17+ Deep Questions About God (FAQs)

Deep Questions About God: God has been the most loved subject of argument and discussion by all races of life, irrespective of gender, tribe, skin color, or nationality.

The learned and the unlearned have been at it daily talking about this case called “God” with numerous intriguing hypotheses brought about by philosophers and doctors of law too.

These deep questions are not generally centered on the God of the Christian but also on other gods too. 

Thus, this article focuses on the deep questions about God, who God is, and other related tips.

Who is God?

The question of who God is cannot be answered in a sentence alone without explaining through a sequence of things that makes God, God.

Deep Questions About God

1. Where did God come from?

God is eternal, and the question of “if He is” is always misleading. God has always existed; he didn’t just appear.

A person who doesn’t believe in God might ask, “But doesn’t everything have to be made? after a Christian has shown that God has always existed. How can God be there if he wasn’t made?

Again, there are a number of issues with that query. First, if something is said to have created God, who made that being?

2. What is the proof of God’s existence?

According to what science has taught us over the years, the adage that seeing is believing is what every natural man is poised to do.

How do we believe in the existence of a God we have not seen and likely have not heard talk on the phone to us before.

3. If God’s will prevails, what then becomes of our free will?

According to the scriptures, we have been given the free will to choose what so ever we like and do according to our choice, and then God also has a will of his for us; what then becomes of our intention when the will of God then prevails over our will?

4. If God is accessible, why do we need pastors to reach out to him?

What is the essence of a pastor if I am meant to reach out to God directly by myself? How will a pastor teach me how to reach a God who said he made me for himself?

Deep Questions About God

5. Why does God tempt us to sin?

This is another question many people ask and do not get the right set of answers to fill their hunger for the question, and it gets super annoying.

Why does God tempt us after he said he loves us? And some persons will go ahead to quote scriptures of his everlasting love to us-ward. 

6. Why does God allow suffering?

The world we live in has mass suffering and few rich, and then we are ruled by the sovereign God who is, and yet He sits above and watches the amount of suffering people go through.

7. Does God have a wife?

If God creates us in his image and likeness, both male and female, how then are we not hearing about the female God gender? It takes two for reproduction, so long it is sexual reproduction.

Is it that God is hiding the female god away from us, or is one head of the Trinity female?

8. How old is God?

The idea that God is forever and he existed beyond and before time freaks me out a lot, and I am sure you fall in that category too.

How did he exist and then would allow us his creations to die when we age or face anything that tends to terminate our lives. We should be able to live exactly like him too.

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Deep Questions About God on Satan

9. If God knew Satan would rebel, why then did He create him?

Yes, I know; we have heard that God is omniscient, meaning he knows everything.

How then will an all-knowing allow sabotage of his work? If he knew Satan would rebel, why did he create him, or better still, why did he not make room for improvements around the devil so that he becomes better and not rebel?

10. How big is God?

If as far as the sky and wide the cloud is His heavens, how do we measure this God and know his truest length and breadth? If he resides in the firmaments, how big is He then?

11. Are there two Gods in the Bible?

Why is the God of the Old Testament harsh, hard and wicked while the God of the New Testament is sweet and loving? What caused the difference in God?

Deep Questions About God on Faith

12. Do I own my faith?

Is my faith mine, or is it borrowed from God or something?

Yes, the scripture suggests that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. So do I own my faith and can grow it into becoming anything I choose it to be?

13. Am I using my faith to serve the agenda of man or God?

When does our pastor ask us to have faith in something that has to do with him instead of something that has to do with God, since God doesn’t need things? At that moment, does our faith serve God or people?

Frequently Asked Questions on Deep Questions About God:

Do dogs go to heaven?

Christianity has historically thought that animals have no chance of an afterlife, regardless of their religious beliefs. Animals have souls and are “as close to God as men,” Pope John Paul II remarked in 1990.

How can I go to heaven?

Forgiveness and the righteousness that Jesus bestows on you are the only means by which you can enter heaven. You might not get to heaven by living a Godly life. Work always follows where faith first appears, but redemption comes only by grace through trust in Christ alone.

Where is God is?

A temple or church is not where God lives. That’s why the Bible says, “The kingdom of God is within” and “God lives in the temple of our heart.”

How does God use pain in our lives?

God has used our suffering to make us stronger and to inspire others to put their faith in him and to believe that he is working in spite of our inability to see it.


There are many more unanswered questions about God. So, while we wait for the right time to ask God these questions, let’s live our best lives on Earth.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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