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University Of Oxford Acceptance Rate: The University of Oxford is a school that is at the forefront of teaching and research in the world today. This school is popularly known as the oldest English university in the world.

The University of Oxford offers incredibly high academic standards and is popular for some of its high-level technological innovations.

This school remains one of the best study destinations for British and international students today.

Thus, this article will provide some details about the University of Oxford and discuss the University of Oxford’s acceptance rate and the things you can do to increase your chances of landing an admission spot at this highly revered school.

About the University of Oxford

The University of Oxford commenced teaching around 1096, and the number of students increased magnificently in the coming years after King Henry II barred all British students from attending the University of Paris.

This school has grown in stature thanks to its cutting-edge research practices and high-quality educational system.

For that, it has been considered among the top five best universities in the world by several reputable organizations.

The University of Oxford has a student population of about 25,000, and the admission process into this school is always very competitive.

This renowned university offers over 350 postgraduate programs. It is one of the schools with the highest international students globally, making up about 45% of the population.

The University of Oxford has one of the highest staff workforces of any university in the world, and this school singlehandedly provides jobs for over 25,000 people.

Graduates of the University of Oxford have played a key role in their respective fields and are among the most brilliant minds in their diverse sectors.

On the other hand, the University of Oxford still offers scholarship programs to assist students struggling to pay their fees and those with the highest academic standing.

This higher education institution encourages a culture of creativity and collaboration among both staff and students.

The University of Oxford is dedicated to providing equal opportunities for every student in research and providing its staff and students with all the support they need to excel in their activities and interests.

Without a doubt, the University of Oxford is a school that offers one of the best student learning experiences.

University of Oxford Acceptance Rate

The University of Oxford has an acceptance rate of about 17%. This is slightly higher than some of the Ivy League schools found in the United States.

As a result, you stand a better chance of gaining admission to the University of Oxford than several top-class colleges worldwide.

According to research, it is clear that the acceptance rate at the University of Oxford is growing each year.

However, it is also understood that this is a result of the university’s desire to open up the school to many tribes and groups of people, like women, people with disabilities, the poor and needy, and many other groups that find it difficult to gain admission into this highly-respected center for higher education.

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Most students at the University of Oxford love to major in economics and management, medicine, maths and computer science, and biomedical sciences.

However, there are several programs at the University of Oxford, and each of them offers an appreciable level of student-teacher ratio and is managed by some of the very best minds in the field.

More so, each program at the University of Oxford offers a comprehensive curriculum that provides a blend of theoretical and practical learning experiences.

NB: It is understood that about 20% of undergraduates at the University of Oxford and 67% of graduate students are international students from different countries.

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University of Oxford Tuition

Compared with other A-listed colleges worldwide, the school fees or tuition fees at the University of Oxford are relatively low and affordable.

The UK and Irish students pay about $13,027 to study at the school, while international students pay between $26,770 and $37,510 annually to look at the University of Oxford.

However, you need to note that the fees a student is expected to pay to vary according to the course of study or program.

In addition, students at the University of Oxford spend between $14,893 and $21,673 on accommodation, learning materials, and other miscellaneous costs every school year.

The University of Oxford students will enjoy accommodation in their freshman year and any other year before they graduate.

Requirements for attending the University of Oxford

The University of Oxford employs an admission system that differs from the admission method used at several A-grade universities in the United States.

The University of Oxford mandates that applicants pick their preferred course of study or program and send in an application for that particular course using the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) application system.

Each course of study at the University of Oxford has its requirements, and they all demand a certain level of A-level performance.

After checking all the applications, the college application board at the University of Oxford shortlists over half of the total number of applicants for admission interviews.

Besides an official transcript, other application requirements include teacher recommendation letters, a personal statement, and test scores, including one that shows good English language proficiency.

In the interviews, applicants meet face-to-face with faculty and staff from the University of Oxford. 

What Are the Colleges of the University of Oxford?

The University of Oxford offers up to 39 different colleges or six permanent private halls (PPHs).

The Permanent Private Halls are open to Christian religious leaders and future theologians who want to obtain a Christian-related bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate.

Like PPHS, all the 39 different colleges at the University of Oxford have a governing board that manages and coordinates their activities.

Every college at the University of Oxford has its accommodation, food, library facility, and extracurricular event calendar.

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Also, while some colleges only admit students seeking to earn a bachelor’s degree, most colleges admit students seeking to earn both bachelor’s and graduate degrees.

Oxford University Acceptance Rate for International Students

The University of Oxford is one of the few elite schools accepting thousands of international students yearly.

This school accepts more international students than several ivy-league schools in the United States.

Thus, as an international student, you stand a better chance of gaining admission into the University of Oxford than the ivy-league schools in the United States, and the overall acceptance rate is 9% for undergraduate students, which is quite competitive, and 26% for postgraduates, which is relatively high and less competitive.

The statistics show that your chances of gaining admission as a graduate are far higher than your chances of gaining admission as an undergraduate.

However, as a graduate school applicant, you must understand that your research work, academic excellence, and professional achievements so far will play a key in enhancing your admission chances.

Also, in contrast to the best colleges in the United States, the University of Oxford does not prioritize an applicant’s extracurricular activities.

Instead, the university is more fascinated by applicants that show excellent academic prowess and dedication to their preferred area of interest.

Moreover, your chances of being accepted will still increase if the extracurricular activities you choose are connected to your interests, and this must be reflected in your statement.

How to Excel at the University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is one of those schools that offers everything a student needs to excel in their academic endeavors.

From state-of-the-art educational facilities to the presence of some of the best industry professors, this school is any student’s delight.

However, securing admission to the University of Oxford is not enough, as students are still required to work hard to excel in their studies.

Thus, here are some tips that will help you excel in your studies at the University of Oxford:

Form a study group:

Once you gain admission, look to study together in a group with students driven by a passion for academic excellence.

It will keep you from putting things off and help you share good ideas that will help you do well in school.

Build a good relationship with your professors:

Your professors have years of experience that you do not, and they are there to guide you down the best path.

So, always try to get along well with your tutors. They can help you get great internships and recommend you for scholarships.

Do not skip classes:

No matter what you do at the University of Oxford, do not skip classes for any reason.

Besides class attendance forms part of the class assessment grading, attending classes will do you lots of good and allow you to obtain first-hand details of everything discussed in class.

Manage your time well:

Lack of planning is one thing that will guarantee instant failure in school. Thus, plan and manage your time well so you won’t miss out on doing the important things expected of you in school.

Make use of the school’s resources:

The University of Oxford has a fully equipped library in every college. Some technologically driven departments have centers of research and development that continue to provide useful solutions to the world today.

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Thus, as a student at the University of Oxford, do not fail to leverage these resources for your studies and academic development.

Attend tutorial sessions:

If you did not grasp the information your teacher, lecturer, or professor shared in class, sign up for tutorial classes, if any, and be disciplined enough to attend them.

Tutorials will allow you to ask lots of questions and better understand subjects or areas that were not clear to you in class.

Aim for excellence:

Always strive for excellence, from your first day on the campus of the University of Oxford to your last. The school typically asks students that perform badly in their academics to withdraw.

While it will be embarrassing if that happens to you, your entire stay at the school will prove to be a complete waste of time. Above all, it would be a waste of time and money to ask you to leave school because you didn’t do well in class.

Take a break:

Taking short breaks (anything from 5 to 60 minutes) from studying to recharge your mind and body has been shown to enhance your energy, productivity, and capacity to focus.

Take into consideration the fact that social media does not serve as a “purposeful respite”. So, take periodic breaks from time to time to avoid burning out.

Frequently Asked Questions on University Of Oxford Acceptance Rate:

What GPA do you need to get into Oxford?

For US students applying to Oxford University, the GPA requirement is 3.7. Applications for more competitive courses are expected to have a higher grade point average (GPA). That does not mean applicants with low GPAs will not receive an offer, though In the same way, a good GPA is not a guarantee of admission.

Which is easier to get into Harvard or Oxford?

Oxford has a higher acceptance rate (17%) than Harvard (4.5%), if you look at it from a basic perspective. According to the Times Ranking, Oxford came out on top, while Harvard finished in the third place.

Is Oxford an Ivy League?

Despite the fact that Oxford University is one of the world’s oldest and most prominent educational institutions, it is not an Ivy League school. Ivy League universities compete in athletic conferences throughout the northeast and midwest of the United States.

Why is Oxford so famous?

World-class research facilities are available to students and researchers at Oxford University. The university is well-known for the quality and creativity of its research, and it is home to some of the world’s most accomplished scientists.


The University of Oxford is one of the best universities in the world today. This school is a leading center for research and technological innovation.

The University of Oxford has a relatively high acceptance rate compared to ivy-league schools in the US.

However, to gain admission to this school, one must demonstrate excellent academic capabilities and satisfy other requirements as listed in this article.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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