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With regard to a child’s education, boarding schools in Johannesburg, Gauteng are on par or better day schools in terms of value.

Johannesburg Boarding schools have a long history and legacy of academic excellence pursuit, which they are known for.

Schools like Pretoria’s boarding schools in Gauteng province provide education to students who reside on campus and are not like day schools where students can leave or enter at any given time.

In addition, they provide typical recreational facilities that help keep the children physically and cognitively healthy.

This article gives a detailed explanation of the best boardings in Johannesburg, the benefits of studying in Johannesburg, and many more.

Where is Johannesburg?

Johannesburg, South Africa’s largest metropolis, is a megacity and one of the world’s 100 most populous urban regions. As a result of its proximity to the discovery of gold, Johannesburg was formed in 1886.

Initially, the city was part of the Transvaal, an Afrikaner (or Boer) republic, which later became one of the provinces in South Africa. Gauteng (a Sotho term meaning “Place of Gold”), one of South Africa’s nine provinces, includes the metropolis today.

Why study at Johannesburg Boarding Schools?

South Africa’s colleges and boarding schools offer a wide range of academic and extra-curricular opportunities for students.

School boarders gain maturity, self-confidence, social skills, and leadership qualities as well as practical life skills through their experience at a boarding school.

Boarding schools are an integral part of the educational infrastructure in Johannesburg. Johannesburg is also home to a number of prominent universities where students from all over the world can pursue a degree of academic excellence.

Their pre-university programs are excellent, and they provide students with ample assistance before they even step foot on campus.

High-quality housing is available at South African schools for students. Decide on a college or university and then research its admissions policies.

Accommodations near schools and universities are available in various locations; you can either stay on campus or leave. Budgets will not be an issue for many of the available options. It’s a breeze to get around Johannesburg on foot or by car.

How much are boarding schools in Johannesburg, Gauteng?

Tuition at boarding schools in Johannesburg, Gauteng can cost anywhere from R40 000 (the national average) to R300 000 (the maximum).

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All ten of South Africa’s top boarding schools cost more than R271,000 per year, with the most expensive charging over R330,000.

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Jeppe High School for Boys:

Jeppe High school for boys is one of the best schools in Johannesburg.

As one of South Africa’s Top 20 Boys Schools, this institution’s graduates are known for their commitment to the values of loyalty, honor, and friendship.

Many former students of Jeppe have gone on to distinguished careers in business, politics, and athletics, but the school’s greatest achievement has been in developing young men into men.

Additionally, they are given the opportunity to take part in the IEB’s Advanced Program mathematics. In addition, the school can accommodate up to 950 students in grades 8-15.

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St Benedict’s College: 

This Johannesburg boys’ school aspires to build and sustain true relationships with its students, parents, and staff. There is a strong emphasis on self-discipline among the boys in this home.

St Benedict’s College’s Matric results, on the other hand, are unmatched in the history of the academic world.

Since 1974, St Benedict’s College has had no Matric students fail, and the college’s University Entrance Pass rate averages around 95%.

St Benedict’s College is one of the private Catholic schools in Johannesburg south for boys in South Africa. 

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Parktown Boys’ High School: 

The Parktown Boys’ High School has a student body of up to 800 students ranging in age from eight to twelve, or 13 to 18 years old. Geography and Zulu are only two of the 20 courses available.

In addition, pupils participate in cultural events. Respect, self-discipline, and initiative are all emphasized along with the school’s core values of excellence and quality.

They also believe in the importance of open communication amongst students and staff in order to foster growth and success on both an individual and a group level.

Parktown Boys’ High School is one of the Best Boarding Schools in Johannesburg. 

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Rand Meisieskool/ Girls’ school:

Rand Meisieskool/ Girls’ school is a girls’ school located in an urban Parktown suburb, Johannesburg in Gauteng Province, South Africa.

They also offer a variety of secondary school courses and can enroll up to 307 female students. Boarding schools in Johannesburg, South Africa, and throughout Africa routinely rank it high on lists like this one.

King Edward VII School: 

King Edward VII School is a public boarding school in Johannesburg and one of Sheffield’s most prestigious 11-18 comprehensive schools.

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An institution that dates back to 1604, this school has a rich history. Students and staff alike are proud of the school’s unique learning environment, as well as its rich history, which dates back more than a century and a half.

Students, teachers, and governors of King Edward VII School share a sense of self-assuredness and high aspirations for the school’s success.

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Sandringham Boarding High School:

Sandringham Boarding High School is one of the best boarding high schools in Johannesburg. They foster an atmosphere where high academic standards can be achieved by all students.

In terms of academic performance and personal growth outside of the classroom, this is true. They also provide a fertile ground for advancement because of their unique combination of traditional values and modern ingenuity.

St Andrew’s School for Girls:

St Andrew’s is an independent girls’ school in South Africa that aims to cultivate young women who are well-rounded, accomplished, and confident, and who are ready to take on the world.

Bedfordview, South Africa’s Senderwood School provides students with an educational experience that goes far beyond the classroom.

But they are able to do this because of the close collaboration with outstanding teachers who help students gain a deeper understanding of human culture, hone their analytical abilities, and improve their abilities to communicate verbally, in writing, and quantitatively.

There are up to 315 students in the 9-12th grade that the school can admit each year. The school is one of the best boarding high schools in Johannesburg.

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St Stithians College:

One of the Methodist churches of Southern Africa’s central districts, St. Stithians is a school and a circuit. Each student at the College is required to sign and adhere to a Statement of Spirituality.

At the lower campus, students enter the College through the Junior Preparatory, which is a co-educational school with roughly 470 to 475 students in Kindergarten through Grade 2.

Students in Grades 3 can attend two Preparatory Schools, one for boys and one for girls, each of which has 410 to 420 students.

St Stithians College is one of the best boarding private schools in Johannesburg.

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St Mary’s School:

One of South Africa’s most prestigious and historic independent schools, St Mary’s School, Waverley has maintained its relevance in the local environment while providing education for the worldwide community.

As a result, it accepts children from a variety of backgrounds and encourages them to embrace their uniqueness and to be open, kind, and confident.

As one of the top schools in Johannesburg, there are 541 students enrolled each year at the school, which is an independent school for females in grades 8 to 12.

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Beaulieu College:

Beaulieu College is one of the top private schools in Johannesburg.

Because of its large campus, Beaulieu College provides a wealth of learning opportunities for its students. A combination of knowledge and empathy for others.

It has been shown that Beaulieu College consistently delivers strong academic, sporting, and cultural performances; it is proud of its well-resourced classrooms and other facilities, its solid public image, and an alumni register that includes up-and-and-coming business owners.

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Pecanwood College:

Pecanwood College is one of the best private boarding schools for girls and boys in Johannesburg. Students can enroll at the school, which is open to students till age 12.

The college has instructors who are qualified, committed, and driven by a desire to meet the individual requirements of each student. This calls for sensitivity and care in a well-balanced program.

Pecanwood College is one of the best boarding schools in Johannesburg.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Boarding schools in Johannesburg:

What does a boarding school do?

A boarding school is one where students are allowed to live on campus. For the sake of preparing students for life after high school, some of these institutions have higher entrance requirements. You should be aware that some boarding schools enable students to attend just for the day.

What age is best for boarding school?

There are many boarding schools in South Africa that accept students between the ages of 14 and 16 if your child is ready for the experience. 

How is life in a boarding school in Johannesburg?

Boarding school students have an advantage over non-boarders when it comes to college preparation. With a rigorous academic program and a large variety of extracurricular activities, you’ll learn valuable life skills that will help you succeed in college.

How much does a boarding school cost in South Africa?

The most costly boarding school in South Africa now costs R342,155 per year, and the top ten most expensive schools now all cost more than R285,000 annually. Six of these schools are now charging more than R300,000 for their services.


Students in boarding schools in Johannesburg benefit from a structured learning environment that encourages them to concentrate on their studies, mature, and realize their full potential.

Students’ use of cell phones is strictly prohibited on school grounds, and violators will have their phones confiscated and face disciplinary action.

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