Is an Online Six Sigma Course Worth It in 2023?

Six Sigma was developed originally by Motorola in the 1980s and was made famous by General Electric, Toyota, and Ford across the globe. 

As all the companies (irrespective of their size, location, or sector) are on their way to digital transformation, the tools and techniques are developed to make the transformation journey smooth and quick.

With this quick transformation, it is equally important to manage quality control processes so that there is just an improvement in the quality of products or services, not deterioration. 

Six sigma is a set of tools and techniques that are designed to enhance the capabilities of business processes by minimizing the chances of occurrence of errors.

It is a data-driven methodology that uses statistical techniques to reduce or eliminate defects and improve profits. 

With a Six Sigma certification added to your resume, you can help your organization improve at what it does.

You become a valuable asset to your company by creating greater value with fewer resources. A lean six sigma certification enables you to earn higher salaries than your non-certified equivalent counterparts.

According to a report by the ASQ salary survey, Six Sigma Black Belt certified professionals could earn an average annual salary of around USD102k. In contrast, their non-certified peers can earn up to USD 85k annually. 

Why do Six Sigma Belts command high salaries?

Employers pay considerable salaries to six sigma belts because they are worth it.

If a six sigma belt delivers you USD 1 million in improvements, you will surely pay him huge amounts.

To complete the projects with successful enhancements, you will have to learn the methodologies involved in six sigma. A six sigma certification serves this purpose for you.

Let’s examine the most crucial reasons for getting a six sigma certification.

What is Six Sigma Certification?

A six sigma certification validates that you are properly skilled and trained in identifying risks, defects, or errors in a business process and the ways to eliminate them. 

A Six Sigma certification requires a certain level of experience and proficiency in quality control management processes.

The certification enables you to become a specialist in process and quality improvement, thereby increasing your credibility.

Different levels of Six Sigma Certifications

1. Six Sigma White Belt

The fundamental six sigma certification covers the basic concepts and methodologies involved in six sigma.

White belt enables you to support change management in your organization and collaborate with other teams to assist in problem-solving in projects.

2. Six Sigma Yellow Belt

This level includes particulars of six sigma along with its use cases by which you come to know when and where to apply them. 

3. Six Sigma Green Belt

This level provides you with an in-depth understanding of advanced analytics so that you become capable of dealing with problems that affect quality.

As a Green Belt, you will lead projects and help Black Belts with data collection and analysis tasks. 

4. Six Sigma Black Belt

This certification makes you an agent of change or an expert in the domain. Along with leading projects, you will be able to provide training as well.

5. Six Sigma Master Black Belt

The highest level of Six Sigma, this certification will enable you to build strategies, develop key metrics, guide black belts, and green belts, and act as a consultant.

Top Reasons for Getting Six Sigma Certification

1. Improve Business processes by sustaining Quality Management

On completing the Six Sigma Green belt certification, you will learn how to analyze your company’s manufacturing and business processes and take the steps required to enhance them.

You can understand how these impact quality performance by conducting an entire review of existing practices. This way, you can sustain the quality management of your organization. 

2. Eliminate defects and errors and reduce risks occurring in your organization

The rigorous training for attaining a Six Sigma certification and versatile project management software such as Celoxis enables you to identify and eliminate defects and errors in your organization’s functionality.

For instance, General Electric was able to generate USD 350 million in 1998 by incorporating Six Sigma methodologies.

3. Ensure Compliance

Six Sigma works on top-quality standards. This is why numerous procurers, vendors, and organizations employ Six Sigma methods while evaluating accounts or products.

Six Sigma Green Belts can help organizations comply with international standards by maintaining beneficial contracts. 

4. Increase Your Value Across Industries

One of the most significant benefits of acquiring a Six Sigma Certification is that it enables you to enhance your value across industries.

Six Sigma is an industry-agnostic approach employed by various sectors such as finance, banking, IT, aerospace, telecom, marketing, human resources, and more.

A Six Sigma certification enables you to improve employee acceptance, streamline business processes, minimize costs, and increase ROIs, which leads to better revenues, regardless of the industry. 

5. Greater options for career advancements

By attaining a Six Sigma certification, you will learn how to measure and quantify measurable benefits by executing a project.

By acquiring financial management and risk assessment skills, you can get opportunities to get into senior managerial positions.

6. Amazing Salary

The most important reason for getting a Six Sigma certification is the salary that it can get you.

In India, the average annual salary of a Six Sigma Certified professional is around INR 20 lakhs or more. In the US, it is around USD 107k or more. 

Is an Online Six Sigma Course Worth It?

A big YES!!

A Six Sigma Certification is a big feat. It is not easy to pass a Six Sigma Certification exam.

Also, it requires years of experience and knowledge to move from one belt to another. If a certification is worth it, taking a training course is worth it.

Especially if you enroll yourself in a top-class training institute like that of Simplilearn, it can be the smartest move.

Some of the special features of this course include an enterprise-class learning management system, round-the-clock learning management systems, training delivered by industry experts active in their domain, Masterclasses, AskMeAnything sessions, enrollment in the JobAssist program, and more. 

Enroll Yourself Now!

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