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Art schools in Canada are gaining recognition and becoming more prominent in the World.

Canada is recognized as having an exceptional quality of life and has been ranked as one of the safest countries in the world.

So, if you choose to pursue art studies in Canada, you will be able to get a highly regarded degree across the globe and receive an excellent education.

You’ll get to visit the country, see iconic landmarks and natural wonders, and experience being an art student in an artistically stimulating country.

As such, this article tells you about the best art schools in Canada, why it’s important to study art, and much more.

Is Art School Worth It?

Yes, I think it’s worth it. So long as it’s an accredited art school. It will save you a lot of time and frustration by teaching you about the business side of art as well as the technical aspects.

As a side benefit, you’ll learn that even if you’re passionate about art, creating it takes dedication and hard work. Moreover, in the art world, art school is a good place to meet new people and create contacts.

Art school a terrific way to meet new people. Beyond the realm of education, an art degree has little use other than as a teaching tool.

On the other hand, to tell you the truth, you don’t need a degree in art to be successful.

It’s significantly more critical to cultivate a natural ability or talent. It’s also more vital to have the right mindset, aptitude, and work ethic than it is to have the right degree.

Moreover, working hard and being competent at what you do are both far more important to an artist’s success than simply taking classes.

With a strong portfolio, freelancers will always be able to locate employment. There is no way to turn a bad artist into a good one at art school.

It’s possible, but not certain, that a degree from a prestigious art school will open some doors.

How long does Art Schools take in Canada?

The Fine Arts Diploma and Portfolio Certificate are both three-year programs in Canada. The one-year certificate courses for contemporary artists are also included in these programs.

The length of time students spend in school has an effect on the price of an art degree. A bachelor’s degree can be completed in four years by students.

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Two to three years are required for a master’s degree program. There may be additional expenses for supplies and other in-person requirements for students enrolled in studio art courses.

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Art Schools in Canada

1. OCAD University:

OCAD U is the largest and most comprehensive art, design and media university in Canada

The school is known for turning out some of the most talented painters and designers. They are exceptionally skilled in a variety of art professions. 

More than a thousand students from other countries visit Toronto annually to establish themselves as successful artists.

This is not for lack of a reason, as the Ontario College of Art and Design University provides students with comfortable accommodations in its studios.

These studios provide students with an environment where they can freely express and channel their creative energy. 

The Bachelor of Design, the Bachelor of Fine Arts, the Master of Design, the Master of Arts, and the Master of Fine Arts are the five degrees that are available to students. 

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2. Alberta College of Art + Design, Alberta:

Alberta University of the Arts is a public art and design school in the Canadian city of Calgary. The school is one of the best art schools in Canada.

This prestigious art institution opened its doors in 1973. Its primary mission is to provide students majoring in design, new media, or fine arts with hands-on, studio-based education. 

Students interested in working in advertising, publication, television, fashion, entertainment, corporate, new media, environmental design, or editorial frequently pursue Bachelor of Design (BDes) degrees in Photography and Visual Communication.

Degree programs in photography and visual communication take four years to complete, and some of those years are spent attending evening classes.

The admissions process is competitive, and candidates will be evaluated based on their GPA and portfolios. 

Graduates of the Department of Visual Arts who want to get a Bachelor of Design or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree as a second degree can fill out an application.

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3. The Department of Art at the University of Alberta:

The Department of Art at the University of Alberta comprises three primary sub-departments: drama, music, and visual arts. 

The Bachelor of Arts program at the University of Alberta’s Department of Art is consistently ranked as the university’s most popular undergraduate art degree.

This typically requires roughly four years of education. Aside from that, students who are not pursuing this degree as their major have the option of pursuing it as their minor if they so want.

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More so, despite its unwavering adherence to a longstanding heritage of academic achievement, the Faculty of Arts is continually seeking out new ways to use its enormous power to affect positive change.

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4. Emily Carr University of Arts and Design:

Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, Canada, is a leader in education and research on a global scale. The school is one of the best art schools in Canada.

Emily Carr University of Arts and Design is consistently rated as one of the best art schools in Canada, specializing in the education of artists, designers, and researchers.

The Bachelor of Design (BDes) and the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) are both undergraduate degrees that can be earned after studying at Emily Carr Institute for a total of 4 years. 

The Bachelor of Design degree can be earned with concentrations in interaction design, industrial design, or communication design.

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5. Ottawa School of Art:

The Ottawa School of Art is a school for art in downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is a non-profit school.

The Ottawa School of Art is well-known for offering a variety of useful classes, such as landscape painting, photography, ceramics, etc.

The Orleans Campus of the Ottawa School of Art is the sole location where students can participate in the Arts Fundamentals Certificate Program, which the school operates as a non-profit educational institution.

Other options include a Portfolio Certificate and a Fine Arts Diploma, which can be earned after three years of study.

In conjunction with these programs, one-year certificate programs that contribute significantly to the professional growth of modern artists are also available.

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6. Department of Visual Arts at Concordia University:

For the first time in Canada, Concordia’s Faculty of Fine Arts is home to nine departments, each of which offers a wide range of programs in a variety of artistic disciplines.

The institution currently provides 500 educational opportunities, including 300 for undergraduates and 200 for graduate students. 

The following classes are included in the Visual Arts Division of the curriculum: art history, education in the arts, creative arts therapies and studio arts, visual arts, cinema, design and computation arts, design and computation arts, and studio arts.

A Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree can be earned through completing these studies. The Performing Arts Division comprises theater, contemporary dance, music, and performance art departments. 

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7. Nova Scotia College of Art and Design:

The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) is an art school established in 1887 and can be found in Halifax, located in the province of Nova Scotia.

The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design offers three art undergraduate degree programs: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Design, and Bachelor of Fine Arts, and this has earned it its place among the best art schools to attend in Canada. 

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In addition to two semesters spent on foundational studies, four years of study are required for each of the three degrees offered by the school.

At Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, there are three primary areas of undergraduate study that students can choose to major in.

  • Fine art: This comprises the categories of sculpture, painting, printmaking, and drawing.
  • Design: This comprises the categories of graphic designs, interdisciplinary design, product design, and digital design.
  • Crafts: This includes the categories of jewelry designs, textiles, metalworking, and ceramics.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Art Schools in Canada:

What is an art school called?

An art school is a place of learning that focuses mainly on the visual arts, like illustration, painting, photography, sculpture, and graphic design.

Should I major in art?

Even though art majors have a little reputation, a degree in art can be a great way to gain the studio experience needed to pursue a professional career as an artist. Students benefit from the program’s setting and length, which allow them to master important tools and meet like-minded people.

Is an art career worth it?

Yes, in a nutshell. It’s easy for artists to find work, but there are also countless possibilities to learn and improve their talent. There is no doubt that this is a great moment to be a freelance artist, but you may want to keep your day job as you work towards becoming a full-time artist.

Can artists be rich?

Your chances of becoming an artist are higher than those from less fortunate backgrounds. Recent census data reveals that artists tend to come from well-to-do families, according to a recent research. People who have wealthy families are more likely to become artists, according to a new study.


Art Schools in Canada: If you want to pursue your ambition of being an artist and live in Canada, you might consider enrolling at one of the country’s top art schools.

Your passion for art can take you anywhere, as it has already dominated the world, and many works of art are still valued and praised today.

Moreover, as an aspiring artist, you are aware that you have to go to art school to study more about the ethics of artists and put those ethics into practice.

And the way to get there is to enroll in an art school in Canada, but not just any school; instead, you should focus on attending one of the top art schools in Canada.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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