TASC vs. GED (Meaning, Similarities, Differences, Cost, Which is better?)

Tasc vs. GED

Students that want to earn the equivalent of a high school diploma to increase their job chances and start an exciting career now have the opportunities to do so by either writing a TASC or GED.

TASC and GED are tests that indicate that a person has the same knowledge as someone who has completed high school without needing school.

This article will compare “TASC vs. GED”, stating their meanings, the similarities and differences between them.


What is TASC?

TASC stands for Test Assessing Secondary Completion. TASC is a high school equivalency test that serves as an alternative to the GED.

It was established by Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) and managed alongside the New York State Education Department.

With approval by 13 states and available in New Jersey, West Virginia, and New York, TASC test is no longer available in Texas and Indiana.

However, TASC contains five independent tests covering;

  • Reading
  • Writing(which includes an essay)
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Math(which includes a calculator section and non-calculator section)

The mathematical aspect in the TASC test involves geometry, algebra, graph reading, probability, and quantitative analysis. Completion of the test takes around nine hours usually over a day or two.

On the other hand, TASC involves a direct written assessment that ensures that the tests’ content and skills remain closely in conformity with the contemporary high school curriculum with regular review.

Moreover, if you don’t pass one or more of the five domain subtests, you can only repeat those sections only after 60 days. 


What is GED?

GED stands for General Educational Development; established by the American Council on Education (ACE).

It is an assessment test consisting of four stand-alone sections or subtests completely written in a computer-based form.

The GED tests encompass school subject areas such as

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Science

Tests are written at testing centers that are accredited by the state. Moreover, GED is licensed and solely conducted by GED Testing Service LLC.

Furthermore, the GED Testing Service released GED Ready, a predictive practice test software to help students determine if they are ready for the full test.

TASC vs. GED: Similarities

TASC is similar to GED since they signify that the holder has the same knowledge and skills as somebody who graduated from high school. Also, to sit for both tests, you must go to a testing center.

As for what you need to know to succeed in TASC or GED test, the educational requirements are pretty much the same. In addition, they are both HSE assessment tests.

TASC tests the same subject areas as the old GED 2002 test, allowing testers to combine scores from previously taken GED tests with TASC.

TASC vs. GED: Differences

Two of the most obvious differences between the TASC and GED tests are their cost and suppleness in form. The cost of the TASC test is considerable and cheaper than GED.

TASC is also available as a paper test and online, but GED is older than TASC.

For years, writing the GED had been the only way to get an HSE certification, but everything changed in 2014 when the GED test was revised, which wasn’t advantageous to it.

The new GED test, developed by the American Council on Education (ACE), instantly became very difficult and expensive.

The authorities handling the GED test also removed its paper-based style, making it completely computer-based.

Critics of the revision said that these changes would create more barriers for adult students to get their HSE and continue their education at a vocational school, college, or university.

Most states didn’t agree to these changes, and since states were allowed to find alternatives to the GED, that was how the TASC was created.

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Is TASC better than GED?

The answer to this question mainly depends on where one resides. Some states give both tests, while others provide only one. For instance, if you face the process of choosing one of the tests, how do you know the better one?

The simple truth is that both tests are not easy. Both tests confirm the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) for adult education, so they will likely be difficult for people who did not complete high school.

That said, different test formats are suitable for different people. If you don’t see yourself as a computer guru, you might want to avoid the GED, which is completely computer-based.

Moreover, the TASC test is well-known for being mathematically intensive, especially in algebra. So, if you are not very good at math, you can go for the GED instead.

In states like New York, West Virginia, and Indiana, TASC is used instead of GED.

Students residing in the states mentioned above that are after their high school HSE certificates can no longer take the GED test; they have to take the TASC test instead.


Benefits of TASC over GED

An advantage of TASC over GED is that it is slowly keeping up with the Common Core State Standards.

This is designed to assist a person stay current in both professional and college prospects by demonstrating their ability and expertise in each subject area.

The score a person is given for writing the TASC is known as College and Career Readiness (CCR).

Getting a satisfactory CCR score signifies how well prepared you are and that you can stand side-by-side with any American high school graduate.

It is worth cross-checking to be sure of the high-school HSE options your state permits.

On the other hand, some states administer the GED exclusively, while others give the TASC exclusively; the remaining would let students choose between the GED and the TASC.

Anyways, have it in mind that not all high-school HSE tests are made the same way.

In addition, The TASC test is also available in Braille, large print, or audio for students with special needs. There is an option to take the TASC test in Spanish, which is not available in GED.

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Cost of the TASC Test

The cost to write the Tasc test is $18.80 per test section. A total of 5 test sections make up the TASC test, which means that the overall TASC test would cost $94.

But for those living in New York State, the test is completely free. Anyone can write up to three times in the year. Moreover, repeating the tests is also free for failed subtests.

Where to write the online Test

TASC is written both on a computer and in print (except in West Virginia and New Jersey, where only computer-based tests are offered).

Be sure to register directly through your state’s testing service to ensure your test results are valid and accredited. Also, beware of third-party testing sites that offer you online testing.

Note that third-party testing is invalid and illegal in most states. The GED test is also administered across Canada, with every province having a GED test centre manager responsible for the GED test in that region.

On the other hand, the GED version in Canada is similar to the one in the US, but it involves specific Canadian history and civics.

Can a diploma from another country replace TASC or GED diplomas?

If you have a high school diploma, you probably will not require a TASC or GED credential. But you might need to prove that you have completed school to go to college or find a job.

If you do not have proof, getting a degree in the USA will help you.

You can also combine GED results with TASC test results to earn an HSE certification; that is, if you wrote the GED test between 2002 and 2013, your results in the subtests would help you earn your diploma.

Is TASC harder than GED?

Even as the TASC test is notably more difficult than the old GED, it is graded so that a good number of students will still scale through it, based on what experts suggest.

For each subject, the grades range from 300 to 800. To make a good result, your lowest score must be 500 in each subject. Likewise on the writing subtest section, you will also be given a separate score for the essay.


Without a high school diploma, it won’t be easy to land a nice job and make it in the United States. But if you write the TASC or GED and pass, you instantly gain a diploma from your state. This certificate is the “High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma.”

This diploma indicates that you have the same skills as someone who graduated from high school in the United States.

Not only will you be able to get a higher education, but you will also encounter good job prospects. Many adults will not know the importance of an HSE certificate until they are declined certain employment opportunities for not having it.

Whether searching for jobs or contributing to work-study programs in college can be negatively affected if one doesn’t possess an HSE document.

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