10 Best Performing Arts Boarding Schools In the United States (FAQs)

Be aware that boarding schools that focus on performing arts are fantastic options for students who intend to complete their high school education with exceptional performing skills.

Even though boarding schools are equipped to teach students about time management and other life skills, one of the most important things they teach them is how to maximize their natural abilities.

However, most parents find it difficult to choose the option most suited for their children. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the top-performing arts boarding to make the choice easier.

What are Performing Arts?

The term “performance arts” refers to those forms of art that are presented to a live audience.

It is distinct from visual art, which involves the use of paint, canvas, or other materials to produce tangible or stationary art objects.

The performing arts help children explore their emotions, extend their imagination, and develop their own unique voices.

The brain, body, and emotions of a kid are engaged in diverse ways by music, dance, and theater, all of which help build their self-esteem and joy in self-expression.

The performing arts not only let individuals express themselves, but they also benefit society as a whole by promoting self-awareness and empathy.

More so, the performing arts, such as theater, aim to shed light on present societal attitudes and mindsets. It’s a good way to let people know what’s going on with their health.

What are Performing Arts Boarding schools?

Performing arts or music boarding schools are institutions that focus on the artistic development of young people. Music boarding schools provide an excellent opportunity to mix arts and academics.

These residential schools emphasize the individual development of each student and seek to uncover their latent talents.

The primary focus of performing arts boarding schools is on artistic abilities such as painting, music, and sculpture, as well as other arts-related activities.

Students who attend such boarding schools can develop their latent artistic abilities under the guidance of the most qualified music and arts professionals.

Despite a large number of performing arts and music schools, each of these institutions annually receives roughly twenty applicants for each available spot.

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Is performing arts a good career?

This can be a demanding career. Perhaps one of your lifelong ambitions is to make a living playing on stage.

You’ve developed more than just acting, singing, and dancing skills during your time in school.

If you’re good at promoting yourself and managing the arts, you’ll be well-suited for a variety of other jobs as well.

Inspiring young people and nurturing their talents via your passion for the performing arts may make a successful career in education.

You may specialize in a specific style of performing arts and perhaps operate a drama club to encourage even greater involvement with the performing arts outside of classroom hours.

Benefits of Performing Arts in Education:

When it comes to fostering a child’s ability to express themselves creatively, the performing arts are an invaluable resource.

Performance arts allow children to express themselves creatively while also teaching them language and communication skills, enabling them to interact with others in an effective and confident manner.

Self-expression, alternate possibilities, and embracing individuality are all a part of performing arts.

It’s not black and white, or about right or wrong responses, and this allows children to gain self-confidence and belief in themselves.

With increased self-esteem and self-belief comes a natural avenue for students to learn a wide range of life skills.

Performing arts participation has been linked to better grades in subjects like arithmetic and English, according to several studies.

More so, it’s becoming more common for schools to have outdoor performance areas because they’re so flexible and adjustable, can accommodate huge crowds of performers or spectators, and don’t interfere with the day-to-day operations of a school.

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Best Performing Arts Boarding Schools in the United States: 

The performing arts boarding schools in the United States either accept just boys or only girls or offer a coeducational option.

Because of this, these schools focus on preparing students for careers as artists in various fields, such as music, theater, visual arts, and dance.

The following are some of the most reputable performing arts boarding high schools that you may find:

1. Walnut Hill School for the Arts: 

Walnut Hill School for the Arts is considered an independent day and boarding high school for students in grades nine to twelve. The tuition fee is $65,460, and the acceptance rate is 45%.

Walnut Hill School for the Arts is a private arts school in Natick, Massachusetts, that offers both boarding and day programs.

Intriguingly, Walnut Hill School for the Arts allows students to stay for a post-graduate year. This school can be found in Natick, Massachusetts, and it welcomes male and female students equally.

Students participate in an academic program that is both comprehensive and forward-thinking. Aside from that, it gives unplanned training in music, theater, dance, visual arts, writing, and other areas.

Students are occasionally allowed to take their classes in media arts and film.

Moreover, every one of its programs helps students grow as people and become self-assured, inquisitive scholars.

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2. Besant Hill School:

The Besant Hill School of Happy Valley, which used to be called the Happy Valley School, is a private school in Ojai, California, that serves both boys and girls.

There are about 100 students and about 35 teachers and staff who all live on or near campus.

It offers a program that prepares students for a tough college environment by looking at creative expression, resilience, and different ways of thinking.

Students are introduced to a travel and learning experience curriculum with a student-to-teacher ratio of 4:1.

As an art boarding school in the United States, 38% of the students are eligible for financial help, regardless of whether or not the school charges tuition.

This boarding school for performing arts is one of the best performing arts boarding schools in the United States.

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3. Michigan Academy of the Arts:

The Michigan Academy of the Arts is amongst the pioneers of boarding high schools for performing arts in the United States of America, and it is the first in the country to charge a tuition fee of $65,615.

The acceptance rate at the Michigan Academy of the Arts is 60%.

More than five hundred talented artists from 44 different states in the United States and 29 other countries from around the world have graduated from this prestigious performing arts school in the past.

In addition, it is an excellent solution for children who are talented in the arts and passionate about them.

This school gives students the chance to get professional training in theater, music, creative writing, dance, visual arts, and comparative arts, among other things.

Students choose their classes from a rigorous academic program that prepares them for success in many fields, including the arts.

As one of the best performing arts boarding schools in the United States, students have performed in live theater and on film, and some have even danced for professional organizations.

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4. Interlochen Arts Academy:

The Interlochen Arts Academy offers training for people who want to work in the performing arts, visual arts, or creative writing.

Change happens everywhere at Interlochen Arts Academy, from the classroom to your dorm room and from the studio to the stage.

In addition, students participate in classes that are part of a comprehensive curriculum that helps them get ready for college and gives them the tools they need to express themselves creatively and in other areas.

This boarding school for the performing arts welcomes students in grades 9 through 12, and its curriculum allows pupils to invest in the art form of their choosing.

It is fascinating to learn that the workshops are led by skilled artists who are also professors.

Because of this, most people in the entertainment scene are students at this boarding school. 

More so, the Interlochen Arts Academy is one of the best performing arts boarding schools in the United States.

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5. Idyllwild Arts Academy:

Idyllwild Arts Academy is a private school in Idyllwild, which is in western Riverside County, California, near the San Jacinto Mountains and the San Bernardino National Forest. 

The admittance rate at Idyllwild Arts Academy is 80%, and the cost of tuition there is $55,200 per year.

Students in grades 9–12 can join this academy, and boys and girls can join. This school opened its doors in 1986, and now it has programs that help students prepare for the workforce and college.

Also, students can experience a wide range of high-quality aesthetic settings. Because of this, programs are made to give students the chance to reach their full potential.

This boarding school for performing arts focuses on musical theater and is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious art schools in the United States.

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6. Alabama School of Fine Arts: 

The Alabama School of Fine Arts is a public middle and high school in downtown Birmingham, Alabama, United States.

It is a state magnet school and costs nothing to attend. Students in grades 7–12 get an education that is similar to a conservatory and gets them ready for college.

The Alabama School of Fine Arts is a full-service school where students can improve their skills by doing work ready for college.

Also, getting into this school is very hard because the only way to get in is to do well on tests, auditions, applications, and interviews.

In addition, students at this art boarding school can receive a college-prepared education in one of the following six fields of study: creative writing, dance, visual arts, theater, music, mathematics, or science.

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7. Cambridge School of Weston:

The Cambridge School of Weston is an independent high school for both boys and girls in the Massachusetts town of Weston.

The Cambridge School of Weston is at the forefront of new ways to teach, as shown by the fact that only 55% of those who apply to get in and that it costs $58,550 to go there.

By attending classes and taking courses designed to help them do so, students will learn and improve the skills they need to succeed in the real world.

As one of the best performing arts boarding schools, it has a wonderful music program to help pupils develop their skills to their full potential.

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8. Whitestone Academy:

The Whitestone Academy is a co-ed, private middle and high school located in Whitestone, Queens, New York. They offer ESL High School courses as well.

The educational services that Whitestone Academy gives its students are made in a way that shows respect for the personal growth that each student has made while at the school.

In addition to laying a strong academic foundation for pupils, it encourages them to discover their interests both within and outside the classroom.

Additionally, they enable students to take pleasure in the real-world experiences that make learning come alive.

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9. St. Johnsbury Academy: 

St. Johnsbury Academy is an independent, private, coed, non-profit boarding and day school in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. The academy takes students in grades 9–12.

The total tuition charge at St. Johnsbury Academy comes to $58,550, and the school has an acceptance rate of 82%.

In Vermont, St. Johnsbury Academy is a non-profit day and boarding school for both boys and girls.

This school combines resources with opportunities and has more than 200 different classes, some focusing on the visual and performing arts, others on advanced placement, and others on foreign languages.

Even though there are twelve students in each class, the boarding school welcomes both male and female students in grades nine through twelve.

St. Johnsburg Academy is regarded as one of the top boarding schools that focuses on the performing arts.

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10. Buxton Academy:

Buxton School is a private, co-ed, college-preparatory, boarding and day school for grades 9-12 in Williamstown, Massachusetts, United States. The school is open to both boys and girls. 

The prestigious private boarding school known as the Buxton School may be found in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

It has a student-to-teacher ratio of 4:1, with 81 students enrolled in grades 9 through 12, and there are 4 teachers. In addition, the cost of tuition is approximately $55,000.

A large percentage of the students who graduate from this school pursue further education at a four-year college or university.

In addition, deserving students who need financial assistance can apply for grants and scholarships that are accessible to them.

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Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Performing Arts Boarding Schools In the USA:

What do you learn in performing arts?

Acting, dancing, singing, physical theater, music theater, sound design, and digital video are all examples of specialties that are often found in performing arts.

Can I study acting without matric?

To become an actor, you don’t need formal education, but a bachelor’s degree in theater arts, drama, acting, or performing may help you learn technical skills. In this field, experience is very important because it leads to bigger and better jobs that pay more.

How do I start acting at 14?

Talk to your parents about what you want to do and join a local theater or acting class to get experience. Get professional headshots done and hire an agent to help you find auditions and casting calls.

Who is the most educated celebrity?

Meryl Streep


Choosing a high school that focuses on the performing arts is a great way to help your kids reach their fullest potential.

In addition, it will be much simpler for these students to succeed at this early level if they can determine the course of action they wish to take.

Because of this, we have given you information about the country’s top-performing arts boarding high schools.

Awesome one; I hope this article answered your question.

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