Is Volunteering An Extracurricular Activity? (FAQs)

Is Volunteering An Extracurricular Activity?

Getting admission into a top-class university is relatively difficult. To achieve this, you must satisfy the school’s strict admission requirements.

This explains why world-class institutions like the Ivies have a meager acceptance rate despite the many applicants they entertain.

However, besides GPA, test scores, and maybe personal essay, most academic institutions, especially the best schools, always look at the extracurricular activity record of applicants when processing their applications.

This article will discuss whether volunteering can be an extracurricular activity and provide tips to boost your application chances.

What is an Extracurricular Activity?

Extracurricular activities are academically-unrelated activities that you engage in as a student. These activities have drawn more attention recently than ever since most colleges now consider them for admission.

Your extracurricular activities choices will give the college admission board a glimpse of what you are interested in and enable the board to analyze if you have the capacity to multitask.

Most college admission boards view applicants that partake in several extracurriculars as socially-minded students and will pick them over others so far as the applicants meet other admission conditions.

Volunteering As An Extracurricular Activity

Volunteering, hobbies, and interests are some extracurricular activities that college admission officers consider when evaluating applicants.

Having good volunteering history as a student proves that you have good leadership qualities, passion, time management, and dedication which are character traits that admission officers look for in college applicants.

While the type of volunteer activity you engage in does not matter to some colleges, others may look at it closely.

In addition, even though your volunteering record can help you get into college, it will still boost your chances of getting a job or internship after graduation.

Volunteering Ideas For Students

Here are some volunteering ideas that can boost your chances of gaining admission into college:

1. Volunteer with local organizations

There are possibly several local Non-governmental groups in your immediate environment that focus their goals on serving the public.

Join anyone that suits your interest and ensure that you remain active in all their activities throughout the year.

If possible, take up leadership roles in the organization to demonstrate your commitment to their course.

2. Create food kits for donation

Another excellent way to volunteer as a student is by creating food kits for donation. You can target communities around you for such ventures.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on this project; however, basic groceries available at low cost will do for this venture.

3. Join a sports team

Sports is the most popular extracurricular in school. You can volunteer before entering college by joining a local community sports team and playing for free.

However, ensure that you consider your interest before picking a sport. 

4. Clean up the environment

Cleaning up the environment is an excellent volunteering idea for college students. This is a great way to make your community a safer place.

5. Put together a social media campaign.

You can use social networks’ power to run an awareness campaign promoting the need for the government to intervene in a pressing matter in society.

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Tips To Gain Admission Into College

Besides possessing an excellent extracurricular record, here are some tips to secure admission into your dream university.

1. Continually perform at a high academic level

College and university admissions officers actively seek students with stellar academic backgrounds.

A high school GPA below 3.0 can make enrolling in even the lowest-ranked major at a competitive university difficult.

So, ensure you earn a high GPA while challenging yourself with a few AP courses. It will show the college you are not intimidated by the challenging academic atmosphere.

2. Submit attractive recommendation letters

Recommendation letters are a great way to showcase your skills and character. On the other hand, professional opinion about your persona counts when applying to any college.

The best way to get a glowing reference is to make friends with your teachers, supervisors, and the heads of any clubs or organizations you’re a part of.

Your chances of getting into college will improve with an outstanding recommendation letter.

3. Write an outstanding personal essay

A well-written personal essay will also boost your admission chances.

You can use an essay to set yourself apart from other applicants by talking about things you’re passionate about, offering insight into why you want to attend a specific school, and painting a positive picture of yourself.

Suppose you’re going to write one; put in the time and effort to make it compelling. Be sure, though, that the goals of the college you’re applying to are reflected in your essay.

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4. Get a good test score

Before you can enroll in any university, you might need to pass a standardized exam. The SAT, ACT, TOEFL, DAT, IELTS, GMAT, and many others are all examples of such exams.

If your grade point average is just a hair below the minimum GPA criterion, you should do your absolute best on the test to stand a chance of admission.

5. Demonstrate interest

Research shows that many institutions prefer applicants who have already shown an interest in attending.

You can let a school know that you are hell-bent on getting in by physically touring the school, scheduling an optional interview, and making a positive impression on admissions staff members during your visit.

Submitting an application within the early application round, contacting the teachers who deal with your prospective major, and engaging the school’s social media posts are other great ways to show the school that they are your top option.

6. Apply for early admission

One of the best ways to show enthusiasm for a school is to apply during the early admissions cycle.

Because most schools primarily admit students during the early action and decision application rounds, this will undoubtedly improve your chances of getting into your preferred school.

Early admission has one drawback over early action in that if you are admitted, you will be required to attend that school, although early action does not need you to do so.

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7. Taking care of your internet reputation is essential

College admission officers are increasingly researching applicants online, including perusing their social media profiles.

So, during the college application process, you should delete or hide inappropriate posts from your social media accounts.

This includes but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. You should also use a professional email address and keep your social media accounts locked down tight.

It’s also a good idea to do a Google search for your name to see if anything unflattering has been posted about you.

8. Reach out for assistance

Trying to navigate the college admissions process without help is not a good idea. Consult your guidance counselor and teachers for advice and insight as you complete your applications.

Family and friends can be great resources for information about universities and college life. Finally, before you send in your application, be sure it has been proofread.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Volunteering

What are other terms that are used to describe volunteering?

Other terms that are used to describe volunteering are after-school activity, extra classroom activity, nonscholastic activity, and noncollegiate activity.

What are the best extracurricular activities?

The best extracurricular activities to engage in as a student are sports, leadership, volunteering, and social activism.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

Volunteering will empower you with a sense of purpose, enable you to link up with new friends, boost your self-esteem, and teach you valuable skills. 

Are internships rated as extracurriculars?

Yes, internships can be classified as extracurriculars. It is an excellent opportunity to show your preferred college that you are committed to your chosen career path.


Volunteering is something you do outside of school.

A high-grade point average, solid test scores, a well-written personal essay, and a demonstrated commitment to extracurriculars are just a few of the prerequisites of competitive universities.

Whether volunteering counts as an extracurricular activity is a valid topic for discussion, and that’s precisely what this article has done.

Take advantage of any of the volunteering opportunities presented in this article if you don’t know of anyone and engage it well before applying to any college to improve your chances of admission.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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