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Northeastern University Acceptance Rate: Northeastern University is a reputable school in the United States. This school has an acceptance rate that is considered balanced.

However, gaining admission into Northeastern University is not easy, and any applicant must satisfy all the admission requirements before being admitted into the school.

Thus, this article will tell you all you need to know about the Northeastern University acceptance rate, including its admission requirement.

About Northeastern University

Northeastern University is one of the leading universities in the United States. This school is renowned for developing different innovations that have satisfied some of the world’s evolving needs.

Northeastern University receives about $180 million each year in external research funding as one of the schools pioneering research in the world.

This school has built collaborations with over 2,900 corporate partners around the globe. Northeastern University has students from over 140 countries in the world.

This provides a rich cultural learning environment that allows school students to learn other languages quickly.

Northeastern University remains committed to developing leading research projects that will provide long-lasting solutions to several of the world’s biggest issues, especially those related to the ecosystem.

This school achieves its research goals through the following research institutes; the Institute for Experiential AI, the Institute for Chemical Imaging of Living Systems, the Coastal Sustainability Institute, the Cybersecurity, and Privacy Institute, the Institute for Experimental Robotics, the Global Resilience Institute, the Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security, the Network Science Institute, and the Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things.

What is the Acceptance Rate at Northeastern University?

Northeastern University has an acceptance rate of 18%. This means that out of every 100 applicants, only 9 out of every 50 are admitted by the university.

From the statistics, it is clear that Northeastern University has a strict admission policy.

However, applicants seeking admission to study at Northeastern University will increase their chances of admission by possessing an outstanding GPA, a great ACT or SAT score, and several other requirements.

What is Northeastern University Transfer Acceptance Rate?

Applying as a transfer to Northeastern University is a little less difficult than doing so as a first-year student.

The school had room for 1101 new pupils. Northeastern University (NU) now has a transfer acceptance rate of 31.12%.

What is Northeastern University’s GPA requirement?

To gain admission to Northeastern University, an applicant must possess a GPA as high as 4.04.

Moreover, though a GPA lower than 4.04 can still get a student admitted, their chances depend on their performance on a standardized test.

What is the Northeastern University standardized test requirement?

To be considered for admission to Northeastern University, an applicant is expected to present a score on either the ACT or SAT, the two standardized tests recognized by the university.

Having a great score on either the ACT or SAT is important as it can maximize the strength of an application.

So, the average SAT score is 1465 out of 1600, while the average ACT score that the university looks at for admission is 34.

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What are the other Northeastern University admission requirements?

Besides the GPA and the standardized test score, Northeastern University has several other requirements that it considers for admission.

The admission committee of the school always looks to admit applicants from a cultural background quite different from what is available in the school.

Also, applicants to Northeastern University are more likely to get in if they write good essays, get good letters of recommendation from their teachers, and have a good record in extracurricular activities.

Northeastern University Acceptance Rate: How to Apply for Admission to Northeastern University

You can successfully apply for admission to Northeastern University by taking the following steps:

  • Visit the coalition application site and create an application profile.
  • Once you do so, choose Northeastern University to send your application to Northeastern University instantly.
  • Pay only the stipulated application fee of $75, or apply for a fee waiver if you need one.
  • Visit
  • Cross-check the admission documents required by the school to ensure that you have not missed any documents.
  • Once you have uploaded all relevant documents, your application will be reviewed.
  • Visit your application status checker to see if there is a notification about your application status.

Three things every applicant to Northeastern University must take note of:

  • Applicants are not subjected to any form of an interview by the university.
  • An applicant’s COVID-19 vaccination status is not a challenge at Northeastern University.
  • Northeastern University does not accept supplemental essay prompts anymore. So, applicants must put their best effort into writing their Common App essay if they want to get into college.

Study tips for Northeastern University students

Although Northeastern University has some of the best educational facilities in the world, students of this renowned institution still have an important role in determining the result they will graduate with at the end of their studies.

Thus, apply the following study tips if you are a student at Northeastern University:

1. Organize yourself excellently

Endeavor to get a college planner on the first day you set foot at Northeastern University.

While a notebook with a calendar is a great start, possessing a digital planner on your phone is a smart decision.

Saving important dates and events on your planner will help you remember important appointments and events and track the days you have an important meeting with any faculty member.

2. Plan ahead

Planning is one thing that will bring you instant success as a student at Northeastern University.

Right from the beginning of the semester, obtain all the needed hard copies and soft copies of materials and textbooks for all the courses you are offering that semester.

This will help you avoid last-minute rushes and plan your reading early.

3. Take quality notes

Always ensure that you attend all classes and, above all, pay deep attention to the points that your teacher or professor shares in class.

If you are not good at jotting down points, you can go to class with a recording device to tape everything said, including the answers provided during the question and answer session.

This will positively impact how you study and will make the reading work less for you. 

4. Create a study schedule

From the volume of materials that you have acquired for the semester, create a study plan accordingly. Allocating a good amount of time to studying is a great decision.

However, once you create a study schedule, be disciplined enough to follow it.

5. Study in a group

Asking your colleagues to read with you is a great thing to do.

Studying together in a group is fun and will allow you to exchange useful ideas that will boost your knowledge and understanding.

Moreover, if you are too lazy to read and your colleague who loves reading comes around, they can encourage you to read, eliminating any trace of academic procrastination. 

6. Visit your professor

If you are struggling to get a hold of some of the topics discussed in class, visit your lecturers in their offices for more explanations.

Northeastern University has friendly faculty members, and most of them allow their students to reach them via social media.

However, if your lecturer schedules you for a physical meeting, ensure you turn up for it on time.

7. Tutor someone 

Teaching your classmates is an exciting way to prepare for tests and measure how well you understand the course. Also, offering to teach someone will help you better know what you have read.

8. Don’t study in one place for a long time

Endeavor to switch up your study spot from time to time. Changing places, you study occasionally allows your brain to recharge.

Northeastern University has several conducive libraries and classrooms. Thus, take advantage of these places and expose your brain to a new daily perspective.

9. Avoid the trap of cramming

Cramming for a test or an exam is one of the most dangerous things you can do as a student at Northeastern University.

Cramming stresses your brain and reduces its ability to recall facts, resulting in poor academic performance. Thus, rather than cramming, take out enough time and study the materials till you understand.

10. Focus on the important points

Always study the important aspects of the lesson first before anything else.

If a college professor reveals the areas of concentration you need to read up on before the exam, study only that part very well to avoid the stress of reading up on what you do not need.

Frequently Asked Questions on Northeastern University Transfer Acceptance Rate: 

Is it harder to get into UCSB or UCSD?

According to the acceptance rate, UC Santa Barbara is more competitive. On the other hand, each school seeks new students with a diverse set of skills, experiences, and perspectives for its entering classes.

What is the stereotype of students at UCSB?

Students at UCSB have a reputation for being dedicated workers who yet enjoy a good time. In order to enjoy the fun at night, students are known for completing their work during the day. In addition, they have a wide spectrum of ethnicities on campus, and everyone is tolerant of each other.

Is UC Santa Barbara fun?

UCSB is a great place to have fun, but it’s also a top-notch university with a lot of bright and motivated people. You’ll fall behind and do poorly if you can’t hold yourself responsible for completing assignments on your own. The campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara, is known for its emphasis on the outdoors.

What are people like at UCSD?

UCSD’s comfort and familiarity are its greatest assets. Being able to walk to beaches and enjoy the lovely weather is a huge perk of living here.


Northeastern University is one of the best research schools in the United States. This school has an acceptance rate of 18%.

To gain admission to Northeastern University, an applicant must satisfy the admission requirements listed in this article.

While a GPA of 4.04 is the average GPA considered by the university admission board, applicants are also expected to possess an SAT score of 1465 out of a possible 1600 or an ACT score of 34.

Nevertheless, once admitted, students must work hard to graduate from this school, and the study tips listed in this article can help them excel in their studies.

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