Roadschooling (Ultimate A-Z Guide)

Roadschooling (Ultimate A-Z Guide), Homeschooling while traveling the united states
Roadschooling (Ultimate A-Z Guide) Homeschooling while traveling the united states

Roadschooling is simply homeschooling your kids on the road while traveling the country(United States).

It offers the opportunity of experiencing the lessons as they are being taught as well as allowing the children to learn at their own pace and time.

Roadschoolers use buildings, landmarks, signposts, and a lot of attractions they stumble upon as a means of learning and exploring.

Roadschooling is sometimes used interchangeably with worldschooling, as both are systems of education that use hands-on experience in the education of children and also allows the children to learn according to their interests and passions.

Roadschooling allows unscheduled and impromptu learning as things seen in the surroundings are used as lessons.

How to Afford Roadschooling

The cost of roadschooling depends on your family’s choices, plans, and decisions. You have to decide if you’re going to roadschool full-time or part-time.

Some families sell off all their properties to buy their RV or van and go on a lifetime adventure.

After deciding which scale of roadschool you want, there are some things you can to do in order to be able to sustain your dream financially:

  • Plan and save towards your roadschool dream.
  • Cut-down on expenses
  • At least one or both parent should find a job that can be done while on the go so as to have an income
  • Utilizing your skillset while traveling (if you’re a stylist, can do a few jobs for people at a stop)

You can also use a roadschooling curricula as well as choose materials that are affordable. This will help keep expenses at a minimum.

Benefits of Roadschooling

Quality time with kids:

Homeschooling while traveling the united states allows you to have quality time and bonding time with your kids.

You always have them around, and it will enable you to understand the way they think, also know what their passions and interests are, allowing for a connection between you and your kids.

Opportunity to learn:

It also helps to make learning fun as well as a lifestyle. This gives your kids the avenue to turn every activity or experience into an opportunity to learn. It helps them realize that learning never stops and is not a chore.

It also gives the family the opportunity to connect with nature, places, and people, allowing them to see the uniqueness of everyone and also helps relate to different personalities.


In as much as roadschooling offers a lot of benefits, it also has downsides.

But the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. One of the biggest con of roadschooling is overwhelmed. Families that roadschool at some point start to feel overwhelmed with their decision as they have to adjust to their new lifestyle, and also, you begin to question your ability to educate your child. You feel you’re not doing enough, and all these can be overwhelming.

You sometimes begin to miss friends and family and the city and your old life, but you get used to this with time. The weather can also sometimes cause little discrepancies in your schedule for the day.

Roadschooling Curriculum

When starting as a roadschooler, you’ll want to pick the best curriculum for your kids, and they’re a lot of options to pick from.

However, you’ll realize that not all curriculum will be ideal and suitable for your lifestyle. Hence, you’ll have to choose a curriculum that best suits your travel style as well as your child’s learning pace and style.

Also, choose a curriculum into which you can infuse your travel experiences and take advantage of it as a means of learning.

Also keep records of what your child is learning and has learnt. This helps keep track of your child’s the progress.

If you are a traveling homeschooler, the records will compile into a homeschool portfolio that could be viewed by the superintendent of your school district.

Roadschooling Laws

Laws that govern and regulate roadschool and homeschool vary according to state.

Generally, you’ll have to follow the laws of your resident state. You must, therefore, research the laws of your state to ensure that you are adhering to them.

If you, however, feel that the laws of your home state are constrictive and does not suit your family’s style, you can choose a state with laws that best suits you like your home state.


Homeschooling while traveling the united states is fun. Alot of families try it out to help their kids have a life view of most of the things they are being taught at home or at school.

If haven’t roadschooled before, it’s worth a try. When you are finish roadschooling, you could share you experience with us in the comment section.

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