Chesterbrook Academy (Curriculum, Tuition Fees)

Chesterbrook Academy is part of the Spring Education Group, a network of over 230 private schools in the United States, worldwide, and online that provide an exceptional education for infants through 12th grade.

Spring Education Group supports various schools and instructional approaches, bolstering them by sharing their pedagogical and operational best practices.

They aim to provide students with excellent academic and personal growth outcomes and satisfying career possibilities for instructors.

This article includes the Chesterbrook Academy Tuition Fees 2023-2024.

About Chesterbrook Academy:

Chesterbrook Academy has a 2.7/5 star rating based on Glassdoor reviews. Sixty-six percent of employees would recommend Chesterbrook Academy to a friend, and twenty-six percent have a positive outlook on the company.

Chesterbrook Academy has 71 students in pre-kindergarten through Kindergarten. More so, it has a student-to-teacher ratio of 71:1.

Chesterbrook Academy Preschool

Chesterbrook Academy’s private preschools and elementary schools provide students with the academic foundation they need to succeed in the future.

Teachers are dedicated and caring, and they value open communication with parents. Preschools strike the ideal balance between learning and fun.

Their elementary schools offer a challenging and comprehensive curriculum, innovative instruction, and a vibrant student body.

Chesterbrook Academy schools can be found in the following states: Florida, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Virginia.

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Curriculum used for Chesterbrook Academy

The academic core curriculum will be exciting and demanding while meeting or exceeding state and national standards. 

Their knowledgeable instructors tailor their teachings to the specific needs of their students. When students require more challenge or additional teaching, they look for ways to enrich the curriculum.

Teachers employ tests, quizzes, and classroom work evaluations to assess student development.

At Chesterbrook Academy, teachers also use an online assessment platform with an annual standardized achievement test for reading and arithmetic, which gives crucial data to assist in adapting instruction for each child.

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education will be required for students to succeed in school and their jobs.

STEM is introduced to pupils early in kindergarten through hard and enjoyable projects that promote problem-solving, decision-making, and invention.

While developing a love of math and science, students collaborate to tackle real-world challenges.

Chesterbrook Academy Preschool Tuition

Tuition is due on the first of every month. At noon on the day after the due date, a $25 late payment fee is assessed. Moreover, returned checks cost $25.

Attendance will be suspended if tuition and fees are not paid within 10 school days and tuition is only for one school year. Full-time students only receive a 5% family discount on lower tuition.

When paying monthly at Chesterbrook Academy, families must pay the tuition in 10 installments.

If you do not provide a 30-day written notice of disenrollment before the conclusion of the school year, you will be charged the full month’s tuition.

Chesterbrook Academy Tuition Fees 2023-2024

Enrollment Fees*

Returning StudentNew Student
Tuition Deposit1 Week Tuition1 Week Tuition

Enrollment Fees*

Returning StudentNew Student
Tuition Deposit1 Month Tuition1 Month Tuition

Tuition Rates**

5 Full Days3 Full Days2 Full Days

(Includes 4%
(Includes 2%
Sibling Discount
(Includes 5% off 10
Junior K$14,937.60$7,624.40$1,556$1,478.20
1st – 7th Grade$15,292.80$7,805.70$1,593$1,513.35
Before CareN/AN/A$72N/A
After CareN/AN/A$219N/A
Before & After CareN/AN/A$272N/A

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FAQs about Chesterbrook Academy:

What is the focus of Chesterbrook Academy’s educational approach?

Chesterbrook Academy offers a balance of learning and play for preschools and a challenging curriculum for elementary schools. Their core curriculum goes beyond national standards, using innovative approaches to ensure students thrive.

Where are Chesterbrook Academy schools located?

Chesterbrook Academy schools are in Florida, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Virginia.

How does Chesterbrook Academy ensure personalized learning for each student?

Personalized learning is central to Chesterbrook. Instructional methods are tailored to each student’s needs and interests. Learning goals are based on data, standards, and student input, fostering a collaborative student-teacher relationship.

What sets Chesterbrook Academy apart from other schools?

Their unique approach combines rigorous academic content, impactful instruction, and a focus on personalized learning. This ensures each student receives an education tailored to their needs, interests, and abilities.

Final tips:

Social entrepreneurship and how young people may make a difference in their communities are studied by students in grades 1–8 at Chesterbrook Academy.

Thus, to enrich the learning experience and teach civic responsibility, service-learning programs combine community service with education and reflection.

Students study and analyze viable solutions, devise and implement a plan of action, and evaluate their results after identifying a community service need.

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