5+ Countries With Ugliest Men In The World (FAQs)

Putting together a list of countries with the ugliest men in the world is one of the most challenging tasks due to the subjective nature of beauty.

Additionally, classifying one’s country on a list of people with the least attractive men is somehow unkind and unfair.

Nevertheless, in this post, we will still discuss the countries with the ugliest men in the world after going through some factors that influence people’s decisions about attractiveness.

Also, this article will further provide some tips on how men can enhance their attractiveness.  

How do standards of male beauty vary around the World?

Standards of male beauty have varied across cultures and time periods and are influenced by numerous factors, including historical context, media, societal values, and more.

Here are some general observations on how standards of male beauty can differ around the world:

1. Body Type:

West (e.g., US and Europe):

For many years, a muscular physique has been seen as the ideal for men, influenced heavily by media and Hollywood standards.


In countries like South Korea, Japan, and China, a slim or lean physique is often more desirable than a heavily muscular one.

Pacific Islands:

In some cultures, a larger body size signifies status, wealth, or attractiveness.

2. Facial Hair:

  • Middle East: Beards are often seen as a sign of masculinity and maturity.
  • Asia: Clean-shaven faces or light stubble tend to be more common, though this is changing with global influences.

3. Skin Tone:

  • India and parts of Southeast Asia: Fairer skin can sometimes be seen as more desirable, stemming from historical and societal connotations.
  • Africa: There’s a wide diversity of preferences, but in some regions, darker skin is prized, while in others, there’s a preference for lighter skin.
  • West: Tanned skin has often been seen as a sign of health and vitality, though this trend is relatively recent.

4. Hairstyle:

  • West: Varies widely, with trends ranging from long hair to buzz cuts to man buns and beyond.
  • Asia: In countries like South Korea, specific hairstyles become popularized by celebrities and K-pop stars.

5. Fashion and Dress:

  • West: Casual wear is often acceptable, but there’s also an emphasis on the “well-dressed” man in suits for formal occasions.
  • Middle East: Traditional wear, like the thobe or dishdasha, is a sign of cultural pride and can be seen as attractive.
  • Africa: Traditional and Western clothing are popular, with beauty standards varying widely across countries.

Factors that Determine the Attractiveness of a Man

1. Genetics:

Genetics is the number one factor people use to judge a man’s appearance.

The gene passed down from parent to their male children mainly determines their facial features, skin color, body shape, and other physical attributes.

It is essential for you always to remember that genetics varies from place to place.

Thus, a man you perceive to be ugly in your country can be rated handsome by people in another country.

2. Personal preferences:

The personal preferences of people when classifying men based on their attractiveness can indeed affect individual judgment.

Most people rank how handsome a man is based on their physical characteristics, which is not the case with everyone.

For others, a person’s cultural background is a significant factor that shapes their assessment.

3. Confidence:

The confidence level of a man can make him appear attractive to people.

People are more attracted to those who hold themselves in the highest esteem and exude positive energy in all they do over those who are even top in physical looks.

4. Personality:

A man’s character and how well they relate with others also influence people’s verdict of how attractive they are.

This is because those who are easygoing, have a good sense of humor, are empathetic, and show kindness to people no matter how small the acts are will seem more attractive than others.

On the other hand, men with bad character will be rated as unattractive no matter their physical looks.

5. Personal Hygiene:

Men who lack poor personal hygiene, resulting in terrible conditions such as mouth or body odor, will be perceived as less attractive no matter their looks.

What are the Countries with the Ugliest Men in the World?

1. Ireland:

Irish men have faces that offer less emotion, one reason many people rate them ugly.

Although some can argue against their inclusion on this list due to their rare green eyes, Irish men still deserve a place, as they have pale skin, red hair, and other uninspiring physical features.

2. Britain:

Britain is a country that will raise only a few eyebrows for its addition to this list.

It is regarded as a nation with some of the ugliest men in the world, with an online survey returning just 12% of its men as attractive.

However, the unattractive nature of British men is mainly tied to their pale skin, dreadful teeth, and overweight body size.

Also, the fact that most of them love cooling off in bars every night makes those from countries with an anti-drinking stance find their men understandably unattractive.

3. China:

Chinese men are another group of nationals to feature on this list of countries with the ugliest men in the world.

The fact that their women are also found on a similar list for women does not speak well for how people rate the Chinese.

4. Poland:

Polish men are considered ugly mainly due to their uninspiring fair skin, light-colored eyes, brown hair, and medium height.

This is shocking, mainly because most of their women are mostly considered to be attractive.

5. Turkey:

Turkish men are another addition to this list. Most people of other nationalities rate them ugly mainly because of their almond eye shapes, olive skin, eyes, brown hair, and medium body hair.

By this, it is clear that their climate has not affected how they look.

Turkish women do not even fare better than their men but are also ranked among the least attractive women based on a survey, proving that it is a general perception.

6. Germany:

German men are not admired by people worldwide. This is because their looks are always more scary than exciting.

Although some may argue against this, especially as German sportsmen like Kai Havertz and Toni Kroos are rated handsome.

Only a few picks of a large bunch are not enough to justify that they are generally attractive.

7. Russia:

Russian men are perceived as ugly because of their wider noses, dark blond eyebrows, and round faces.

The fact that Russian male celebrities are rarely rated among the hottest stars in the world and just 9% of their men are regarded as handsome also vindicates their addition to this list.

Tips for Boosting Your Attractiveness as a Man

Below are some tips that will boost your attractiveness as a man:

1. Work on your self-worth:

Being confident as a man is a great way to be more attractive. When you constantly show others that you trust your actions and the skills you possess, you will become more charismatic.

To enhance your self-worth as a man, make sure you come up with achievable targets in all you do and put in your best efforts to realize them.

Also, take advantage of your strengths and work on your areas of weaknesses.

2. Maintain good personal hygiene:

Maintaining good personal hygiene as a man will always enhance your attractiveness.

You can achieve this by showering consistently, getting a haircut regularly, and ensuring your nails are well-trimmed.

Also, ensure you take good care of your skin to boost its appearance and appeal.

3. Dress well:

Dressing well every single time can massively boost your attractiveness.

To stylishly step out of your house every single time, make sure that you spend good cash to purchase clothes and accessories that fit your body type.

Also, ensure you wear quality footwear because that is probably the first thing someone would notice about you when staring at you.

4. Work out:

Hit the gym consistently and exercise regularly to maintain fitness and enhance your attractiveness. It will also boost your energy level and help you exude an aura of positivity.

5. Have a good sense of humor:

Women consider men with a good sense of humor to be very attractive.

Possessing this ability also communicates to others that you are not overly serious about life and that an encouraging aura surrounds you.

6. Be a good communicator:

Being confident in what you say and good active listening skills can make you more engaging and attractive.

You even need good communication skills to interact with people in social spaces.

To develop your communication skills, ensure you remain attentive when others speak, make the proper inquiries, and contribute significantly to conversations.   

7. Be kind at all times:

People rate those who are empathetic and kind to be attractive.

So, to improve how attractive you will be to people, make sure that you treat people with respect, be casually kind to people, and show sympathy toward how well others feel.

How has globalization impacted standards of attractiveness?

Globalization has made different beauty standards from various cultures more accessible and influential worldwide.

As a result, people worldwide are increasingly exposed to and influenced by a mix of beauty ideals from different cultures.

This has led to blending beauty standards and a wider acceptance of diverse looks.

However, it has also sometimes resulted in a more uniform or “global” ideal of beauty, influenced heavily by popular media and international celebrities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Countries with Ugliest Men in the World

Which country in the world has the most handsome men?

Australians are believed to be far more handsome than the men of any other country in the world. Japanese and Norwegian men closely follow them.

Which nation in Europe has the most handsome men?

France has many handsome men, more than any other country in Europe. The Italians closely follow them.

What are the features of a handsome man?

A man can be termed handsome if he has a balanced face, a definite jawline, and protruding cheekbones.

Which countries in the Asian continent have the best-looking men?

China, South Korea, and Japan have men far more handsome than other countries on the same continent.


Compiling a ranking of nations with the world’s ugliest men is a formidable challenge. This is because each individual has their unique standard of beauty.

Even though this article has compiled a list of the countries with the least attractive men, any man living in those countries can improve their attractiveness by taking the steps discussed in this post.

Having faith in your judgments, emphasizing your development, and respecting others’ space are other tips that will make any man more attractive.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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