Culinary Schools in Ohio (Major tips and details)

Culinary Schools in Ohio

Acquiring a degree in Culinary Arts in Ohio can be quite tedious. If you decide to obtain this degree in one of the numerous culinary schools in Ohio which are established to promote your cooking skills, then, it is important that you know where, how, what you stand to gain, and what to look out for when on the quest on obtaining your degree in any culinary school in Ohio.

What do you stand to gain?

There are series of job opportunities for graduates of culinary arts in Ohio. Some of these opportunities include;

  • Line chef,
  • Hospitality manager,
  • Sous chef,
  • Pastry chef, and
  • Food-related items specialist.

Culinary Schools in Ohio:

There are various institutions and colleges (state, community, and technical colleges) that offer degrees in culinary, thereby enhancing your culinary skills, some of these institutions and the degrees offered by these institution include;

1) International culinary schools at the Art Institutes

Degree:  Associate’s in culinary arts, baking and pastry diploma, and professional cooking diploma

2) Columbus Culinary institute

Degree: kitchen skills, including industry-based culinary technique and professional cooking practices.

The following colleges are known for Offering Culinary, Restaurant Management, and/or Hospitality Degrees:

3) Ashland County-West Holmes Career Center – Ashland

4) Ashland University – Ashland

5) Bluffton University – Bluffton

6) Central State University – Wilberforce

7) Cincinnati State Technical and Community College – Cincinnati

8) Columbus State Community College – Columbus

9) Cuyahoga Community College – Cleveland

10) Hocking Technical College – Nelsonville

11) Jefferson Community College – Steubenville

12) Kent State University – Kent

13) Lakeland Community College – Kirtland

14) Lorain County Community College – Elyria

15) Miami University – Oxford

16) Ohio State University – Columbus

17) Ohio University – Athens-Southern Campus

18) Owens Community College – Toledo

19) Professional Bartending Schools of America – Cincinnati

20) Sinclair Community College – Dayton

21) Tiffin University – Tiffin

22) University of Akron Main Campus – Akron

23) University of Cincinnati – Cincinnati

24) Youngstown State University – Youngstown

25) Zane State College – Zanesville

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Things to consider when choosing among the CULINARY SCHOOLS IN OHIO:

It is enough to want to study culinary arts and to know schools that offer degrees in the arts.

There are some factors you have to consider to ensure that the culinary school offers you the best possible chance of being successful in the art of culinary. Some of these include;

Externship Opportunities:

Ensure that the school offers extensive Internship or externship opportunities, as part of your culinary arts curriculum.


Try to know if the culinary school has a culture of referring students that are products of their school. This is important to make the move from the learning environment to the trade environment quite seamless.


As with every school, irrespective of the degree you wish to attain, state-of-the-arts facilities are very essential to ensure that you are abrest with every form of technology, equipment, and tools involved in the culinary world of Ohio.

Restaurant and Catering venture:

To give students the feel of how the culinary market is outside school, it is important for the culinary school to have a restaurant and catering venture.

It should be managed and run by students under the supervision of their tutors, preferably open to public endeavors that provide hands-on experience managing high-volume enterprises.

Post-graduation programs:

Post-graduation programs should be considered when choosing a culinary school.

It is also necessary to ensure that the school has programs to aid their students when they are caught up in a difficult situation in the course of their work after leaving the culinary school.

School Reputation:

When choosing a culinary school, it is important to know the reputation of that school in the labor market. It is also vital to know if the culinary school offers job opportunities to people who study in that culinary school.


In an ever-changing world, it is important to be versatile, hence, it becomes important to have schools that offer opportunities to study outside Ohio and be equipped with how to prepare other local foods. 

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Culinary schools in Ohio

How to adapt to the Culinary Trade Environment in Ohio:

The major aim of most people who go into the world of culinary arts is to be the chef on everyone’s lips. But this is often difficult when you are just leaving culinary school and no one really knows what you can actually offer.

You are also unaware to a certain degree how people around you prefer to have their food served or cooked, and you equally do not know who needs your services at that point in time.

Here are some tips to ensure that your movement to the culinary market is easy and efficient.

  • Visit the most visited and highly-rated restaurant, observe what people in the locality eat most, taste the food, and find out what makes it special.
  • Relate with other chefs in the vicinity and find out their names and what makes them special.
  • Explore local and seasonal ingredients with an eye toward flavor nuances that are regionally distinct.
  • Endeavor to attend wine and food festivals as it aids you to meet your future employers (chefs on display) or your prospective customers (people who attend the festivals).

Culinary schools in Ohio

Some of the festivals that you can attend in Ohio include;

  • Taste of Cincinnati
  • Annual Cleveland Wine Festival
  • National Hamburger Festival, Akron
  • Annual Taste of Cleveland
  • Ohio Sauerkraut Festival, Waynesville


Studying in any of the culinary schools in Ohio can be quite fun if you find the right culinary school. On the other hand, following the guidelines in this article will go a long way in making it easier for you.

If you also avail yourself of opportunities in the culinary trade world of Ohio, you will prove vital as the culinary arts is a very competitive trade in major cities of Ohio.

So when next you are in Ohio and you need to obtain a degree, consider obtaining one in culinary arts and follow the above guidelines to make your degree worthwhile.

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