Is Work-study worth it? (Quick answer)

I know that feeling one has about not knowing exactly what to do when caught in a difficult situation. Whether to focus on your books or work for a while before studying or to juggle them both. (Is work-study worth it?)

But before you finally make a decision you might want to go through and then rethink before coming to a conclusion on this matter.

Working while studying comes with a lot of commitment and you have to avoid all forms of distractions.

What is Work-study?

Work-study is a job done by either an undergraduate or a graduate to help settle his or her financial issues. This lapse is usually identified when one is filling out the FAFSA (The Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form.

Most of the work got through FAFSA is usually related to the student’s course of study or discipline or may have to do with the public.

Is Work-study worth it?

Benefits of work-study:

This is a very good opportunity to read about the benefits of a work-study before you apply for one, thereby making up your mind to succeed at all costs.

You would be experienced in your field:

Most of the jobs gotten through this application are always related to your course or fields of study which would help you gain more experience. This experience and exposure serve as an advantage and an edge over other students.

If you are studying Computer Science, you could see yourself working in the technological section of the school. Or if you are studying library study, you could get jobs as a library assistant.


Your job is timed around the period that you are free. Work-study is allowed to students that were recently enrolled in the school, to help lift their financial burden.

However, it is good or understandable that jobs be made flexible to suit you so you can be given the opportunity just like the other students.

There is less job competition:

The competence for work-study is less as these opportunities are given to the students who qualify or merit it. But, this is different when it comes to getting a job off-campus because there, you compete against the general public. 

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Earning extra money:

When you work-study you can avoid incurring so much debt in your name and as well as have some savings after school.

The distance to work will be a short one:

Most work-study are located on-campus, so you do not have any need to work in a far place. A far distance from the workplace is enough burden for one who has classes and homework to write and also has to prepare for exams.

Is Work-study worth it?

Disadvantages of work-study:

The advantages may be captivating but there are disadvantages too. Here are the disadvantages:

You earn a low salary:

The jobs that are always available are not enough to settle bills or even engage in recreational activities. The jobs might even be more tasking than a normal job and won’t still pay well.

Limited hours:

The work hours are usually limited even if you wanted to work some more to make more money. However, this makes it a little more difficult to make extra money.

Limited time to study:

Due to so much workload, the student may not have enough time to study. That is why it is advisable to take work after the first year when the student is sure that his/her grades are good enough.

You may not get a good job:

Although most schools have jobs for the students, most times these jobs are the jobs that the students would not like to take on a normal day.

Extra stress:

The classes alone can be very stressful, talk more of combining it with a job especially when you are doing a difficult major. The student may end up being tired and stressed out at the end of the day.

Work-study can help to solve financial issues like tuition fees or money for books or other high school materials to some extent. Notwithstanding, it can go a very long way when coupled with financial aid like scholarships and grants.

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Is Work-study worth it?

Work-study Jobs:

These are some of the jobs that are available for a student to engage in while studying:

Tutoring Positions:

Most college students can tutor kids like k-12. Sometimes the parents can give you tips or offer to pay more to have some special classes with their kids.

Fitness coach:

You can take a job in your college as a coach, this can give you access to free use of the equipment.  Students can offer to work as head of sports teams like basketball coaches or volleyball coaches.

As research personnel:

You could help with research work in your schools especially if you are going to a big school. The job of research personnel can help you get an idea or know more about research work if you are a science student.

Computer scientist or technician:

If you are doing computer science as a major, then working in this position is a very good idea, as this will give you some skills that are hard to come by.

Library job:

You can get a job working in a library while schooling as this will help build up your resume. The work of a librarian includes:

  • Data entry
  • Helping visitors
  • Maintaining collections
  • Assisting librarians

Is Work-study worth it?


Work-study is really worth the time and attention is given to it. The exposure and experience of working in a field that is/aren’t related to your major creates an attraction to your resumé.

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