How do I withdraw my child from school

How do I withdraw my child from school(easiest way)3 min read

If you’re wondering how you can withdraw your child from school or how to place a School withdrawal notice and go into homeschool but don’t know how to start; don’t worry this article is for you.

Flashback: I wrote an article on How to write a letter of Intent to Homeschool, so if you have already withdrawn you child from school, this article will help you prepare a letter of intent to homeschool your child within your district.

Alright let’s ride on, to withdraw your child from school, you need to make it official to avoid charges from the school over your child’s education.

Let me explain something to you, just as your child is in school, he/she is in the legal responsibility of the school to teach your child.

Still, if you want to take up the responsibility of teaching your child, you can’t just take your child out of school just like that, you need to provide a written statement (withdrawal Letter from school) to the school telling them that you want to take the legal responsibility of your child’s education.

Reasons to withdraw your Child your school:

Here are the reasons some parents want to withdraw their child from Public school(School withdrawal notice):

  • Lack of satisfaction with the Public school
  • Low in Funds to maintain the child in school
  • The poor performance of Child in school
  • Security of the child.
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Can I withdraw my child from School anytime?

Yes, it’s your right to withdraw your child whenever you want to; anytime in the year. No law says that you will withdraw at a particular time, everything is up to you.

The most important thing is to follow your state homeschool regulations.

Some states require that when you write your withdrawal Letter from school, you state that the curriculum that will be used for your child will cover the basic subjects needed for a child to develop a good knowledge.

Sample Letter of Withdrawal from School:

This sample letter of withdrawal from School can be edited to your own style. This is just a template for withdrawal from school letter.

{Name of School}
{Address of School}

{Your Name}
{Your Address}

Dear {Name of Principal},

I am writing this letter to inform you that I will be withdrawing {Name of Child}, in Grade{Current Grade of child} from your school. From today{date of Withdrawal}, my child will be privately taught.

I take all the legal responsibility for the education of my child from {Date of withdrawal}.

If there is an issue with this, reply in writing.


Problems that might occur in the withdraw from school:

Sure you have the right to withdraw your child from school whenever you want but if you go into any problem during the process, here are the things you can do:

  • Wait till the end of the school year to withdraw your child from school.
  • Attend PTA (Parent-Teacher Meeting) or the school conferences.
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Final Tips:

If you want to take your child out of public school to homeschool, I suggest you take it easy with the school withdrawal process,

even if you don’t like the way the school teaches, waiting till the end of the school year will be a good idea which gives your child more opportunity to learn before placing a School withdrawal notice.

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