Raven Homeschool (Mission, Benefits, Enrollment, Curriculum)

Raven Homeschool is a Yukon-Koyukuk School District-operated statewide homeschool with offices in Fairbanks, Delta Junction, Anchorage, Eagle River, Wasilla, and Juneau.

Raven is committed to increasing graduation rates and has established a detailed school improvement plan outlining the activities necessary to assist families and students in completing high school.

Mission of Raven Homeschool

Raven Homeschool’s mission, in collaboration with the Yukon-Koyukuk School District, is to assist parents in preparing their children to be lifelong learners, and contributing members of their family, through meaningful experiences that foster the growth of their cultural heritage and technological world.

Curricula Available at Raven Homeschool

  • BookShark Homeschool Curriculum
  • Moving Beyond the Page
  • EPS Literacy and Intervention
  • Singapore Math
  • Oak Meadow
  • Exploration Education
  • Sonlight
  • Timberdoodle
  • Lincoln Learning Solutions
  • Let’s Go Learn
  • Laurel Springs

Why choose Raven Homeschool?

Homeschooling is an adventure. It will strengthen your family bonds and prepare your children for life following primary and secondary school.

You may already be a Raven family or student, or you may be considering us as a homeschooling partner and support team.

No other homeschool curriculum in Alaska engages students as Raven homeschool does. They not only help parents who want to start homeschooling young children with educational and financial resources, but they also offer guidance counselors and personnel dedicated to students nearing the end of their high school careers.

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How can one enroll at Raven Homeschool?

It is easy to enroll at Raven Homeschool by logging into https://www.ravenhomeschool.com/.

Enrollment is open online, and the school year will begin formally on July 1, so your students can begin working on classes over the summer if desired.

Many families who enroll in both a private school and Raven, elect to enroll part-time with Raven and take two courses rather than a full course load to avoid being overwhelmed by too many classes.

Students from private schools can also work with Raven during the summer when their private school is not in session.

Moreover, as a state-funded public school, enrollment is free.

Is the allotment normally sufficient to meet all needs?

At Raven Homeschool, that is very dependent on the grade level and interests of the students, and they do their best to assist families in developing a fiscally responsible ILP for the year.

Certain curricula are highly costly, while others are far less so. Extracurricular activities such as private music lessons, painting classes, and physical education classes can be extremely expensive.

There are numerous alternatives available, and they can assist you in planning and allocating your costs in accordance with your priorities.

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What if we don’t use all of our student budget allotment?

At Raven Homeschool, unused allocation funds will roll over to the following school year for returning students in a separate “savings account” for each student. Saving money for high school lessons is a big benefit for kids.

Frequently Asked Questions on Raven Homeschool:

Can I select my teacher at Raven Homeschool?

At each Raven office, they have highly qualified advisory teachers and do their utmost to evenly distribute families among the teachers. Please inform your office administrator if you have a special request for a teacher, and they will try their best to comply.

If a student is 19 and needs 7 credits can he enroll?

If a student is under the age of 20 on September 1, he is still eligible for enrollment. For students who need to make up credits in order to graduate, they have fantastic high school counselors who can assist them in going over the credits they’ve already earned and the ones they still need. They also provide credit recovery courses.

Can we switch offices easily if we move?

You can count on them to ease your move from one Raven office to another so that you can continue to get support from your advisor and participate in Raven-related activities.

Does the allotment generally cover everything needed?

That depends on the grade level and interests of the students, so they strive to assist families with budget as they develop their Individual Learning Plan for the year. While some curricula are fairly pricey, others are far less so. Private music lessons or art classes can be pricey for students. Taking part in extracurricular activities such as these can be an expensive endeavor. However, there are a variety of tools available that can help you plan and balance out your expenses to match your goals.


In Alaska, homeschoolers have access to a special fund for their child’s educational expenses.

Alaska homeschool families (Raven Homeschool) may use this payment to purchase school supplies or may be reimbursed if they have already made educational purchases.

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