What is a brag Sheet? Major tips you don’t know

What is Brag Sheet

A brag sheet is a form you submit to your lecturer or your guidance counselor, so they can write you a letter of recommendation. It is a very important piece of a college application, although it is not spoken about very often.

A brag sheet can be said to be similar to a student’s CV or resume because it contains some important details about you, like what you are interested in, your accomplishments, your honors, employment status, how you have helped your community, work ethics, etc.

Unlike a resume which is always straight to the point and summarized, this form is paragraphed and consists of many pages.

How to write a Brag sheet

Most times, the brag sheet comes with instructions to help guide you on how to fill it. It can be a form with several pages that request you list about three adjectives that best describe you and many other things.

These questions below would help you to know what to expect and also guide you:

  • Your full name and contact information: You have to give these particular information as a start.
  • GPA and class: The grades you got in your exams and your SAT or ACT if you have one.
  • Schools you are interested in attending: You write down the list of schools that you have interest in.
  • What courses you want to major in: You write the course you want to major in and probably why you want to major in those courses.
  • List your goals for the future: This includes the long-term and short-term goals; how you see yourself in five years’ time and many more.
  • Contributions to your secondary school community: How have you been of help to those around you during your high school days.
  • How do you challenge yourself to prepare you for college better: What have you done to improve your life since you left high school or books you read that might have transformed your life.

More on Brag Sheet:

  • What adjectives could you use to best describe yourself: This does not need an earth-shattering answer, just a few adjectives like creative, punctual, or active could do.
  • What honors you received from your ninth grade or tenth grade: What honors you have received during these grades and how you achieved them.
  • Leadership skills: Write the leadership position you occupied, what impact it had on you, and also in the lives of those around you.
  • What accomplishment or honor are you most proud of in your life: What honor or award have you received and what led to you receiving those awards.
  • What sport are you most interested in: Your favorite sport and why you love that sport. It also includes the impact you have made in that field.
  • Do you have a serious health challenge: What serious health challenges could you be facing or your family as a whole.

However, your brag sheet should be very detailed and not precise like your resume.

It should be contextual, giving details on how you achieved your awards, and how you overcame life challenges in total. This should be a means to show off your potential and what you have achieved the years you were in school.

How to organize your brag sheet

  • It should have a formal outlook and easy to read through.
  • You have to write about your extracurricular lifestyle.
  • You can have someone go through just to make sure everything is in order.

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Parents’ Brag Sheet

Parents’ brag sheet is something that is getting very popular. It’s just that most parents do not know how to fill the form adequately.

Most schools now demand a brag sheet from the parents because it is a way of getting more information, an in-depth report about a child or ward.

The number of questions your parents ought to answer vary with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10. Your parent or guardian should be ready to spend at least 30 minutes filling up the brag sheet. 

Your parents are capable of showing your strength and capability in a different light. They do it in a way better because they have been with you the longest..

Tips to create a standard Parent brag:

  • You have to back up your claims with examples:

This would make it look more solid, if not, the counselors may not add it to their list. On the other hand, they (counselors) will take just those qualities they think or feel confident enough.

If you say that your child is very good in academics, you should list the honors and academic awards he/she has won.

  • Be as honest, sincere and genuine as possible:

Don’t hype your child too much, be truthful. All these matter.

  • Ask your child:

You can seek your child’s help. With your child’s help, you will know what more to include and this will reduce the stress that comes with filling a brag sheet.

  • Go straight to the point:

Those reading these brag sheets have so many others to read, so please don’t give them a burden.

Other uses of a brag sheet

  • You attend your college interview with it and hand it over to the interviewer.
  • It shows what kind of student you are, academic-wise and generally.
  • It shortens your interview time and creates deeper conversations with your interviewer.
  • It helps your interviewer know how you see yourself in the few years to come.

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A brag sheet is a form you submit to your lecturer or your guidance counselor, so they can write you a letter of recommendation. It is a very important piece of a college application, although it is not spoken about very often.

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