35 Romantic Words Starting With V (Tips, FAQs)

Romantic Words Starting With V

Looking at romantic words that start with “V” can help us improve our love language by giving us more words to use to describe our deepest feelings and celebrate the ties that bind us together.

These words can strengthen bonds and bring out the many sides of love, whether they are used in poetry, as sweet nothings whispered in someone’s ear, or a letter written from the heart.

What is Romantic About The Letter “V”?

There are a few reasons why the letter “V” is often linked to love.

It starts with the word “Valentine,” which makes me think of Valentine’s Day, a holiday that celebrates love and friendship.

In some languages, like Italian (“amore”), the letter “V” starts the word “love” because of the sound “v” in “amore” or in Latin-based words like “venerable,” which means “respect” or “admiration,” both of which are signs of deep affection.

Finally, the letter “V” can stand for the heart or the point where two lines meet, which means joining together in love or a partnership.

Romantic Words Starting With V

ValentineValentine’s Day is a special day celebrated on February 14th each year, where people show love and affection to their partners, friends, and family.
VowA serious promise or pledge, especially in love and marriage.
VelvetA soft, luxurious fabric, used metaphorically to describe something soft and gentle like a touch or voice.
VenusThe Roman goddess of love and beauty, representing femininity and attraction.
VeronaA city in Italy, famously linked to the romantic story of Romeo and Juliet.
VenerateTo hold in high regard or honor; this word is often used to show deep admiration in relationships.
Voyage (French)A long trip, especially one by sea, that stands for the adventure and journey of a relationship.
VisionSeeing something in your mind; often used to describe the ideal or dream vision of love and life together.
VitalityThe state of being strong and full of energy; used to describe lively and passionate relationships.
VivaciousPeople often use the words “lively” and “spirited” to describe how attractive and busy someone is.

Romantic Words Starting With V

VenerateTo hold someone in high regard, often with deep respect or admiration.
VibrantThis word is often used to describe people or relationships that are lively and bright.
VignetteA brief but powerful description; in romance, a sweet, short moment shared between loved ones.
VirtueA quality of moral goodness or excellence; admired traits in a partner.
VisionarySomeone who has strong ideas about how the world could or should be; they are often praised for their creativity and wit.
VistaThis is a lovely view is often used as a metaphor for imagining how a relationship will develop in the future.
VivifyTo bring to life or animate; used metaphorically to describe someone who makes life more exciting or enjoyable.
VoluptuousPleasurable to the feelings; often used to describe how attractive someone looks.
VowA solemn promise, especially one made during a wedding ceremony.
VulnerabilityThe quality of being open and honest, showing one’s true self; an important aspect of deep, romantic connections.
VelvetineResembling velvet; soft and smooth, often used to describe tender moments or touches.
VerilyGenuinely or without a doubt, this word is often used in love statements or truth claims.
VestigeA trace of something that is disappearing or no longer exists; sometimes used romantically to describe lingering feelings.
VicinityThe area near or surrounding a place, often used to describe being close to someone you care for.
VigilWatching, especially at night; in a figurative sense, it can mean care for or keeping an eye on someone you love.
VinculumA bond or link, often used to describe the connection between loved ones.
VintageCharacterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; used to describe timeless love or style.
VirtuosoA person highly skilled in music or another artistic pursuit; can describe a partner admired for their talent.
VisionThe ability to think about or plan the future with imagination; in romance, shared dreams and aspirations.
VolitionThe freedom to choose for yourself; often linked to going with your heart when making love decisions.

FAQs on Romantic Words Starting With V

What does it mean when someone is described as having “Virtue” in love?

When someone is said to have “Virtue” in love, it means they are kind, honest, and loyal, all traits that people look for in a partner and value. It’s about having good morals and being honest in the friendship.

Can “Vivacious” describe a relationship?

Yes, “vivacious” can be used to describe a relationship that is lively, energizing, and exciting. When two people bring out the best in each other, their time together is full of life and happiness.

How is “Voyage” related to romance?

“Voyage” stands for the path of friendship. It means the fun and exciting things that two people do together, through the ups and downs of life, getting closer with each success and challenge.

What does “Venerate” mean in a romantic context?

“Venerate” someone in a loving sense means to respect and admire them. What it means is that you hold your partner in high regard and value their traits, not just in love but also in their personality and actions.


From “Valentine” to “Voyage,” these words capture the many aspects of love and passion, providing a vibrant vocabulary to express our innermost emotions.

Let the lyrical quality of these “V” words motivate you to express your love in more profound and captivating ways.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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