Timberdoodle Homeschool (About, Curriculum, lesson plan, Payment)

The Timberdoodle homeschool strategy is to focus on teaching your children how to learn during the school day.

If you prefer different resources, Timberdoodle will assist you in assembling a custom kit for any level.

Timberdoodle’s curriculum kits are a terrific solution for busy families that should appeal to both parents and children because of their interesting resources and ease of use.

About the Timberdoodle Homeschool

Timberdoodle began in 1985 when Dan and Deb found there was a high demand for homeschool products; Deb utilized with their three girls, ages 1, 2, and 3.

They quickly learned that if she bought things in case quantities, she could resale the extras to other homeschoolers, saving them money.

The Timberdoodle tradition of finding the greatest homeschool supplies and selling them at a bargain began with this purchase.

Timberdoodle’s homeschool philosophy is to focus on teaching your children how to learn during the school day. Teach kids reading, numeracy, and critical thinking abilities, and they’ll be on their way to being a big help to their community.

Since 1985, Timberdoodle, a family-owned business, has been discovering crazy-smart goods for homeschoolers.

The goal is to provide unique and original homeschooling materials that are enjoyable for both children and parents. Engineering, hands-on, and thinking-skills items are among their specialties.

Curriculum at Timberdoodle Homeschool

Accreditation is a phrase that refers to the process of regulating institutions that teach pupils rather than the curriculum itself. However, because Timberdoodle is a curriculum provider rather than a school, they are not eligible for accreditation.

The Curriculum Kits is a Christian-based curriculum that includes the most popular activities for each grade level, but they like assisting families in selecting what works best for their children.

That is why they are thrilled to offer you free assistance in customizing your curriculum to meet the needs of your family.

Is Timberdoodle worth it?

Timberdoodle is well worth the money if you’re new to homeschooling and want a pre-made curriculum.

However, the RRP savings are often only 10%, and some of the materials included in the program are thrown away because you choose a different training approach.

If you’ve homeschooled before and know what works and what doesn’t, you’ll have an easier time evaluating the Timberdoodle items and determining which ones are ideal for you and your family – and making sure they aren’t cheaper elsewhere.

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Timberdoodle Homeschool Payment Plan

Families seeking to figure out how to budget for curriculum purchases over the course of a school year frequently ask about this issue.

Timberdoodle was successful in integrating Klarna Credit into their checkout process, allowing customers to pay over time.

Klarna Credit is a flexible financing solution available at the time of purchase. It enables you to spread the cost of your purchases out over time.

Simply select the option when you reach the payment step during checkout “Cut it apart”.

Klarna allows you to pay over time “You’ll be taken to Klarna’s site to finish your purchase securely after clicking “Complete Order” under Payment Methods.

They have a rapid pre-approval process and will let you know if you’ve been pre-approved in a matter of seconds. If that’s the case, you’ll have two options for payment:

Planned Payments: You can choose from 6 to 36-month payment plans with a lower promotional APR, and you’ll know precisely how much you’ll pay upfront.

Flexible Month-to-Month:  There is no commitment for a specific period of time. You have the option of paying your balance in full or making the minimum monthly payment (interest charges may apply).

Is Timberdoodle homeschool religious?

The company Timberdoodle is owned by a Christian family. The business, on the other hand, serves both religious and non-religious homeschooling families.

This is achievable because the business simply integrates products from several businesses to build a program or curriculum. As a result, the product selection can be tailored to your unique interests.

The Timberdoodle website has a full area of non-religious educational packages pre-packaged, but the firm is immediately accessible by phone or email and can help you with special inquiries or bespoke requests.

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Do you have any lesson plans for Timberdoodle homeschool?

Lesson plans are included in the teacher handbooks that come with each of Timberdoodle’s curriculums. A simple weekly checklist is included in the teacher’s handbook to help you stay on track throughout the school year.


In accordance with Timberdoodle’s homeschool philosophy, you should devote your school time to teaching your children how to learn.

Educate children in the fundamentals of reading, math, and critical thinking, and they will be well on their way to becoming a tremendous contribution to their community.

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