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The question, “How Long Does It Take To Get A Student Loan?” is a thriving question that most freshmen ask to know how they can manage their finances in school.

The business of taking loans can be a tricky one that one might not wish to dive into, but at times, to achieve what we want, we have to indulge in it.

People, for various reasons, are usually caught up with the necessity to acquire a loan due to various reasons. This article considers student loans and how long it takes to obtain one in the United States Of America.

A crucial thing to identify is that there are two ways to obtain a student loan. You can obtain it privately or from the government (government loans).

The loan option you decide to take can decide how fast or slow you get your loans, the interest, and the requirements.

Getting A Federal Government Loan In the USA

One of the fastest routes to obtaining a loan is through the federal government. This type of loan is usually dispersed faster than any other type of loan.

This loan usually processed in the office of the U.S Department of education is dispersed quickly, usually designed to correspond with the school resumption.

It is usually processed within three weeks, usually with the first ten days of school resumption. Although in some context often for newbies, there can be a delay in dispersing funds, but irrespective, it doesn’t take more than 30 days.

Getting A Private Student Loan

Most students who have obtained loans would often tell you that federal loans are priceless when you can. The shift in interest or one-sided interest can be attributed to the fact that it takes longer to obtain a private loan.

The uncertainty in this loan comes from the fact that lenders have various times for dispersing already approved loans.

The uncertainty with a private loan makes it difficult to say how long the loan might take to acquire a private loan. But usually, it takes two to ten weeks to obtain this loan.

It is essential to know that the choice of whether the loan is paid to the school directly or given to the student has a huge say on how long it might take to get a private loan.

How To Get Federal Student Loans:

When trying to get federal student loans, specific steps cannot be overlooked. Some of them include:

Complete the FAFSA:

The FAFSA program is one of the most fundamental things you have to do before considering a federal government loan. Please read our article on FAFSA to know how you can quickly complete your FAFSA application without much of a fuss.

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Weigh Your Offer:

Many students make a mistake when receiving a loan because they fail to review their offered loan. This means often times they are not abreast with terms and conditions regarding the loan they are offered.

This often leads to a breach of the agreement; hence weighing the offer is quite important.

Complete Entrance Counseling:

Before loans are dispersed, students are expected to have completed their entrance counseling. They will enlighten the students on what their loan entails, and how and why they are obligated to pay back the loan.

The interests and conditions of the agreement are also discussed.

Steps to Get Private Student Loans

The steps to getting private loans can vary somewhat between lenders; the following are some general things you might expect:

Weighing Your Options:

Whenever you decide to take a loan, irrespective of the type of loan, it is important to understand various lenders and conditions. The lender determines the condition of private loans.

So you have to look out for a lender whose conditions suit you best, and then once you can do that, you can start making plans to apply for the loan.

Is a Cosigner Necessary:

Another important question you probably would have to answer in your desire to acquire a loan is “Do I need a cosigner?”. If yes, who do you want it to be, and if no, just go ahead with the loan application.

Get Your Paperwork:

Once you have decided you will take a loan from a specific lender, you will then have to present him with some paperwork.

Different lenders have different preferred paperwork they demand. Getting your paperwork ready takes you one step closer to complete your loan application.

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After you have gotten everything you need, you then have to apply for the loan.

For some lenders, you can submit your application online and offline, so you have to know which the firm does (online/offline) and if they do both, decide which is more convenient for you.

Frequently Asked Questions on How Long It Takes To Get A Student Loan:

How does a student loan work?

A student loan is a sum of money borrowed to cover the costs of attending college, either from the federal or private sector. The loan must be repaid at some point in the future, together with the interest that accrues throughout the years. There are a number of ways to use the money: it can be used to pay for tuition, housing, board, books, or other costs.

How do I know if I can get a student loan?

Be a U.S. citizen or eligible noncitizen.
Have a Social Security number.
Enroll in an eligible degree or certificate program

How do student loans get paid?

At the beginning of each term, the loan is deposited immediately into your bank account. The loan must be repaid. If you don’t receive the full amount, you’ll need to come up with additional means of covering your living expenses.

What are the 4 types of student loans?

Direct PLUS loans.
Direct consolidation loans.
Direct subsidized loans.
Direct unsubsidized loans.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Student Loan


Getting money from the private and federal governments is an effective way to generate income/funds for schools.

Although for the time factor, it is quite advised that the federal government loan is way better as you tend to spend a shorter time to get your loans.

Awesome one, I hope this article answered your question.

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