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Looking for the top Secondary schools in Croydon? this article is for you. Croydon is home to some of the top high schools in South London, thanks to the exceptional level of instruction and the reasonable tuition prices for UK residents.

Most public and private schools in the United Kingdom cater to students between the ages of 11 and 18 years old. Some of the most prestigious public schools in the United Kingdom accept students as young as 13 years old.

Secondary schools serve as a stepping stone to further education, whether it is a trade school or a university.

This article will explain the top secondary schools in Croydon and the frequently asked questions about Croydon.

Where is Croydon?

Croydon is the name given to the London borough of Croydon by the big town of Croydon in South London, England. It features greater London’s busiest commercial sector, including a major shopping area and a vibrant nightlife scene.

Top 25 Secondary schools in Croydon

1. Archbishop Tenison’s Church of England School:

Children can study and grow in a Christian-based atmosphere at Archbishop Tenison’s Church of England School, which has a particular Christian character.

Parents are asked to follow the school’s Christian culture and accept applications from all community members. It is a church of England-affiliated school for children ages 11 to 18.

It is one of the secondary schools in Croydon.

2. Ark Blake Academy:

Ark Blake Academy is a new school for students ages 11 to 18. Every child is born with a unique capacity for excellence that they can use to their advantage at Ark Blake Academy.

As one of the secondary schools in Croydon, they think that if their students work hard and adhere to Ark Blake’s ideals, they can achieve greatness, lead fulfilling lives, and contribute positively to their communities.

3. Coloma Convent Girls’ School:

Coloma Convent Girls’ School is one of the best high schools in Croydon. A Catholic school for females ages 11 to 18 that is backed by a volunteer board.

As a Catholic girls’ school, Coloma Convent Girls’ School strives to cultivate a love of life’s finer aspects via the development of students’ intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual qualities.

Human rights are a priority, as are the responsibilities that go along with them, and they strive to be a place where everyone is conscious of their role in upholding them. They also strive to cultivate a sense of fairness and equality among all individuals.

4. Coombe Wood School:

An academy for children ages 11 to 18 years old. Teamwork, mutual respect, enjoyment, self-control, and sportsmanship will be demonstrated and developed as they strive to achieve their personal bests. Health and wellness are a top priority at this school.

Coombe Wood School is one of the best secondary schools in Croydon.

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5. Harris Academy Purley:

An academy for children ages 11 to 18 years old. For students ages 11 to 19, HAPU is an amazing, energetic, mixed school that emphasizes enterprise and sports.

There is a desire to improve on the Academy’s already impressive achievements in intellectual, artistic, sports, and technological fields of endeavor.

They teach students from various backgrounds, cultures, and talents, enabling them to achieve remarkable academic and personal growth.

6. Harris Academy South Norwood:

Harris Academy South Norwood is an academy for children ages 11 to 18 years old and one of the best secondary schools in Croydon.

Learning and performance are two distinct concepts, and they emphasize the need of retaining knowledge and language in Long-Term Memory and employing this knowledge to create conceptual understanding.

This ensures that they quickly close the gap between the disadvantaged and the well-off while allowing all students to thrive.

In addition to the classroom, their curriculum goes beyond the classroom to help their children become disciplined and resilient scholars as well as nice and thankful members of their communities.

7. Harris City Academy Crystal Palace:

Harris City Academy Crystal Palace is an academy for children ages 11 to 18 years old. Students are encouraged to make their own decisions because they know they are safe and supported.

A safe environment and empowering instruction allow children to make their own decisions without fear of consequences.

For example, through their e-Safety and tutorial sessions, we urge students to know, understand, and use their rights and personal freedoms.

As one of the best secondary schools in Croydon, their students are given the flexibility to make their own decisions, whether it’s in the form of a learning challenge or an extra-curricular group or opportunity.

8. Harris Invictus Academy Croydon:

Harris Invictus Academy Croydon has values that are based on hard effort, proper etiquette, and academic success. In addition, they utilize the most cutting-edge educational technology.

Class sizes are kept as small as possible, and students will find an atmosphere that is both disciplined and fun.

Learning does not stop when students leave the classroom at Harris Invictus Academy Croydon. After-school enrichment sessions, activity days, and informative field trips are all regularly offered to students.

As one of the best secondary schools in Croydon, their extracurricular activities help students learn more than just what they are taught in the classroom. It is an academy for children ages 11 to 18 years old.

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9. Meridian High School:

Meridian High School’s vision is to be a place where students are given the opportunity to succeed by fostering a culture of resilience, ambition, and mutual respect among all members of the school community.

Students at this school have high expectations for themselves and their fellow classmates, and they are certain that they can all achieve academic success. It is also a school for boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 16.

10. Norbury High School for Girls:

At Norbury High School, every student and member of the faculty is treated with respect and dignity as an individual.

Diverse backgrounds are a source of strength for us and they use them to help students understand and accept their roles in the world.

To be part of The Manor Trust, a dynamic and forward-thinking multi-academy organization, we have all the advantages. It’s a school for girls between the ages of 11 and 19 and one of the best secondary schools in Croydon.

Other High schools in Croydon

  • Oasis Academy Arena
  • Oasis Academy Coulsdon
  • Oasis Academy Shirley Park
  • Orchard Park High School
  • Riddlesdown Collegiate
  • Shirley High School Performing Arts College
  • St Andrew’s CE High School
  • St Joseph’s RC College
  • St Mary’s RC High School
  • The Archbishop Lanfranc Academy

How many private schools are there in Croydon?

Some of Croydon’s six private high schools, some of which also have primary and nursery schools, also take students of high school age.

Cambridge Tutors College is the only one of these colleges that offers both day and residential placements.

At Cambridge Tutors College, the only co-ed high school in Croydon, there are four separate male and female institutions (Croydon High School and Old Palace of John Whitgift School).

Frequently Asked Questions about the High Schools in the UK (Croydon):

What is a high school called in the UK?

To begin, high school is commonly referred to as secondary school in the United Kingdom. In Scotland, the country of origin, the phrase “high school” is more commonly used.

Is school free in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, schools are either state-funded and free for all students or privately owned and operated, with tuition charged to the students’ parents.

Is school harder in the US or UK?

A lot of British students who have gone on to study in the United States have said that their first year of university was no more challenging than their time in Sixth Form. UK students can skip a year of their degree at several US colleges if they have enough academic credits when they arrive.


Secondary education includes traditional high schools and more specialized institutions like technical and vocational colleges.

Students can select some of the courses they will take. They must pass the matriculation exam to graduate from high school.

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