5+ Countries with Ugliest Women in the World (FAQs)

Rating any woman as ugly can be perceived as a mean thing to do in some parts of the world.

However, the fact that facial features are not the only factor considered when ranking countries based on how beautiful their women are makes this post admissible.

This post will go through the factors that can be considered when ranking the beauty level of women worldwide before providing a list of the countries with the ugliest women in the world.

In addition, some tips on how to enhance a woman’s attractiveness will also be discussed.

How do standards of female beauty vary around the world?

Standards of female beauty differ around the world. In some places, fair skin is preferred, while in others, tanned skin is favored.

Some cultures value slim figures, while others appreciate curvier bodies. Hairstyles, makeup trends, and fashion also vary widely across regions.

Essentially, what’s considered beautiful in one country might be different in another.

Factors That Can Be Considered When Ranking the Beauty Level of Women?

Here are some of the factors that can be used to determine how attractive a woman is:

1. Genetics:

Genetics is a critical factor many individuals adopt when ranking how beautiful a woman is. Parents play an essential role in determining their children’s appearance, skin color, and other physical features.

The genetic component of a woman differs from one place to another.

Therefore, a woman that many people will describe as beautiful in one part of the world can be classified as ugly by individuals in another.

2. Personal preferences:

Many people rate how beautiful a woman is according to what they find attractive in females.

While some men may rate a slim white lady as more beautiful than a thick, dark lady, others may have a different perspective.

On the other hand, some people’s judgment of a woman’s beauty entirely depends on their religious views and cultural background.

For instance, a Muslim would likely find a woman who covers her body and wears a hijab more beautiful than a lady who regularly steps out in half-naked dresses.

3. Confidence:

How confident a woman is can also affect their beauty assessment. Most people rate women who exude confidence as more attractive than timid and insecure.

This explains why women with high self-esteem who are bold and can talk fluently are rated attractive even though their faces may not be physically appealing.

On the other hand, good-looking women who struggle to hold engaging conversations will seem unattractive to many men.

4. Personality:

A woman’s character is a significant determinant of how attractive people will rate them to be.

Lovely, liberal, and generally humorous ladies will be considered more attractive than those who always keep straight faces and are rude to everyone.

Also, ladies who engage in acts of kindness consistently are typically rated to be more beautiful than those who don’t do so.

5. Personal Hygiene:

Women who don’t take their hygiene seriously in most instances always end up with bad conditions, such as body or mouth odor, that can earn them the ugly tag even if their physical looks suggest otherwise.

Nevertheless, determining how attractive a woman is based on personal hygiene is unjustifiable as every woman has different access to personal hygiene facilities and products.

What are the Countries with the Ugliest Women in the World?

1. Germany:

Germany has one of the ugliest women in the world. Many people globally are not attracted to the ladies from this country.

This is because most German women have uninspiring faces and are relatively too rigid. They are also perceived to be excessively hard people.

2. The United Kingdom:

The United Kingdom is another nation that makes it to this list. British women are considered ugly due to their uninspiring physical appearance, which leaves little to be desired.

3. China:

Chinese women are rated among the ugliest people in the world because many see them as angry people who suffer from depression.

However, there is a feeling that the views of most people worldwide on how attractive Chinese women are are tied majorly to cultural differences.

4. South Korea:

South Korea has some of the hottest models in the world. However, this is not enough to not land the country a place on this list, as there is an uneven spread of beautiful ladies around the country.

5. India:

India is one country that many may be surprised at its inclusion in this list, especially as most Indian Bollywood stars are gorgeous, and this country has produced Miss World on five separate occasions.

However, many still feel that the number of ugly women there is far more than that of beautiful women.

6. Portugal:

According to our research, Portugal is a country with some of the ugliest women in the world. Many people think their women are not beautiful.

However, it is clear that this is the view of most Brazilians, but the fact that other people from other countries think Portuguese women are not attractive validates why they make the list.

7. Argentina:

Argentina, as a land with many immigrants, has dramatically affected what people think about the beauty level of their women.

Many believe that since there is a blend of several genes, most women are not beautiful. However, there are still some people that have a contrary perception.  

8. Spain:

Spain deserves its addition to this list, mainly because its men are rated far better looking than their women, which is unimpressive.

Tips for Boosting your Beauty as a Woman

Here are some secrets for boosting your beauty as a woman:

1. Prioritize skin care:

As a woman, spending so much money to buy skincare products can be challenging, especially if your income is small. However, giving your skin adequate care is essential to boost your beauty.

Thus, establish a regular skincare routine that includes gentle cleansing, sun protection, and moisturizing daily.

Also, drink many cups of water daily to keep your skin shiny like milk. Additionally, get sufficient rest for as long as 8 hours per day, as it will enhance the texture of your skin.

2. Maintain a balanced diet:

No matter how busy you are, always make time to eat good meals and sustain a good diet plan. Eating a balanced diet will boost your body and skin.

A balanced diet contains a rich distribution of vegetables, fruits, and all food classes in the right proportion.

Also, make time to work out and remain fit, directly boosting blood circulation, improving your mood, and enhancing your looks.

3. Be positive and confident in yourself:

Don’t allow anyone to make you feel less of yourself as a woman. Make sure you maintain self-confidence by recognizing what you are very good at and acknowledging your progress.

Avoid conversations that will reduce your self-esteem, and be open to learning from your mistakes. Once you are positive as a woman, it will show outwardly and boost your attractiveness.

4. Dress confidently:

What you wear when stepping out of your house can massively affect how beautiful people will rate you as a woman. Thus, it is essential that you only turn out in clothes that fit you.

Discover the color that suits you best and consistently turn out with them. Also, avoid wearing undersized clothes as it will draw unwanted attention.

5. Use makeup (when necessary):

Use makeup when necessary as a woman. Makeup can boost your looks, mainly if it is professionally applied.

Aim to strike a physical look that enhances your strengths without diminishing your natural looks.

Also, take care of your nails and, if possible, get them painted, as most men seem more attracted to ladies who paint their nails.

6. Always make your hair:

The hairstyle that you keep defines how you will appear. Ensure you select a hairstyle that aligns with your facial features, dress code, and lifestyle.

Maintaining a decent hairstyle consistently will speak well about you and that you care about your looks.

7. Wear a smile at all times:

Wearing a genuine smile always will make you more pleasant, and people will find you more attractive.

Also, maintain eye contact with whosoever you are engaging in a discussion with, as it portrays you to be confident.

How has globalization impacted standards of attractiveness?

Globalization has spread certain beauty ideals from popular media worldwide, making some beauty trends universal.

However, it has also introduced people to diverse beauty standards from different cultures.

As a result, while there’s a mix of beauty standards, there’s also a risk of homogenization, where one idea might dominate others.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Countries with Ugliest Women in the World

Which country has the most beautiful women?

Sweden is believed to be the country with the most beautiful women in the world. Most of their ladies have elegance, sporty charm, and attractive eyes.

Which African nation has the most beautiful women?

Ethiopian women are considered to be the most beautiful on the African continent. They are super charming, stunning, and attractive.

Which country has the most handsome guys?

Australia has some of the most handsome guys in the world. Norway, Japan, and Sweden follow them.

Which West African country has the most beautiful women?

Nigeria has the most beautiful women in West Africa. They are stunning, gorgeous, and classic.


A woman’s attractiveness can be judged by more than just her appearance.

Besides facial features, many people consider cultural differences, religious backgrounds, and personalities when rating countries based on their women’s beauty.

It does not change the fact that rating any woman as ugly can be seen as cruel in some cultures.

On the other hand, no matter where you come from as a woman, no one will have any justification to call you ugly if you nurture the tips above.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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