What History Students Must Know About Black History Month5 min read

Knowing about black history month is essential for every student worldwide. What is Black History Month? 

It is an annual ceremony celebrated every year over February. It showcases the tremendous achievements of Afro-Americans. Also, the central role they had played in the upliftment of the United States they played in history. 

It is also known as African American History Month which evolved from “Negro History Week. It is the pioneer of which was a renowned historian Carter G. Woodson and many other Afro-American historians. 

Since the year 1976, every president of the United States has designated the month of February to be recognized as Black History Month.

Not only in the United States but many other countries such as the United Kingdom and Canada have also devoted the month of February to celebrate the contributions of blacks in history. 

Detailed Reason On Why February Was Chosen As The Black History Month 

We have already mentioned why February was chosen as Black History Month. Earlier, when Negro History Week was celebrated in the second week of February, it coincided with the birth dates of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. 

Abraham Lincon was one of the greatest American presidents who fought in the slavery system of the United States. He was successful in the abolition of slavery in America.

Frederick Douglass was a formerly enslaved person who used to be a very prominent leader backing the abolitionist movement. He was also a fierce fight to throw off slavery from America. 

As recognition and acknowledgment of two of the most outstanding Americans ever born, February’s second week was chosen for the Negro History Week. Later, when it changed to Black History Month, February was taken. 

However, other nations do not celebrate Black History Month in February. Canada celebrates it in February, but the United Kingdom and Ireland celebrate Black History Month in October. 

There is not a lot of information about such terrible events that happened in the past and it is not always possible to find it in full.

Luckily, thanks to Studymoose, you can learn more about that time by reading some black history essays examples, which will help you get a better picture of what happened at the time.

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Origins of the Auspicious Black History Month 

The origins of black history month ages over a century. The story began in 1915. It was almost five decades after the United States banned slavery and other inhuman atrocities against the blacks. 

The foundation of the Association for the Study Of Negro Life And History or ASNLH.

After intense research on the role of blacks behind the establishment of the United States, renowned historian Carter G. Woodson founded this association. It was backed by Moorland E. Jesse, a very prominent minister. 

The association was devoted to promoting and researching the immense achievements of African Americans and other people of Black descent.

To spread awareness on this matter, they announced reading any book that conveyed basic lessons. They also established a free library in the association, which provided books like these. 

Carter is still remembered as a hero by many black Americans.

This association started to sponsor a national Negro History Week in 1926. They have chosen the second week of February to celebrate this week. It’s because it coincides with the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln

This was widely accepted all over the United States. Many schools and local communities found their way to celebrate this special week. 

Along with the celebrations, many history clubs started to organize lectures and performances for people who wanted to know more. 

The Foundation Of NAACP And Its Connection With Abraham Lincoln

After the Negro History Week was created, the Americans gladly accepted it. Many mayors of different states started to issue yearly proclamations for it. 

By the end of the 60s, acknowledging the civil rights movement. It was also the thriving perception of black identity, the Negro Week slowly evolved to become Black History Month. It has started from college and university campuses at first and then grew all over the United States.

President Gerald Ford did the official recognition of Black History Month in 1976. The government circulated an official proposition that Black History Month will be celebrated all over the United States every year, in February. 

Many pioneering leaders in various fields such as science, politics, industry, and culture also backed this preposition with utmost conviction. 

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2022 Black History Month Theme 

Every year, a unique theme is designated for Black History Month. Since the official recognition back in 1976, every president of the United States has given a particular piece or designation for the celebrations. 

This year’s theme for the Black History Movement was “Black Health And Wellness.” This theme explored the contributions of black scholars and black medical practitioners in the field and health and wellness.

It mainly focuses on their roles throughout the terrifying African Diaspora. The Black History Month Theme of 2022 has focused on the rituals, activities, and initiatives that the black community has been doing for the betterment. 

The Interconnection Between Black Lives Matters and Black Month 

As we know, February was the black month in this year as always. This year marks a decade since the murder of Trayvon Martin. This death sparked the movement of Black Lives Matter. 

This global movement aimed to uphold racial justice and protest against racial discrimination against blacks. 

After a white police officer brutally killed George Floyd, the movement saw new sparks. He was strangled by kneeling on his neck for over nine minutes. 

People from all over the world supported the black lives matter movement. Students from every school, college, and university all over America took part in this movement.

Derek was found guilty of Murder in April 2021. The movement was nominated in January for the Nobel Prize for peace. 2021 can also be called one of the terrifying black months ever.

The black month and the black lives matter movement were among the most impactful historical events in America. And this is enough reason why it should be added as a course on education or academic curriculum.