10 Top Homework Apps and Websites (Purpose, FAQs)

When faced with challenging homework assignments, students often seek additional resources to help them find answers or complete their tasks. 

In today’s digital age, numerous websites cater to this demand by providing homework cheat solutions. 

These websites offer various services, including pre-written essays, solving math problems, and comprehensive study guides. 

In this article, we will explore some of the top homework cheat websites and their features and discuss the implications of using them as a student.

What is the Purpose of Homework For Students?

The purpose of homework is to teach students how to study independently outside of class and to provide them with practice with the skills they need to succeed in the classroom.

Problem-solving skills are honed through homework. Having homework provides students with an additional chance to go over their notes.

Parents might gain insight into their children’s educational progress through homework. Students learn to take ownership of their education by participating in homework.

10 Top Homework Cheat Apps and Websites

1. Course Hero

Course Hero has established itself as a leading homework cheat website since its inception in 2006. 

It has gained immense popularity among students seeking study aids, homework answers, and course notes. 

The website’s user-friendly interface and direct access to answers make it a preferred choice for many students. 

Additionally, Course Hero’s provision of comprehensive course notes sets it apart from other websites, attracting a large user base. 

2. EduBirdie

With a focus on confidentiality and credibility, EduBirdie provides students with a convenient platform to seek help and improve their university or college grades. 

Their team of professional writers ensures the delivery of high-quality and customized essays tailored to each student’s specific requirements. 

3. EssayPro

EssayPro is a leading academic platform that provides reliable homework answers to students worldwide. 

With a vast network of professional writers and tutors, EssayPro offers expertise in various academic assignments. 

Whether you need help with coursework, case studies, essays, or dissertations, their experienced professionals are ready to assist you. 

What sets EssayPro apart is its rigorous writer rating system, based on feedback and reviews from previous customers. 

This ensures that you receive high-quality work from trusted experts. 

4. DoMyCoding.com 

This is a prominent website in the realm of homework cheats, offering a wide array of subjects, mainly focusing on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). It is one of the top homework cheat apps and websites.

It is trendy among IT students who strive to excel in their exams. 

This platform is a comprehensive resource for finding answers to coding-related assignments and provides instruction tailored to the student’s proficiency level. 

5. Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! Answers, a popular platform, can be considered a homework cheat website due to its question-and-answer format. 

Students can post questions across various topics, from computer and internet-related queries to business, finance, mathematics, science, and more. 

The website relies on its community of members who provide answers to these questions. 

Once a response is received, it can be edited and organized to ensure user satisfaction. 

Yahoo! Answers aims to provide organized solutions so students find the necessary information and return to the site. 

6. Answer.com

Answer.com, also known as Answer.com LLC or Answer Corporation, is a popular website that offers students a quick solution for researching various topics and accessing additional content. 

With its vast database, students can search for answers to their homework questions and find solutions with just a few clicks. 

Answer.com attracts over 2 million daily views, indicating its popularity among students seeking quick assistance. 

7. Photomath

Photomath is a popular and influential homework cheat app that has gained recognition for its advanced mathematical problem-solving capabilities. 

With a simple snap of a photo, Photomath uses cutting-edge technology to recognize and solve math equations, providing step-by-step solutions instantly. 

This app supports various math subjects, including arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. 

8. Mathway

Mathway is a renowned and highly effective homework cheat app that caters to math-related assignments. It is one of the top homework cheat apps and websites.

With its user-friendly interface and robust algorithm, Mathway provides step-by-step solutions to various math problems, including algebra, calculus, geometry, and more. 

Students can enter their equations or problems into the app, and Mathway instantly generates detailed solutions, making it an appealing choice for those seeking quick answers. 

However, it’s essential to exercise caution and use Mathway responsibly, ensuring that the app is used as a learning tool rather than a means to cheat. 

9. Brainly

Brainly is a popular online platform that provides homework help and is sometimes seen as a homework cheat app due to its collaborative nature. 

With a vast community of students and educators, Brainly allows users to ask and answer questions across various subjects. 

While it can be a valuable resource for understanding complex concepts and receiving guidance, it’s essential to approach it with caution. 

10. Quizlet

Quizlet is a highly regarded learning platform, but it’s essential to distinguish its legitimate use for studying from its potential misuse as a homework cheat app. 

It is one of the top homework cheat apps and websites.

With a vast database of study materials, flashcards, and practice quizzes, Quizlet is a valuable tool for reviewing and reinforcing concepts. 

Why Students Shouldn’t Use Cheat Homework Websites

1. Academic Integrity

Cheating on homework goes against the principles of academic integrity. It undermines the purpose of education, which is to learn and develop essential skills. 

Engaging in cheating behaviors not only compromises your personal integrity but also devalues the educational system.

2. Lack of Learning

The primary goal of homework is to reinforce what you have learned in class. 

By using cheat websites, you bypass the opportunity to engage with the material, think critically, and develop problem-solving skills. 

Ultimately, you cheat yourself out of the valuable learning experience.

3. Negative Consequences

If you are caught using cheat websites, the consequences can be severe. 

Academic penalties can range from receiving a failing grade on the assignment to disciplinary actions such as suspension or expulsion. 

Additionally, it can damage your reputation and future academic and professional prospects.

4. Skill Development

Homework assignments help you develop essential skills such as research, critical thinking, and time management. 

By relying on cheat websites, you miss out on the opportunity to improve these skills, which are crucial for academic success and beyond.

5. Long-Term Impact

Cheating on homework may provide temporary relief or better grades in the short term, but it hinders your long-term growth and development. 

The knowledge and skills gained through genuine effort and hard work are more valuable and sustainable in the long run.

The Role of Cheating Websites and AI in Education

Cheating websites and AI-powered platforms have become prevalent in education, offering students opportunities and ethical challenges. 

It’s essential to recognize that the label of “cheating” is attributed to these websites based on the students’ intentions and actions.

AI websites, in particular, have immense potential to enhance learning. 

They can provide personalized study materials, interactive tutorials, and intelligent feedback, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject. 

However, these same AI platforms can be misused by students seeking shortcuts or engaging in academic dishonesty.

Ultimately, the responsibility lies with the students to utilize these tools and websites ethically. 

Instead of relying on cheating websites, students should leverage AI platforms as valuable learning resources and engage in honest academic practices. 

By embracing a genuine desire to learn, grow, and excel, students can harness the full potential of technology while upholding integrity in their educational journey.

FAQs on Top Homework Cheat Websites

What are cheating websites?

Cheating websites are online platforms that offer solutions and resources for students to cheat on their homework or assignments. These websites provide pre-written essays, answers to exam questions, and other forms of academic dishonesty.

How can students avoid the temptation of using cheating websites?

Students can avoid using cheating websites by adopting good study habits, managing their time effectively, seeking help from teachers or tutors when needed, and utilizing legitimate educational resources. Students can resist cheating websites by focusing on genuine learning, personal growth, and academic integrity.

What are the consequences of using cheating websites?

Using cheating websites can have severe consequences for students. It undermines their learning and academic development and violates academic integrity policies and ethical standards. Students caught using cheating websites may face disciplinary actions, damage their academic reputation, and compromise their long-term educational goals.

What are some alternatives to cheating websites?

Instead of resorting to cheating websites, students can explore alternative options. These include seeking help from teachers, joining study groups, utilizing online educational platforms that promote active learning, conducting thorough research, and practicing effective study techniques. These alternatives encourage genuine understanding, critical thinking, and the development of valuable skills.


While homework cheat websites may appear tempting with their promises of quick solutions and ready-made answers, it’s crucial to consider the potential consequences before relying on them. 

Academic honesty and personal growth should always be prioritized over short-term gains. 

Instead of resorting to cheating, students are encouraged to seek legitimate resources such as online tutorials, study groups, and academic support services to enhance their understanding and skills. 

Remember, the ultimate goal of education is not just to complete assignments but to learn and grow as individuals.

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