queen Alexandra Sixth Form College, a school-college partnership.

All of their AS, A2, and HE courses are offered as part of Tyne Coast College, committed to providing the highest quality education to school leavers and adults.

Its mission, vision, and values demonstrate a genuine commitment to supporting all students, which drives its first-class provision.

As one of the best sixth-form schools in Birmingham, students and the communities they serve will benefit from their mission to provide great educational opportunities.

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7. Heart of Birmingham Vocational College:

For students aged 16–25 with moderate to severe learning impairments and autism, Heart of Birmingham Vocational College is one of Birmingham’s Best Sixth Form Schools.

When you enroll at Heart of Birmingham Vocational College, they’ll help you find a way to become as self-reliant as you want to be.

Your education will take place in various settings, including classrooms at the college, community centers in the surrounding area, and field trips. Your experience and new abilities will help you find a job and become self-sufficient.

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Major Factors To Consider When Choosing A Sixth-Form College:

1. Facilities at the College:

If your subject requires specialized equipment that a sixth-form college does not have, it will be more difficult for you to succeed. Your sixth-form college is expected to provide the tools you need to accomplish the job.

Computers are a good example of what a college should have. Computers are an essential part of education in the current world.

Computers are vital for test success, especially in computer science. However, they can also assist you in all of your other classes.

2. Student Assistance:

A college’s ability to support its students is critical, as students feel demoralized, and their grades suffer as a result. Failure rates are higher for college students with little or no student support.

You don’t want to add to the stress of studying and preparing for exams at college by feeling like you’re on your own. You should be able to cope with the challenges of college life with the help of your sixth-form college.

3. Consider the College’s Past Outcomes:

The previous results of all the best Sixth form schools in Birmingham should be considered when considering the institutions. As a result, they’re an excellent predictor of how well you’ll do in college.

A look at what you intend to do and the results achieved should give you a sense of what you can expect. Be aware that the college will not take you through unless you put in the effort.

4. Distance from Home:

Attending a sixth-form institution that is a long way away from your home can present several challenges.

If you’re like most people, getting up at the crack of dawn every day to make the dreaded commute to school isn’t something you look forward to.

There is also the issue of travel costs to consider. The cost of daily commutes to college can be high, and that money could be better spent elsewhere – perhaps going to university.

5. Course Opening:

Consider the availability of courses at the school you’re considering while choosing a sixth-form college. The ideal institution will include all the courses you want to take and the resources to help you succeed.

You may be compelled to take a course you won’t love or succeed in if you genuinely like a college, but they don’t have the perfect course.

Keep away from it at all costs! Enrolling in college courses you don’t want to take is a bad idea since your enthusiasm for them will wane. If you lack drive, you’re likelier to fail the class and have subpar grades upon graduation.

FAQs on Schooling in Birmingham

What type of schools are available in Birmingham?

Birmingham, one of the largest cities in the UK, offers a diverse range of schools, including state-funded, private, faith-based, and academies. The city also has a selection of special educational needs (SEN) and international schools catering to diverse student populations.

Are there any internationally recognized educational institutions in Birmingham?

Birmingham is home to several renowned educational institutions, including the University of Birmingham and Birmingham City University. Many of its schools also offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, recognized worldwide.

How does one apply for a school place in Birmingham?

Parents typically need to apply through the Birmingham City Council’s school admissions process, which operates annually for state-funded schools. Private schools have admissions processes; parents should contact individual schools directly for application details.

Are there any specific initiatives or programs Birmingham schools are known for?

Birmingham schools have made significant strides in areas like inclusion, with many schools promoting multi-faith and multicultural understanding. The city has also been involved in several partnerships and initiatives aimed at improving literacy, STEM education, and fostering ties between schools and the broader community.


Best Sixth form schools in Birmingham: Teachers and students will likely know each other if you still attend the same high school for post-secondary education.

Suppose you’re interested in going to college. In that case, this might be a huge assistance since not only will they be able to give you the finest advice, but they’ll also be able to write a highly personal recommendation for you.

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