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Getting an Early Childhood Development Degree involves educating kids in preschool establishments and studying in grades one to five.

Because this is such a crucial stage in a child’s development in terms of logical competency, studying, and social skills, it’s critical to have highly qualified experts on hand; such as people with an Early Childhood Development Degree.

A career in Early Childhood Development degree allows experts to interact with children from birth to adolescence and observe their physical, emotional, and mental development.

Fundamental Objective of an Early Childhood Development Degree 

Working with kids either in an academic or non-academic development can very well yield a productive career. Early Childhood Development Degree focuses majorly on kids within the age range of 0 to 8 years old.

The program aims at producing graduates who can contribute to the development of these toddlers. 

To achieve success as an Early Childhood Development Degree holder, one must possess the following attributes:

  • Logic
  • Empathy
  • Creativity
  • Empathy
  • Ability to connect with kids,
  • Good knowledge of handling children. 

Early Childhood Development Degree program focuses on processes, practical experience, policies, and best practices to garner knowledge on basic development.

The Benefit of Early Childhood Development

The early stage of a child’s development is greatly considered the most important stage of a child’s growth. Thus, an educator with an Early Childhood Development Degree needs to guild each child under his/her care to product development.

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The early stage of a child’s development begins from the moment the child is born up to when the child is eight years old. 

During this stage, the child’s parents are the first guide of the child; they are the ones who teach the child all the firsts: to walk, to speak, to eat, and all other things.

To achieve this, the child must interact with people other than his/her parents. However, this is the stage where an Early Childhood Development educator comes in.


The education children receive during their early childhood stage is all about learning on the playground. At the same time, a person with an Early Childhood Development Degree is considered the child’s second parent.

Becoming an Educator with an Early Childhood Development Degree

Before ever pursuing a profession in this field, you should make sure you have the right temperament, as working with young children is more difficult than working with older children.

An individual must be able to bring their emotions under control, possess good communication skills, be creative, and must be good at connecting with others.

And if an individual has all of these qualities, he/she is good to acquire an Early Childhood Development Degree.

Selecting Your Preferred Early Childhood Education Degree Programs 

While it is not essential in all schools to have a degree if one is to cater to kids in their earliest ages, some other employers require that an applicant possess at least a Bachelor’s or an Associate’s degree in the subject area.

There are two major varieties of programs in Early Childhood Education Degree. They are:

  • Undergraduate Degree, which includes: Associate’s Degree (2 years) and Bachelor’s Degree (four years)
  • Graduate Degrees, which have: Master’s and Doctoral Degrees (2-6 years)
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Undergraduate Program:

An undergraduate program offers a student the expected abilities to begin his/her career in being an Early Childhood Development educator.

Associate’s Degree: 

Earning an Associate’s degree takes two years. It is the easiest and fastest of all Early Childhood Development Degrees to earn.

If your desire to pursue a Bachelor’s degree after earning an Associate’s degree, your Associate’s degree can stand in for two of the four years of earning a Bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor’s Degree: 

To earn a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Development, a student has to complete all coursework within a minimum of four years.

This degree gives the holder a better opportunity of securing jobs in higher places than an Associate’s degree holder would.

Graduate Program: 

People who involve in this program seek an increment in their paycheck, do further research in the field of Early Childhood Development, or seek supervisory positions 

Master’s Degree:

A Master’s degree is usually pursued after one must have earned a Bachelor’s degree. For a Graduate student in the subject field to earn a Master’s degree, the candidate must defend a thesis.


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Master’s degree holders have a more in-depth understanding and a better level of skills set of Early Childhood Development, which guarantees a bigger paycheck. 

Doctoral Degrees: 

Individuals take doctoral programs and do further research to either invest their acquired knowledge into books or educate other early childhood prospective educators at the college level.


A PhD program is a doctorate program that can help candidates enhance current program practices, apply new research on early childhood improvement, and conceive new early childhood learning paradigms.

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Jobs that an early Childhood Development Degree can get you

An Early Childhood Development Degree qualifies its holder for jobs in the following positions:

Preschool Teacher:

As a preschool teacher, the degree holder bears the opportunity to grant kids their first formal education.

Special Education Teacher:

With an Early Childhood Development Degree, candidates’ expertise is required in jobs to educate children with special needs.

Childcare Worker:

Here, you are given the full responsibility of catering to the child. Duties consist of teaching, feeding, washing, and lots more.

Childcare Center Director:

Here, your job is to supervisor other educators as they cater to the children.


With an early childhood development degree, you can have a lifelong career doing some of the jobs stated in this article.


So, now that you know how to earn an early children development degree and the benefits of getting one, you can decide whether or not you want to pursue a career in the field.

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