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NYU Transfer Acceptance Rate: Is it your goal to transfer to New York University in the upcoming academic year? And you want to know how many students are accepted into NYU as transfer students?

I’d be lying if I said that getting into New York University (NYU) isn’t a tough battle because to achieve that goal, you’ll need to make your application stand out if you must attend NYU.

Even though more qualified applicants apply each year, the acceptance rate at NYU continues to fall.

The more spectacular your application is, the more likely it is for your application to be considered, which will increase your chances of being accepted into NYU.

This article will explain the NYU Transfer Acceptance Rate, an overview of NYU, GPA requirements, Admission requirements, and many more.

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An Overview of New York University (NYU):

New York University was established in 1831. This school has been at the forefront of technological advancement in the United States for several years.

The university is one of the best colleges in the United States. Some of the most advanced innovations used in the world today were produced by faculty members and graduates from New York University.

New York University offers educational programs in 19 schools and colleges. Its professors and faculty members are award-winning, seasoned experts who have reached or are close to the highest point in their professional careers.

A sizable portion of the student body participates in school-sponsored activities and events. There is almost no limit on the courses and majors available at the school.

With an undergraduate enrollment of 26,733 and a postgraduate enrollment of 25,115, which amounts to 51,848 students enrolled at NYU, the institution has become the largest private university in the United States by enrollment.

New York University receives the most applications of any private university in the United States, and admissions are stern, resulting in an annual decrease in the NYU acceptance rate.

Is It Easy or Difficult to Transfer to New York University (NYU)?

Thanks to this school’s high standard of education, it is difficult to gain admission into New York University as the number of applicants is far greater than the available spots offered by the school.

So, to become a student at New York University, you must scale through all the admission processes and present excellent certifications in addition to other requirements.

Do you need a High GPA to get Accepted into NYU?

New York University’s admissions committee is looking for the best GPA possible, regardless of whether you’re transferring from a community college or a four-year university.

Before submitting your application, your primary goal should be to get a 4.0 GPA. Higher than a 3.5 GPA means you’re in college. More so, there have been some students with lower GPAs who have been accepted, nevertheless.

NYU Transfer Acceptance Rate: What is the requirement for the Transfer Essay?

A separate supplement for NYU is required for most of the NYU schools that accept the Common Application. These are labor-intensive and necessitate substantial research, but the results are priceless.

What is the New York University Transfer Acceptance Rate for 2022 

New York University currently has a transfer acceptance rate of 24.63%. This means that only 1 out of every four transfer applicants is accepted into the college.

This is a very low percentage compared with other schools within New York and the entire United States.

However, it is understandable that this is the case as New York University has an excellent student-to-teacher ratio.

However, to even have a chance of being accepted, you must, first of all, apply for admission to this school and satisfy the following requirements;

NYU Transfer Acceptance Rate: Admissions to New York University

There isn’t any significant difference between the application process for applicants applying from a school within the USA and applicants applying from an overseas school for transfer to NYU.

International applicants must use a Common App platform while submitting their applications. When applying, applicants must use their full name as it appears on their passport or birth certificate.

Applications and supporting documentation must be submitted before the application deadline, which is the same for all students. To apply, you must pay an application fee of $80.

To be admitted, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Form for Teacher Evaluation
  • Scores on the SAT/ACT
  • Transcript from high school
  • Scores on the TOEFL/IELTS tests (standardized test scores for the US)

NYU Transfer Acceptance Rate: Admissions to the Undergraduate Program at New York University

Online applications for undergraduate admissions must be made using the Common App website. New York University offers more than 230 different undergraduate degree programs for students to choose from.

There are strict deadlines for submitting an application and any necessary supporting documentation. The university’s address might be used to mail the documents if they couldn’t be supplied with the application.

NYU Postgraduate Admissions: 

Graduate programs at NYU are available through the university’s fifteen academic colleges. Each college has its own set of admissions standards.

Deadlines and requirements vary from one college at NYU to the next. Candidates whose first language is not English are required to submit the results of an English proficiency exam.

As part of the selection process for admission, candidates’ academic records and achievements are analyzed and their traits.

NYU Transfer Acceptance Rate: Eligibility Requirements

To be able to complete a transfer to New York University, one must possess the following requirements:

1. Official Transcripts:

An official transcript is arguably the most important requirement to present to the New York University transfer board before you are considered for acceptance.

Every transfer student is expected to present an official copy of their high school transcript that carries their graduation date.

Furthermore, if you have already enrolled in college, obtain your official transcript from the school you attended.

Also, if you attended more than one school, do ensure that all those schools provide you with your official transcripts before you send in your application.

2. SAT Scores:

“SAT means Standardized Admission Test. This popular test tests a student’s preparation levels for admission into a tertiary institution.

However, the New York University admissions board only requires SAT scores from students still in their freshman year when applying for transfer into the college.

Meanwhile, it is important that you also know that a SAT score is not required for some courses of study or programs.

3. Letters of Recommendation:

Letters of recommendation are another vital requirement for transfer to New York University.

If you are not in your first year of college when you apply, you must send a letter of recommendation written by a teacher or supervisor at your current school.

You are also expected to complete and submit the Common Application Instruction Evaluation Form.

Other essential requirements to secure a transfer to New York University are an essay or personal statement and a statement of good standing from your present college.

Meanwhile, note that New York University does not conduct interviews for students that satisfy the above transfer requirements. 

4. Language proficiency:

Students seeking to secure transfer from their present school to New York University must provide proof of their proficiency in the English language by presenting an English Language test result.

However, this condition is only open to applicants who had enrolled in a program taught in English for more than three years when their application was sent in.

For those that meet this condition, below is the score range accepted by the transfer board at New York University.

  • IELTS – 7.5 for undergraduate and 7.0 for postgraduate applicants
  • PTE – 70 for undergraduate applicants
  • TOEFL iBT – 100 & above for undergraduate and 100 for postgraduate applicants
  • Cambridge English Scale – 191 for undergraduates applicants
  • Duolingo Test – 125 for undergraduate applicants

On the other hand, if any of the below information is true of you, you should apply as a freshman:

  • As part of a dual enrollment program, you are still participating even if you are completing enough credits to achieve an associate’s degree. The term “dual enrollment” describes students simultaneously enrolled in high school and a post-secondary institution.
  • You are presently enrolled in a non-regionally approved college or university program in the United States.
  • To be eligible for admission to New York University, you must have completed less than 24 credits of post-secondary education in the United States following high school graduation; or
  • All of your college-level classes have been canceled, and you haven’t earned a single grade.

NYU Transfer Acceptance Rate: What do I need to do to get Accepted at NYU?

The Common Application is mandatory for students applying to transfer to the New York campus.

Don’t forget to use the Common Application for Transfer Students instead of the one for First-Year Students. Transfer students are not currently accepted at NYU Shanghai or NYU Abu Dhabi.

NYU Transfer Acceptance Rate: Personal Requirements for NYU:

  • Regardless of when you graduated from high school, you’ll need an official transcript from your secondary or high school.
  • Transcripts from any college or university you’ve ever attended.
  • Suppose you haven’t taken any college classes in more than a year, in that case, you will need to submit the Common Application Instructor Evaluation form or a letter of recommendation from a college professor or a direct supervisor.
  • An audition, a portfolio, or prerequisite courses may be part of the prerequisites of some NYU programs. Carefully go through your school’s, college’s, or program’s additional requirements.
  • An application fee of $80.00 is non-refundable.

Other Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Your application cannot be considered complete without Standardized Testing unless you have completed at least one year of schooling at a university level or 32 semester hours at a community institution. Do well to scrutinize NYU’s testing policy as some programs may not be subject to testing.  
  • You can use this as a portfolio or an audition for Steinhardt School of the Arts and NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts art and music programs.
  • Testing for English Proficiency is required. A minimum of three years of study when English is the only language of instruction or if English is not your first language is a requirement for this program.
  • Even though the Common Application Midterm Report is not necessary, NYU has the right to request it from any transfer student.

How to apply for transfer to New York University:

The application process for New York University is simple and stress-less. The application process is similar for students in the United States and those outside America.

However, students not in the United States can always send their applications through a standardized online application site.

But, students applying online must do so with utmost care to avoid any mistakes that can render their application null and void.

According to New York University, the application deadline for January 1 for students in the United States and that outside of America has been set.

However, students still have to pay $80 before their applications are looked at.

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Admission to New York University Undergraduate Programs: 

There are currently over 200 undergraduate programs at New York University.

Each of these programs offers an amiable student-to-faculty ratio that cannot be compared with several schools all across the globe.

However, to be accepted into an undergraduate program, transfer applicants must send all the required documents before the deadline.

New York University accepts applications mailed in via the university’s address and those sent through the online application portal.

Admission into New York University Postgraduate Programs

There are currently 15 schools of study in the New York University postgraduate school.

The application requirements for every school in the New York University postgraduate school of study vary from one another.

However, every transfer applicant who does not speak English as a first language must tender documents that show their English proficiency. More so, they are also expected to submit their curriculum vitae.

Best programs available at New York University:

New York University is one of the best educational institutions in the world.

This school offers some of the most interesting academic programs in the world, taught using a rich curriculum that provides lots of practical experience.

However, here are the best programs offered by New York University:

  • Master’s degree in Computer Degree
  • Master’s degree in data science
  • Master’s degree in Business Administration
  • Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Master’s degree in Information Systems
  • Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Masters’ degree in accounting
  • Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering
  • Master’s degree in Management
  • Master’s degree in Biotechnology
  • Master’s degree in Data Analysis and Business Computing
  • Master’s degree in Computer Science
  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Master’s degree in Financial Engineering

Transfer requirements for community college applicants at New York University:

The transfer requirements for applicants from community colleges are slightly different from those from 4-year colleges.

The extracurricular activities performed by an applicant from a community college can either make or mar their chances of acceptance.

Moreover, you can easily be considered for acceptance into New York University if you meet all of the earlier requirements listed in this article. You can increase your chances of admission by applying the following tips;

1. Watch the time of your application:

Your chances of landing a transfer or being accepted on transfer to New York University will greatly increase if you spend no more than three semesters at a community college.

2. Be the Jack of all trades in school:

As earlier stated, your active participation in extracurricular activities is another factor considered by New York University admissions before granting your transfer request.

If you are still in the community school, engage in all the activities you can, as a rich resume will create a good impression on the admission board.

3. Apply at the right time:

Sometimes, in applying for a transfer to New York University, some community college students make the mistake of applying for a transfer after their first year in community college, which has been proven to be the wrong time to do so.

Those who use it after their first year do not always have enough time to prepare a great application despite spending lots of money.

But the best time to apply to transfer to New York University is after your third semester at a community college. However, always remember the deadline, so you don’t miss it.

New York University Transfer scholarships: 

New York University offers scholarships to students that gain admission by transfer. However, the scholarships are not easily accessible and are not like the normal scholarships you know.

New York University offers scholarships to students in the form of repayable student loans.

Meanwhile, it is understood that New York University provides student loans to transfer students rather than scholarships because this subset of students obtains the same education as other students at a lower cost.

Moreover, New York University does not prefer to offer normal scholarships to transfer students because it will be hard to pick winners since all transfer students gain admission due to their excellent academic records.

How to reduce your cost of education as a New York University transfer student

Instead of obtaining a student loan as a transfer student that you might later come to regret if you cannot raise funds to repay it, look out for merit-based scholarships offered by several organizations and apply for them.

This makes more sense, and landing about two of them in a single year will be more than enough to cover your educational costs and still leave you with enough cash to spare.

NYU Transfer Acceptance Rate: When is the Due Date for Applying to NYU?

Spring Applications:

  • Application Deadline: November 1
  • Decision Period: November – January

Summer/Fall External Applications

  • Application Deadline: April 1
  • Decision Period: May – June

Summer/Fall Internal Applications

  • Application Deadline: March 1
  • Decision Period: April – May

All applications close by 11:59 pm EST on the deadline dates.

The best recommendation is that you send in your Common Application one month early if you’re going for a program that involves an audition or portfolio assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions on NYU Transfer Acceptance Rate By Major:

Is NYU as good as Ivy League?

Despite not being a member of the Ivy League, New York University is frequently compared to the prestigious Ivies for its academics, research, and sports achievements. In fact, Newsweek dubbed the institution a “New Ivy” because of its remarkable admittance figures and high-quality curriculum.

What GPA do you need to get into NYU?

3.7 or above

What kind of student goes to NYU?

A student at NYU should be dedicated and willing to work hard. They should also be willing to try new things, be open-minded, and take advantage of the city and all of the great resources around the school.

Is NYU a hard school to get into?

In recent years, NYU has become increasingly competitive. Admission at NYU dropped to a record low of 12 % in 2021. So, out of every 100 applications, NYU accepts only 12 of them. NYU is notoriously selective, with an acceptance rate of less than one in every twelve applicants.


It’s a common misconception among college applicants that knowing your odds of being admitted as a transfer student at New York University can help you.

Transfer rates are sensitive to many factors, and each year’s acceptance rate is distinct. Most importantly, you must focus on the tasks at hand rather than what others are doing.

If you pay attention to these transfer requirements, you have a good chance of getting into NYU. Your GPA, credits, deadlines, standardized tests, and application should be top of your priority list.

Because even if your application got regretted in the end, you’d still be proud of yourself for doing your best.

Your application to New York University must stand out from the others. If you want to get into New York University, you’ll need to make your application stand out in every way possible.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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