Dean of Students – Everything you need to know

The dean of student affairs is the full name. The dean of students could be a man or a woman, as any gender can actually manage the role. This position is mostly found in educational institutions and colleges.

The dean of student affairs helps students in different areas of their lives and careers ranging from the academic areas to the social aspect of education.

He/She stands as an intermediate between the students and the school management and helps the student especially the new ones get comfortable around the school premises.

They can work in both private or public college and require a master’s or a doctorate degree in education.

Duties of the Dean of Students:

  • He creates the activities the students are involved in.
  • He oversees the program, both academic and extracurricular activities.
  • He acts as an advocate for the students, stands in as the voice of the student during academic and even social matters.
  • He attends the school or college meeting and makes contributions on behalf of the students.
  • The board of deans also participate in policy development on behalf of the students. They assist during the creation of school policies and also help in making sure it is implemented.

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The Skills the Dean Of Students Should Possess:

The dean of the student affairs should possess some skills that allow him/her handle this position efficiently along with the responsibilities that come with the position. The skills and responsibilities of the dean of student affairs work hand in hand.

  • He should possess good verbal and writing skills which would aid in being a good leader to the students.
  • He should be capable of working with students that come from different background and states.
  • They also help the school in the development of school policies and procedures.
  • He should be capable of working cooperatively with the staff, students and parents alike.
  • He should be able to create different programs which the students can engage in like academic program, social programs etc.
  • Acting as the student disciplinarian; he guides the students and makes sure they do not disobey the rules and regulations of the institution.
  • They should also be efficient managers of money in case funds are handed over to them to plan some academic program.
  • He/She is the one the parents meet whenever they have an issue and they can’t communicate directly with the school.
  • He is in charge of the publications that are needed by the students.

Dean of Students for High School:

At the high school level of education, the Dean of Students is focused on the general delivery of education to the students. He is in charge of anything that has to do with the students’ education and mode of learning.

He can work with the teachers and the staff in general to develop the curriculum. The Dean of Student is in charge of the discipline of the students. He makes sure that they keep to the rules and regulations of the institution.

When an admitted student has issues, it is the Dean of Studies who will help resolve the issue. These issues include academic probation, housing issues, financial issues, grade issues, expulsion, suspension and the rest of them.

How can you advance to the position of Dean of Student affairs?

Someone who gets promoted to the position of Dean of Student affairs must have started out from a lower position. Most institutions have it that the person must have gotten a doctorate degree.

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