10+ Free Online Quiz Games Like Kahoot (FAQs)

Free Online Quiz Games Like Kahoot

Kahoot is one of the world’s most common online quiz game platforms.

However, its hefty cost, cumbersomeness, and difficult-to-navigate software have made it lose popularity.

The good news is that there are probably options that are better than or similar to Kahoot.

And just like Kahoot, they also offer additional resources that the most effective educators use to foster student engagement.

If you’re looking for free online quiz games similar to Kahoot, you are reading the right post, as this is what this post is all about.

These alternatives to Kahoot were hand-picked for their user-and teacher-friendly interfaces.

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot! is a platform for creating quizzes, discussions, and surveys that can be viewed through a web browser or the Kahoot! App.

Teachers and students can use all of these to learn.

With the ability to compete by answering questions on their own devices and seeing real-time results, it’s meant to make learning fun and engaging for people of all ages.

Kahoot! is often used in classrooms, training sessions, and other educational settings for more student involvement and learning through fun competition.

What are the Best Free Online Quiz Games Like Kahoot?

1. Slides With Friends:

For educational reasons, Slides With Friends is better than Kahoot for the average classroom.

With its straightforward setup, you can easily administer tests, examinations, practice games, icebreakers, and take active classes.

The interface allows you to make customized classes or select from existing ones.

Slides With Friends also features word clouds that give students a challenge and allow them to respond collectively to them by typing in words while making the words they vote on longer in real time.

This platform allows everyone to speak in a professionally secure way, take interactive tests and quizzes that consist of numerous-choice inquiries, make tailored text-answer questions, and engage in other tasks.

The free account has all the features of the paid one, including an infinite number of games, decks, events, questions, etc., even though it only allows up to ten users.

2. Factile:

Factile is a quiz tool tailored to teacher instruction. Many people rate it as an answer to the need for interactive learning resources in the classroom.

You can use Factile to create quizzes or distribute pre-made ones to your pupils to test their knowledge and prepare them for tests.

Whether in the classroom or not, students can participate in the course by answering questions digitally.

Additionally, this platform allows users to study for tests with the help of flashcard decks.

3. Quizalize:

Quizalize is a great, cheap alternative for teachers who don’t have a lot of money but know that getting students involved is important for retention and success in the classroom.

You can take the quizzes online on Quizalize, but it lacks the interactive aspects of the other alternatives.

It is not a perfect substitute for Kahoot, but it can help simplify quizzes and grading, mainly in a blended class.

While competing solutions have severely limited free functionality, instructors can use it for as many as three lessons and five activities without paying a dime.

Quizalize remains one of the best free online quiz games like Kahoot.

4. Quizlet:

Quizlet is an excellent addition to this list. This platform offers Flashcards, which are precious educational tools.

The primary goal of this platform was to facilitate retrieval practice, the gold standard for improving pupils’ memorization abilities.

However, having several pre-made templates for just any topic you can think of makes it a great online learning tool.

Many educators find this to be an excellent alternative to Kahoot.

5. Google Classroom:

Many schools and teachers choose Google Classroom as their favourite virtual learning tool.

Its primary function is facilitating classroom administration by reducing simultaneous online and offline student interaction.

The system makes it easy to accept and monitor work done by students, as well as to offer educational resources, video lessons, and research tips.

Google Classroom has a lot of valuable features, but it doesn’t have any tools for giving presentations.

Though compatible with the classroom platform, Google Classroom lacks the interactive features that have proven successful for educators.

Nevertheless, the video platform within Google Classroom is fully compatible with any device.

6. Pear Deck Flashcard Factory:

Make your flashcards for any class or subject with this free application.

Pear Deck is more of a tool for making (or modifying) flash cards to aid students’ understanding of critical concepts than a platform for administering quizzes.

This is one of the best free online quiz games like Kahoot!

7. Quizziz:

Another learning game system similar to Kahoot is Quizziz. Because its creators are instructors, it is ideal for classroom use.

A lot of school districts have started using it.

Your students can see the questions on their screen from anywhere because they can access it from any phone or computer connected to the internet.

You can choose between either the free or premium version of the app. With the free edition, you can invite as many as 25 students.

This tool can be accessible in smaller classrooms or when students work in small groups.

The intended audience is corporations rather than students, but it serves its purpose well.

8. Flippity:

Flippity is a great, free program that lets you turn your Google Spreadsheets into digital games and tools that you can play with.

Before answering any questions, ensure your spreadsheet has the correct fields.

No matter what you desire to do, Flippity has features that will enable you to handle it.

Compared to the other choices, this one does demand a little more work.

9. Baamboozle:

Another great tool on this list is Baamboozle, a learning game with a twist.

You can create your custom quizzes or choose from a variety of pre-made ones that are perfect for usage in the classroom.

This platform allows you to give your students an impromptu assessment, which is another option for improved study, and the fact that they will be asked different questions each time makes it even better.

Despite its usefulness for student engagement and self-evaluation, this isn’t the ideal platform for students to deliver lectures.

10. Wordwall:

This platform lets you discover students prepared to participate in any interactive learning activity.

Wordwall provides a plethora of blueprints, so you have the option of picking one that suits the group’s needs.

Students won’t be able to finish these tests instantaneously, but you can allow them to do so either online or in person.

For those interested in creating automated tests or performing other functions, the accessible version of this app would enable just that.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Free Online Quiz Games Like Kahoot

Is there an entirely free version of Kahoot any longer?

Kahoot is free for student, teacher, and personal usage; nevertheless, there are $1 and $3 upgrade versions for teachers.

Is Kahoot superior to Quizizz?

Kahoot is far more flexible than Quizizz because it enables users to use different question kinds and forms, while Quizizz centres on multiple-choice quizzes.

Is Kahoot superior to Gimkit?

Each platform has its flaws, but it also has some great benefits. If you’re looking for an engaging game to challenge your skills, Kahoot is an excellent option, and if you like to study at a pace that suits you at home with a little bit of competition in class, Gimkit is a good choice.

Can I use Quizizz for free?

You can use Quizizz without spending a dime during the free 30-day trial. This is the best time to understand Quizizz’s numerous approaches and characteristics. Within the 30-day trial, you can work with a maximum of 5 teachers or hosts.

Are there any drawbacks to using Quizizz?

Quizzes should be more effectively correct before being added to the library since some users have reported errors with answers or questions.


This post has undoubtedly provided a list of several free online quiz games like Kahoot! that benefit students’ education.

However, before making a choice, consider your interests and educational skills.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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