MBA Requirements in the US (major tips and details)

MBA Requirements in the US

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. This business research program provides graduates with a better knowledge of business management functions in their entirety.

MBA degree programs started in the United States in the 20th century because companies and industries sought scientific approaches to managing their firms and also to develop the skills that graduated students need to manage business, achieved by offering theoretical and practical training.

MBA Requirements in the US

Major classes in MBA programs:

  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Business Law

MBA degrees always place postgraduates above those with only undergraduate degrees. These degrees are necessary to explore some areas like hedge funds, strategic planning, and private equity firms.

However, some other financial services areas may consider an MBA an entry-level degree to get started. Thus, let’s quickly look at types of MBA before we proceed to the requirements.

MBA Requirements in the US

Depending on your credentials, qualifications, and institution’s requirements, there are several kinds of MBA degree programs;

Full-time MBA:

The duration of the Full-time MBA is two consecutive years, and it is very common in the US today. As the name implies, it requires the student to always be available in school for lectures and practicals almost every weekday.

It is not possible to apply for an MBA full-time course and do a full-time job simultaneously; for people that have a full-time job, it is better to apply for a part-time MBA.

Part-time MBA:

Those already working but who want to upgrade their qualifications and credentials are not left out in MBA programs. There is a part-time MBA for them.

Though it takes longer to finish than a full-time MBA, it takes about three to four years, depending on the institution and how much work you are ready to put in.

But the good thing is that their classes are scheduled at night and during weekends because the students are always occupied during the day and weekdays because of work.

Sometimes, there can be online courses if there is no availability for offline class. Full-time MBA and Part-time MBA are the most common in the US.

Acclerated Programs:

Acclerated Programs are faster to complete compared to other types of MBA programs. You are likely to finish the program in a year and few months.

Executive Programs:

This is mainly for people with professional experience. Only those aspirants with up to ten years of work experience can apply for this type of MBA program.

Their courses are more advanced because the applicants have more work experience and skills than the applicants of the other MBA programs.

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Dual MBA program:

It allows applicants to study for two degrees and gives applicants more skills and expertise in their fields.

Online MBA:

Nowadays, most institutions have started offering online MBA. Here, most of their learning is done online, including classes and tests. However, it takes 10 to 12 months to complete this online MBA program.

It is also easier to get admitted into an online MBA program compare to its counterparts. People with full-time jobs are more likely to pursue an online MBA or part-time MBA.

MBA Requirements in the US:

Major requirements for an MBA in the United States are;

Bachelor’s degree:

A bachelor’s degree is a college undergraduate degree also known as a Baccalaureate degree, that students earn from college and University after completing a major.

The degree comes after you must have got a high school diploma from High school or a GED. Usually, it lasts for four years, but due to some factors, it can take longer than that.

For MBA, you need four years bachelor’s degree from an accredited US institution or any global equivalent.

If you had got a bachelor’s degree in any business-related courses like economics, business administration, finance, etc, you are very much eligible to enroll for the MBA degree program; even those with no business-related courses are also eligible for this MBA program.

Work Experience:

You must have a minimum work experience of two to three years, depending on your field.

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GMAT score:

You must also score over 600 on Graduate Management Administration Test(GMAT).

MBA Requirements in the US

TOEFL Score:

You must prove you are good in English by scoring up to 550 and above in a paper-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or scoring at least 213 and above in computer-based TOEFL.

Also acceptable is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

Personal Statement:

You also have to write a personal statement. In the statement, you should include reasons for wanting the course, why you are suitable for the course, your hobbies and interests, your skills and achievements, how important your current study is, and your work experiences.

Reasons for your choice and how it matches your aspirations for the future, also site examples of any related academic or work experience.

Always remember to show you know what the course is all about and list special subjects you have an interest in. Also, mention what you can offer to the course.

When writing your experiences, you should explain how those experiences have given you the knowledge to help you at the university.


It also requires you to write a résumé containing your notable accomplishments, including club memberships, work experience, awards, personal information, education qualifications, projects, skills, etc.

Work Experience:

Universities sometimes accept applicants with no work experience, but they will first consider those with work experience. Foreigners who intend to pursue an MBA degree in the US are required to acquire a valid USA student visa.

On the other hand, people who have pursued master’s degrees can also apply for this MBA degree program.

MBA Requirements in the US


MBA as a postgraduate degree helps to develop the skills that graduated students need to manage business which is achieved by offering theoretical and practical training.

A cap on the major reasons people do MBA degree programs in the US.

  • To develop advanced and flexible management skills.
  • To improve leadership and human management skills.
  • Access to an extensive business network.
  • To learn how to manage a difficult situation like the financial crisis.
  • MBA pay is among the highest in the industry.
  • To start their own company from scratch.
  • MBA programs are great for a career course and thriving business opportunities.
  • It offers both part-time and online programs.

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