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This article explains the best Boarding schools in Wisconsin, life in boarding school and the best age to begin boarding school.

In the United States, the majority of boarding schools enroll students in grades nine through twelve, or high school.

Some schools will even provide education up to the eighth grade or middle school level. These institutions are most frequently referred to as junior boarding schools.

When is the best age to begin boarding school?

It all depends on your child’s readiness, but the most frequent admittance points for boarding schools in the United States are the ninth and tenth grades, which correspond to children aged fourteen to sixteen.

Many schools provide a post-graduate year to students aged 18 or 19.

How much does boarding school cost on average in Wisconsin?

Paying for boarding school is a big financial commitment that demands careful preparation and evaluation of the investment’s return on investment.

However, in Wisconsin, the average cost of boarding school education is between $36,000 and $60,000.

What’s it like to live in a boarding school in Wisconsin?

You can have mixed views about going to boarding school. You might be looking forward to meeting new people, getting out of the house, and spending time away from your parents.

Moreover, you may also be apprehensive about taking on so much responsibility for yourself while being so far away from home, family, and friends.

Top 10 Best Boarding schools in Wisconsin:

Wayland Academy

Wayland Academy takes great pride in its Midwestern roots and heritage, as well as its welcoming and secure campus, exceptional teachers, and a varied and dynamic student body.

Their Writing Initiative is a noteworthy feature, as well as our exceptional, targeted college counselling, and a wide range of activities for students to participate in.

Students at Wayland find new interests and a love of learning through inquiry, innovative problem solving, and meaningful hands-on experiences.

Overall, Wayland Academy is a great school. As a student at an international high school in Beaverdam, Wisconsin, you have access to the entire world.

You’ll get to know folks from all around the world and learn about their customs and traditions.

Moreover, Wayland Academy is one of the top Best Boarding schools in Wisconsin.

Conserve School

Wisconsin’s Land O’Lakes serves as the setting for Conserve School. Only one other private school can be found in Land O’Lakes, a rural area in Vilas County.

As a coed private boarding school solely focused on environmental education, Conserve School stands out. Conservation School is nondenominational.

There are 1200 acres of private land surrounding the campus’s main building. A total of eight public and five private lakes are available to students.

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A mix of male and female students currently occupy 60 eco-friendly residences. 22 miles of outdoor tracks and a wide variety of recreational facilities are available for students to use during their time at the school.

The Sylvania Wilderness area to the north of the park provides additional amenities.

An advanced placement environmental science, outdoor skills and stewardship class is required for each student to complete five core courses.

Through a partnership with the University of Wisconsin, the school also contracts with a number of field instructors for their courses.

Northland Scholars Academy

 Wisconsin-based Northland Scholars Academy (NSA) is a dynamic and forward-thinking boarding school dedicated to preparing its students for success in college, future careers, and life in general.

It is one of the best boarding schools in Wisconsin. Because of this, students from around the world are encouraged to work together to achieve their dreams at NSA.

High school and college students at NSA enjoy a rigorous academic program that is supplemented with an array of exciting campus amenities, a strong sense of community, an abundance of student organizations, and active community involvement.

Students from Wisconsin and across the country benefit greatly from the program’s tuition-free policy.

Students from the United States who meet certain requirements can attend NSA without paying tuition, and those who choose to board on campus can do so at a significantly reduced cost.

In addition, NSA’s Early College Program allows students in all grades to enroll in college courses for credit and earn up to an associate degree in 29 different subject areas via our dual-credit partnerships.

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Best Boarding schools in Wisconsin in 2022

Wisconsin Academy

Wisconsin Academy is a superior private, boarding, Christian school in COLUMBUS, WI. It enrolls 72 students in grades 9-12 and maintains a six-to-one student-teacher ratio.

Tuition for the highest grade offered is $15,600. After graduation, 61% of students at this school enroll in a four-year college.

The Wisconsin Academy provides an opportunity for individuals to connect with experts and learn from one another.

Founded in 1870 with the mission of gathering, sharing, and acting on knowledge for the benefit of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Academy now exhibits contemporary Wisconsin art, examines science and culture in Wisconsin People & Ideas magazine, and explores pathways to a sustainable future through the Wisconsin Strategy Initiatives.

Additionally, the school supports the Wisconsin Poet Laureate and other initiatives that help them achieve their mission, which is: to improve the world by connecting Wisconsin people and ideas.

High School Youth Initiative (YIHS)

The YIHS faculty (one of the top Boarding schools in Wisconsin) is diverse and multi-talented, but they all share a passion for working with adolescents and assisting them in developing into more independent and capable young adults.

Each faculty member brings expertise in their field and a desire to inspire students.

The six core full-time faculty members balance teaching and administrative responsibilities and collaborate with the 20-30 part-time faculty members to uphold high standards and assist students.

At Youth Initiative, they have a firm grasp on adolescence. They provide both challenge and support, accountability and independence, structure and autonomy.

Moreover, they are able to pay close attention to each student because of their small class sizes and their unique Care Group system of support.

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Wisconsin Lutheran High School

As one of the largest, best boarding schools in Wisconsin and most comprehensive Christian high schools in the greater Milwaukee area, Wisconsin Lutheran High School is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In addition to being the oldest Lutheran high school in the country, WLHS was founded in 1903.

They face a pressing question for today’s parents and children. In the eyes of a high school senior, what does it mean to be a “success?”

Defining success can be a challenge. At an unprecedented rate, the landscape of employment and career options is changing.

And as college costs and student loan debt continue to rise, the stakes become even higher.

Students in high school’s final year of high school should be exposed to uplifting experiences and positive influences that will help them develop their character, learn to adapt to a diverse world, and set them on a path to realizing their God-given potential.

In comparison to other high schools, Wisconsin Lutheran High School has a unique formula for success and is one of the best boarding schools in Wisconsin.

Luther Preparatory School

Luther Preparatory School is a highly regarded private, coeducational, Christian boarding school located in Watertown, Wisconsin.

It enrolls 419 students in grades 9-12 and maintains an 11-to-1 student-teacher ratio. Tuition for the highest grade offered is $11,335 per year.

After graduation, 90% of students at this school enroll in a four-year college.

Luther Preparatory School’s mission is to educate and encourage young men and women in preparation for full-time ministry in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

The campus is comprised of the main classroom building, dorms, a student union/gym, an auditorium, and a cafeteria.

Numerous sports fields are available, including a track, tennis courts, a football field, a soccer field, as well as softball and baseball fields.

Thirty full-time faculty members and nine additional piano instructors round out the faculty. Nine tutors share dorm rooms with students.

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Best Boarding schools in Wisconsin in 2022

St. John’s Northwestern Academies

St. John’s Northwestern Academies, a private college prep school in Delafield, Wisconsin, is a coeducational institution.

They offer boarding and day school options for students in grades 7-12.

Young men and women are inspired to take on global challenges by St. John’s Northwestern Academies, which helps them grow into moral and ethical leaders who can make a difference in the world.

The pillars of strong academics, enriching spiritual and character development, exceptional athletic programs, and effective leadership training in a safe and nurturing environment are used to accomplish this goal.

St. Lawrence Seminary High School

St. Lawrence Seminary High School operates on a seven-period school day, supplemented by two study hall periods. The periods are 45 minutes long.

St. Lawrence’s overall academic curriculum reflects a strong emphasis on college preparation.

Students in this high school participate in a college-prep curriculum that encompasses a variety of subjects, including religion, music, and foreign language, as well as mathematics, history, and computer science.

While the academic program is rigorous, students discover that their instructors are readily available for additional assistance when necessary.

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are required to select a director from among the numerous options on campus.

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Freshmen who wish to have a spiritual director on a voluntary basis may do so. Students meet with their director at least twice a semester, but many meet more frequently.

North Cedar Academy

North Cedar Academy (NCA) is a private high school in Ladysmith, Wisconsin, that has dual enrollment. It is on ninety-six acres of land next to the Flambeau River.

In grades 9 through 12, NCA gives hard-working American and international students a chance to get an AA degree from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire – Barron County (UWEC-BC) at the same time as they get their high school diploma. To do this, students don’t have to do twice as much work.

Instead, they get both high school and college credit for each successful college class they finish.

In the NCA model, a student can get a Bachelor’s degree in two years, and a Master’s degree in four years, after they finish high school.

It’s guaranteed that all NCA graduates who finish the Blugold Guaranteed Transfer Program will be able to go to the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire to finish their Bachelor’s degrees.

All University of Wisconsin campuses are guaranteed to accept students. This includes the well-known UW-Madison campus, which is ranked 25th in the world. College credits can also be used at other schools and colleges.

NCA is best for students who want to take on a lot of hard work and study at a college level, but the NCA model also focuses on developing young people who want to be good people, be involved in their communities, and be aware of the world around them.

Is going to boarding school worthwhile?

As you have read through the “Best Boarding schools in Wisconsin”, then;

If your child excels at a particular skill or subject that residential schools can accommodate, boarding school may be worth considering; in these cases, a student may not feel challenged enough at their current school or may feel their current school is too academic and stressful to allow them to truly be themselves.

In such instances, boarding schools may provide healthier and more robust learning opportunities.

Finally, boarding school can be a beneficial educational path for your child who is determined to get into a highly selective college.


There are two main reasons why parents send their adolescents to boarding schools.

They chose them to provide a higher academic (or sports) education for their children or to teach them how to live independently.

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