8 Art Colleges & Universities in Canada You Should Consider

Did you know that humans are the only species that can tell stories? A story takes different forms. An artist sends messages through their paintings, while a sculptor uses clay and a hammer.

Combine your love for beauty and storytelling and enter one of the best Canadian art schools. Which schools are the best to pick from? Check the article below. 

Why Study Art in Canada?

Indeed, Canada is not the first country to come to your mind when you think of art education. Because in most cases, a future student will name Italy or France. This is a false opinion.

Sure, the Uffizi Gallery and the Louvre Museum are the gems in art preservation. But regardless of the college, you choose, you’ll still wonder ‘ can I write my papers online’ because all colleges require their students to do academic assignments. 

Reasons to Enter a Canadian Art College:

● Canada is one of the safest countries: Sure, Canada sent its troops to Europe during the world wars. However, the last battle that happened on Canadian territory was in the 18th century;

Canada supports multiculturalism: In 1971, Canada passed a law about multiculturalism. The country helps international students and fights against racism; 

● Canadian education is of high quality: All because Canadian schools and colleges support research, innovation, and creativity in the academic community;

● Multidisciplinary approach: An art student will learn many things about sculpture and design, even if their minor is photography. 

#1: The University of Alberta

This particular university has a Department of Fine Art. Located in Edmonton, the University of Alberta suggests a 4-year program to its students.

There, you can get a Bachelor of Arts degree. You can choose arts, drama, or music since these are the main fields. 

Why study at the University of Alberta?

  • It promotes creativity and innovation;
  • It is one of the best 100 art schools in the world;
  • The tuition fee is low. 

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#2: Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design

The school is located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Founded in 1925, the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design is one of the prominent art centers in the global artistic community. Traditionally, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Arts will take four years. 

Why choose the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design?

● The versatility of programs and disciplines: A student can select anything from film studies, visual arts, sculpture, and other fields; 

The university offers a Master of Applied Arts degree: If you’re a Bachelor who wants to continue your studies, the place is perfect for you. 

#3: Ontario College of Art and Design University 

Check this college if you want to get a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Fine Arts or Design.

It has the highest number of artistic programs in the whole country. The college offers disciplines like printmaking, photography, advertising, and others. 

Why choose the Ontario College of Art and Design University?

  • It suggests less popular artistic programs like printmaking and illustration; 
  • It is one of the leading centers suggesting a vibrant life to aspiring artists; 
  • The tuition is lower than the average college fee.

#4: Ottawa School of Art

Located in Ontario, this school has the lowest tuition fees. The price for a term is lower than $400.

As a non-profit organization, the college is a godsend to students who can’t afford high fees. You can attend a one-year program and get a certificate. Or you may consider a three-year program and get a diploma. 

Why choose Ottawa School of Art?

  • It is a non-profit organization;
  • You can choose between a one-year certificate or a three-year diploma program; 
  • The school has a boutique where students can sell their artwork.

#5: University of Toronto

This place specializes in art history as a basis of all artistic studies. One can familiarize themselves with various artistic disciplines—for instance, filmography, painting, animation, and others.

The university also promotes joint programs, such as cooperation with the Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. 

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Why choose the University of Toronto?

  • There is an amazing program on Visual Culture Studies;
  • The university suggests joint programs;
  • You can study animation here (not all universities offer this discipline). 

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#6: Concordia University

Located in Quebec, the university is a result of two merged colleges.

In 1974, Loyola College and Sir George Williams University united. Considered a relatively new organization, the university offers various programs. You may choose visual arts, cinema, design, and others as a student-to-be. 

Why choose Concordia University?

  • You can study Creative Arts Therapies, which is a rare discipline; 
  • The university Studios focus on contemporary art;
  • You can enroll in a Master of Fine Arts program.

#7: Yukon School of Visual Arts

Many years ago, Yukon was a community college. Now it’s a public university with outstanding quality education.

The school attracts students from all over the world. Moreover, students can quickly transfer from one Yukon School to another university. 

Why choose Yukon School of Visual Arts?

  • It offers amazing liberal study courses; 
  • The school suggests high-quality webinars and hands-on experience in studios. 

#8: Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

A more popular name for the college is NSCAD. The main disciplines one can choose from are Design, Art History, and Craft.

The first two years of studying here are called a Foundation Study program. You’ll learn everything you need as a beginning artist based on visual arts. Later, the subjects will specialize more in your major. 

Why choose the NSCAD?

  • The college suggests Critical Studies and Media Studies;
  • It has a holistic approach to modern artistic education;
  • It has all the necessary equipment when it comes to hands-on practice.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for a great art college, think of Canada.

It has numerous places to take one step closer to your dream job. Also, Canada is a peaceful country and has low crime rates. When choosing a school, make sure you learn everything about the majors and the minors. 

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!

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