Because I love You Scholarship 2021

Because I love You Scholarship 2021 (Updated)2 min read

The Because I love You Scholarship is an annual scholarship hosted in the US for students that are 25 years or younger. The One love foundation hosts this scholarship for students interested in poetry or who are poets already.

The foundation is a memorial of Yeardley Love, a senior murdered by her ex-boyfriend a few weeks before graduation.

Thus, it aims at fostering the growth of healthy and happy relationships while in college or even after college.

Because I love You Scholarship 2021

Nature of the scholarship:

The Because I love You Scholarship focuses on building a healthy and long-lasting relationship by using poems to let students explain what love and relationship should entail.

It puts into consideration the use of questions to help students state how a healthy relationship should be. The poem is to be submitted to Power Poetry.


The primary criteria to be eligible for this scholarship is to be a student in college or university enrolled in any field of your choice in the US. The age of application is between 13 and 25.

Moreover, if you earn the scholarship as a student not yet enrolled in college, it will be withheld until you are admitted into college.

In the case of a graduate, you can apply for the “Because I love You Scholarship” only if you are within the age requirement (13-25).

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Scholarship Worth:

The worth of this scholarship is about $1,000, coupled with other prizes and other poetry/relationship tips. The winner of the Because I love You Scholarship is announced about three to five months after the scholarship deadline.

The scholarship winner is announced through the social media handles of Power poetry, and mail is also sent to the winner.

Because I love You Scholarship 2021

How will the winner be picked?

The Because I love You Scholarship 2021 focuses on the unique and proper expression of feelings and ideas. Thus out of 5,000 entries at the Power Poetry, a winner with a poem proof of plagiarism, well organized and expressed, is picked.

Application Process:

All application for the scholarship goes through Power Poetry. You can submit the poem in any language coupled with an English translation.

On the other hand, the number of words is not limited, so the only thing you have to do is to make it developed and organized.


The Because I love You Scholarship promotes healthy relationships even after the state of a breakup. It is made for all students in college, from a High School Freshman to a College Senior.

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