Top 10 Medical schools in Ghana | 2022

Ghana is among the league of countries that prioritize the health of its citizens and that of people from other parts of the world. Many medical schools in Ghana are very affordable for local and international students.

Ghana is located in the heart of Africa’s Gold Coast, with a 535-kilometer-long coastline that features lagoons and mangrove forests.

What are the admission requirements for medical school in Ghana?

For applicants interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in medicine or surgery, the following prerequisites apply: core credit passes in English, core mathematics, integrated science, and social studies.

While electives include credit passes in Chemistry and two courses from the following: Physics, Biology, and optional Mathematics.

How to become a doctor in Ghana:

Get a Four-Year College Education:

Getting into medical school requires four years of college study. Medical schools want applicants with broad educational backgrounds, solid scientific backgrounds, and experience in human services.

Students can learn about human services while in school by volunteering in emergency clinics or other social services. This is a good way for students to determine if they need to go to medical school.

Pass the MCAT:

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a highly organized admission computer-based test designed by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) that tests aspiring medical students in the United States, Australia, Canada, the Caribbean Islands, and 15 other countries.

After four years of college, you should take the medical college entrance exam. Almost all medical schools in Ghana require these test scores.

This test covers science, general science, natural science, and materials science. Critical thinking, linguistic reasoning, and creativity are all tested on the medical college admission test.

Students who wish to go to medical school can take the MCAT as many times as they like in a year.

Obtain a Medical Degree:

You may be admitted to medical school if you pass the MCAT. Medical school usually lasts four years. Two years of study and research are followed by two years of hands-on patient care under the guidance of experienced doctors.

The majority of medical school coursework is in pharmacology, pathology, biology, and organic chemistry.

Get a Residency Program and License:

After clinical school, you’ll begin a residency program. Residency programs allow aspiring doctors to engage with patients in a tough field of medicine.

Residents may be tasked with maintaining patient records, administering physical exams, and compiling clinical narratives. A residency can span from three to seven years depending on the specialty.

On the other hand, all states require permission before allowing a doctor to practice medicine. Licensure requires graduation from an accredited medical school and candidates must also complete a residential training program and pass examinations.

Top 10 Medical schools in Ghana | 2022

Family Health Medical School

In 1997, Family Health University College began as a Diagnostic Centre in a garage at 51 Guggisberg Street, Korle Bu, Korle Gonno, Mamprobi.

It evolved into a hospital, which was then relocated to Zoti Road in rented space before finally settling in Teshie, just across from the Kofi Annan International Peace Keeping Training Centre.

The Nursing and Midwifery School, as well as Ghana’s Premier Private Medical School, were established as the hospital grew, in response to the need to train their own health staff.

In 2016, the college was granted university status, and it was renamed Family Health University College. The annual tuition at Family Health Medical School is Ghc40,000, with overseas students paying around $12,000.

Rated as one of the top medical schools in Ghana, the hospital benefits both schools since students have access to practical hands-on clinical 24 hours a day, seven days a week, giving them an advantage over other healthcare schools.

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Accra College of Medicine

The Accra College of Medicine (ACM) is a leading private and autonomous medical school in Ghana that was established to deliver cutting-edge medical education.

ACM offers world-class medical education that is research-based and customized to Ghana’s and Africa’s health issues. Their medical experts are passionate about medicine, community-focused, and problem-solving innovators.

They want to teach competent and ethical medical practitioners, as well as scientists, inventors, and educators who are committed to lifelong learning and making a difference in the community.

As one of the best medical schools in Ghana, local and international students pay $12,000 per year in tuition at this school. Other fees: Local students pay Ghc 2800, while international students pay Ghc 2500.

To enhance medical education in Ghana, the Accra College of Medicine combines a renowned private medical school with outstanding public and private health facilities. The Accra College of Medicine is a one-of-a-kind institution.

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University of Allied Health Sciences

The University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ho (UHAS) was the first public university in Ghana’s Volta Region, and it is still the country’s only state university dedicated solely to the training of healthcare professionals.

The School of Allied Health Sciences, School of Basic and Biomedical Sciences, School of Medicine, School of Nursing and Midwifery, School of Public Health, School of Pharmacy, and Institute of Health Research currently offer eighteen (18) undergraduate programs across six (6) schools and one (1) institute.

School of Sports and Exercise Medicine, School of Dentistry, Institute of Medical Education, and Institute of Traditional and Alternative Medicine are among the others that have yet to be built.

Rated as one of the best medical schools in Ghana, the University of Allied Health Sciences has annual tuition rates that range from $7,000 for local students to $9,000 for international students.

For sufficient learning, the institution is well equipped with laboratories and different contemporary medical equipment located in and around the school.

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The Accra School of Hygiene

Environmental Health Certificate, Diploma, and Degree Programs are available at the School of Hygiene in Accra. In the year 1925, the Accra School of Hygiene was founded.

The School has a long history of success, with alumni serving in a variety of roles across the country and abroad.

The school also offers technical help and standards for basic training, such as assessing training needs and developing curriculum for Environmental Health and Sanitation officers at various educational institutions.

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School of Medicine, University of Development Studies

The University for Development Studies (UDS) in northern Ghana is the country’s first public university. It was formed by the Government of Ghana by PNDC Law 279 and published in the Gazette on 15th May 1992 with the objective of providing higher education to all those who are sufficiently qualified and capable of benefiting from it.

This government-owned institution has made a name for itself through its unique operating model. It has established a method of adding additional health and medical courses into its curricula, such as radiography, laboratory technology, and physiotherapy.

By virtue of its mandate and constituency, the University has a pro-poor orientation, which is evident in its teaching, research, and outreach services methodologies.

The emphasis on practical, research-based, and field-based education is intended to contribute to poverty reduction and expedite national development.

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Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology School of Medical Science

Since January 2005, the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology School of Medical Science (KNUST) has transitioned from its prior centralized administrative system to the Collegiate system, which is highly decentralized.

The numerous faculties have been consolidated into six colleges under this structure. The University has been run on a faculty-based basis since its founding.

Rated as one of the best medical schools in Ghana, this medical school is known for producing high-quality alumni who have excelled in a variety of medical specialties.

In 2016, the school had a total enrollment of around 42, 590 pupils. The annual tuition for medical students at this school is Ghc 12,000 per year.

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University of Cape Coast School of Medical Sciences

The University of Cape Coast School of Medical Sciences is one of the top medical schools in Ghana.

In order to attract exceptional teachers and produce top students, the school offers undergraduate, professional, and postgraduate educational programs of the highest quality and relevance.

It was founded in 2007 as a unique medical school with the goal of producing world-class medical and health leaders. The school has been outfitted with modern, effective buildings and equipment.

International students pay $19,000 per year, while local students pay Ghc14, 000 per year at the University of Cape Coast School of Medicine.

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Community Health Nurses Training College

Community Health Nurses’ & Midwifery Training College (previously Community Health Nurses’ Training) is a public tertiary health education institution in Tanoso, Ghana.

After successfully completing a three-year nursing training program, students at the University of Ghana are awarded a Diploma in Nursing.

The activities, curriculum, and examination are all governed by the Nurses and Midwifery Council (NMC).

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C4C Homeopathic Medical School

C4c Homeopathic Medical College is a well-known homeopathy facility administered by well-known homeopathy experts.

They address a wide range of health issues, including hair loss, skin disorders, respiratory disorders, stomach disorders, infertility, chronic diseases, psychological disorders, gastric disorders, and much more.

As one of the top medical schools in Ghana, the mission of C4C Homeopathic Medical College is to promote excellence in homeopathic medicine and research, to educate and train undergraduate, postgraduate, and research scholars in homeopathy in accordance with the highest professional standards and ethical values, and to meet community healthcare needs through the dissemination of knowledge and service.

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University of Ghana School of Medicine and dentistry

According to sources, the University of Ghana School of Medicine is the greatest and largest medical school in Ghana. The institution was the country’s very first medical school.

This school was established in response to Ghana’s growing healthcare demands, with the goal of training more medical practitioners to help meet those needs.

This government-owned school in Korle Bu receives a significant reduction in the county’s allocation for its maintenance. The school is normally well-funded, and sophisticated medical equipment is constantly replenished to improve learning.

The dentistry school at the university is dedicated to producing world-class doctors and dentists through high-quality teaching and learning, skill acquisition, research training, and knowledge dissemination.

As one of the best medical schools in Ghana, students from Ghana pay Ghc7,000 per year in tuition at the University of Ghana Medical School. It’s possible that international students will have to pay more.

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Pursuing a medical career at one of these authorized medical schools in Ghana is a large leap and a big courageous stride toward a wonderful career.

Ghana is well-known for the increasing number of highly qualified professional medical doctors that it produces annually. It is a very welcoming place for students from all over the world interested in earning a degree in medicine.

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